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How To Have Real Beauty Rest...

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Beauty Rest...

Is is imperative to have a Bedroom that has been created to bring about;
Peaceful Calming, Sleep and Good Loving...

If your Bedroom is messy, dirty, and cluttered;
You owe it to yourself and your Hubby to rectify it immediately!

As any room in your home it must have all the elements needed,
To provide a safe and clean environment for healthy sleep and;
Pillow Talk...

You must take a whole day or more time if needed to deep clean!
Dressers and closets, gone through and organized.
A place for every item!

Also good window treatment to keep the light from coming in;
This also helps keep the room warm in the winter,
And cool in the summer!

Nightstand needs a good lamp for reading in bed!
A candle or a non-wicked candle with batteries for abeyance.
(I prefer this soft lighting)
A box of tissues, and some nice hand lotion, nail file etc.
A neat stack of out treasured books... (Smile)

Tops of dressers need to be clean and not overloaded with stuff;

As this stuff collect dust and gives you a cluttered feeling!

But it is the Bed itself that is really important here;
Clean Sheets
Soft Fluffy comforter
Pretty Bedspread
Good quality pillows

I have seen the upkeep of homes, really not a top priority anymore;
But I urge you ladies to make your bedroom into a sanctuary...
You need to change those sheets every week!!
You need to dust and vacuum under your bed;
Sleeping with dust bunnies is not healthy.

Keep a couple bedspreads that you can change it a couple times a year.

Have at least two sets of sheets so you have a clean set always ready.

If you keep your bedroom clean and organized you will have;
A place to unwind and rest and love and re-connect!

Make a real effort to keep the Bedroom your Sanctuary...

Have you done something special to make your bedroom into
A place of Rest and Beauty?


  1. Our bedroom has everything you described to make it a sanctuary. Although we do have a tv, it is in a closed cabinet and we don't watch it. The cabinet is a pretty piece of furniture. :-)

  2. Excellent advice and wisdom, Roxy! I agree 200%!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  3. Hi Roxy, I agree and do the very same.
    A place to rest and relax is a blessing.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. It is on my "To Do List". It tends to be the place where I dump stuff. Clothes get piled up. Stacks of books and magazines. Other little messes. I appreciate your encouragement. You are a very wise woman! Blessings, Diane

  5. Great advice, Roxy. My bedroom is one of my favorite places in my home. I have it decorated in pretty pastels. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wonderful advice, Roxy!It is a much needed encouragement to this tired old lady ;) This is something I need to do, and soon! I have gotten so far behind on all these physical chores since my surgery but it is time to dig in deep and get it done!

    Have a blessed weekend, friend!

  7. I am working on clearing some clutter out of our bedroom over the weekend. With all the remodeling we have been doing, it has become a dumping ground. I am ready to have my sanctuary back...:) Thanks for the inspiration Roxy. Have a blessed weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  8. Oh well said Roxy...restful, peaceful and lovely to be a couple! I just love visiting and reading from the Roxy advice column! Hugs!

  9. The first thing I do in the morning is straighten the bedroom so that we can completely relax in it at the end of a long day. I love fresh sheets and if they are line-dried all the better. xo Diana

  10. Wonderful advice Rox. I think all of those things are very important as well. Our bedroom has always been our haven. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Great post Roxy. I agree, that getting a goods night rest is so important! I know a lot of people who don't sleep well. My hubby teases me and says I'm out the minute my head hits the pillow. I sleep like a babe. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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