Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reading That Will Not Harm... Hank The Cowdog...

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Hank The Cow Dog...

This is our dog, her name is Bella and if she had been a boy dog, I would of loved to have named her Hank.
Hank is one of my favorites of all dog names. Because of my love of the series about
Hank the Cowdog. The author is John R. Erickson. Now it is so cute and funny and Hank has been in always some sort of predicament. Good clean reading for young and old. My grandsons love to hear me read from these books.

I have been in a unique position to help and talk with a couple of grown women who were not so blessed to have been offered or censored their reading as young children and their youth years. And they now deal with fears and have had open doors of the occult in their hearts and minds
They are having many battles with their thoughts on all sorts of things, That I will not mention!
They know that it is because of all the material they were exposed to!

Now this is where I am going with this thought, these women have come seeking help and wanting all these thoughts and images to go away. So as the Lord is leading I will be able to help them to renew their minds with the Word of God.
The Point: Be very aware of what you let your children read or yourself as I believe the enemy is planting a bunch of his lies into the minds and hearts through his plan to hook young readers into fantasy and occult and evil mysteries.

 Now here is a real good way to discern if it's OK to read a certain book,
 Would the Lord be glorified or grieved by you reading it?

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  1. Great post, Miss Roxy!!
    I think this is so true! The things that we read, or read our children really make an impact in their futures.
    We are reading the Little House series, and LOVING it!

    Hank sounds like a great dog. ;-)

  2. So SO SO right Roxy! What a comfort you are to these women! I LOVE Hank the Cowdog! I had forgotten about him until just now and what a wonderful memory you brought back for me. I can't wait to read him to my little Winnie! YAY!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and your PHONE CALL!! I saved your voicemail because your voice is so sweet and comforting to listen to! One listen isn't enough! I hope to call you tomorrow. We have had car difficulties these last two days and are just now returning to normal routine again :D Can't wait to talk to you! I love you Roxy!

  3. OH! How true Roxy, I am in total agreement with you. I will be praying for you as you pray with and help these ladies as you seek His will.

  4. Roxy, what a treat to get home and see you had posted. What a great post too. And when did you get the new dog? She's just adorable. What kind is she?
    As you know, "Hank the Cowdog" is well loved around here... can't wait until my Grandkids are close by to read them to. Great advice in your conclusion by the way.

    Oh, I was just reading little Jodi's last two posts. She talks about her apron, so you ought to pop over and read it.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog earlier.
    It was so sweet to read it while I was away from home. Look forward to catching up with you Friday sometime.
    Much love,

  5. So glad that your reading hank to Clay man. They are such great books to read. I have been keeping my eyes open for any Hank books for you guys, but I still have not found any yet. But I am still looking for them. Love you guys! Keep up the good reading!


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