Monday, September 20, 2010

What An Apron Speaks To Me...

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What a wonderful day, It looks like fall, but feels like summer. I went out and picked some fresh tomatoes and picked a wee little pumpkin for my youngest grandson. It was just his size. The smell of fresh tomatoes just makes my mouth water. And the color of pumpkins makes me feel like fall is here.

I wanted to make a comment on what an apron does for me and speaks to me.
 This may bore some of you off your rockers, but it was tugging at my heart strings.
An apron makes me feel like I am dressed to prepare a meal for those I love.
 To do a job that is much needed and required!
 I want to fulfill my calling as a women, wife, and mother
 And for some reason it makes me feel like it is a small thing.
 But it gives myself and my family a happy feeling,
 Knowing that when they see Mom or Grandma with her apron on, something must be cooking!

 I love to wear my aprons, and I have many ones to choose from. I like to sew them in many
different colors and patterns. I believe it has been a ministry to make them and give them away, to encourage women to be keepers of their homes!

Now, my aprons are not all balled up in a pile, but rather I love to wash and iron them. I keep them 
in a drawer in my kitchen.  And I have them ready to pick a new one every couple of days.
I have a sweet little hanger hook shaped like a tea pot that I hang my apron on that I am using,
on any given day. I can actually feel a difference about being in the kitchen as soon
as I put my apron on.

If you have never worn an apron I encourage you to try wearing one, you just may realize
that this is what you have been missing!

May your kitchen smell heavenly!
May you feel lovely and domestic!


  1. Roxy, I love that you came back and added this. It touches my heart so much, and truly expresses what I think all of us moms, grandmas, wives feel in our hearts, and lifts up our heads in a reminder of the noble task that it is to be a mama and homemaker, while the enemy wants to steal that away from us, our Lord affirms us.
    Love you so much,

  2. I so agree with you. I never start a day without my apron. I am needing to make some new ones. Mine are getting a bit worn.
    Have a great day!

  3. Dear Roxy,
    I just came over from Pam's Place..well blog that is..I am so excited about the Apron Swap..and I just signed up to be one of your New Friends.. :)

    Look Forward to visiting again
    Have a Blessed Day in Our Lord

  4. Roxy I loved the aromas of fall you described. Tomatoes and pumpkins. You took me right to your cozy peaceful home. And it brings back memories of bonfires, chili and stars in the evening sky at your house. I loved reading how an apron speaks to you. I still have my apron that you made me and every time I put it on I think of you.

    I love you Roxy!

  5. Roxy,
    loved what you said about why and how you wear an apron. It filled me with an inspiration to start wearing mine more and it also allowed me to look at them differently. I also love the apron you just made. It is so pretty.

    I have been telling MIssy on Facebook that she needs to get a blog but maybe you can encourage her to start one. I know that she would have so many yummy things to share as well. Same with Amy. I miss her too!!!

    Love you so much

  6. Hi Roxy,
    I have had aprons on the brain for the past week, and I don't know why! So, when I saw Pam's blog, I decided to come over from I Owe it All to Him to say "hi." I love your apron and your inspiration.

  7. This is great! I have some of my grandma's old aprons and they are treasures to me. My favorite apron right now is one that came all the way from Africa and is made by African women.

  8. Roxy,

    I find that putting on my apron gives me an in charge of my work feeling. It makes me feel old-fashioned and homemakery. You inspire me to make a new apron. I've three or four, but they're getting rather worn out.

    I like to sew my dresses myself. Wouldn't it be lovely to make a new apron in a coordinating pattern?

    Ah, if I sewed as much as I dream....

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
    ...about to put on my apron!

  9. I just came across this post again. I still haven't sewn an apron to match the dresses I've made. I've been using up my stash of fabric and didn't have any with enough extra for an apron. Maybe next time I buy dress fabric.

    I really like the one you made for me. I feel so blessed.

    May God bless you, too!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Roxy,
    I loved reading your blog, especially your thoughts on wearing an apron. I also feel that putting on an apron first thing in the morning gets you ready for the days chores. I wear mostly long dresses/skirts so a full length apron is a must for me. I had read that aprons are making a "comeback"!!!, for me they never left!! If I answer the door to friend or family and for some reason I am not wearing an apron, a look of disbelief comes over their face. :)
    Again, loved your blog.

  11. I was tickled to find I've already posted on this twice. I wear an apron nearly every time I cook or clean. It just feels right.

  12. I love that. I grew up with my grandmother having on aprons. I don't have one but I think it may be something I will start. Does bring a smile to my face when I see one. Thanks for the article. I'm new to your blog. I saw it on Out of Goshen. I love your family. Love seeing the adventures. Thanks and now I have your blog to read. Have a Wonderful Week.


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