Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Place...

I find myself looking out on the horizon and wondering what will this new season bring?
Like a boy who climbs a tree, I look up to ask the Lord what do you have for me?
I love and long for His sweet presence, taking the time to just watch as the world hurries by.
Wait, I say wait, for I am not in a hurry. I want the tithe of your day. Come and sit with Me for awhile.
Will you respond with yes Lord, I want to be with you and stay in this secret place with just
It is a funny mixed feeling as the days are shorter and the nights turn cool. A time to make a cozy yummy dinner and read and just relax. I trust many of you are making the Fall adjustments also. Let me just encourage you to press into His Love and His Word.

He hides us in the cleft of the rock...
Keep looking upon the horizon...
Keep asking the Lord, What do you have for me...
Wait in His Presence...

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Oh Rox, this is lovely and precious. I love your description of the fall, and of the tithe of the day. It is a wonderful way to look at each day. The world cannot come in and take a hold of my day, though it tries. I will tithe the first of it to the Lord, and He will bless the rest of it. That is what I get from this.
    Thanks so much. Sorry it took so long to get over here. Finally catching up tonight. Hope to chat with you tomorrow sometime. Oh, I love the picture. Is it Clayton? It is really good. You should enlarge it.
    Much Love,

  2. I love you Roxy, thanks for posting this !! So encouraging and lovely. Makes me so excited to bask in His presence and wonderful loving kindness!!

    Miss you so much

    ~ Marie

  3. I don't know why I am just now visiting your blog Roxy! This was posted a while ago! This was a beautiful post. I loved every word. I always leave refreshed. Thank you :)

    ~ Elizabeth


I really appreciate your comments! May they be kind and helpful to encourage my walk, and bless others as they read them. Thank-you!

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