Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Marriage Of Bunnies and Bears...

A Match made in Heaven!

Some Bunny loves you
He acts like a Bear sometimes!

Marriage is the biggest learning curve you will have.
What will you learn?

Mostly we quickly will come to the realization that we
Both think totally different!

Have you seen the quote that says if Mamma isn't happy
Nobody else is either?
Why is this?

Because Momma is the heart of the HOME!
Because Papa Bear is the HEAD!

Now, Dear Bunny here is a few things you will need to do.
To Keep the Heart well and Happy.

Start each day with prayer for Mr. Bear and Everyone else.
Eat a good and nutritious breakfast (Porriage) :)
Enjoy a wee bit of leisure time to plan out your day.

Keep a weekly list of your chores and appointment for the week!
Decide early on what you will be serving for dinner!
(Dinners can be very simple and nutritious)
Bears get very HUNGRY!
Have you seen the sign that says;
Don't FEED the Bears?
Because if you feed the Bears they will keep coming back,
Where they have been taken care of.
I want my Mr. Bear to always know that I will have
Something warm and comforting for Him in the Den.

Keep an area in the home for the things you love!
(Books, knitting, or crocheting)

Take a quick rest when you can!
Go to bed at an early hour!

Drink some water every day!

Water your soul daily with God's Word!

Ask the Lord to set a guard over your mouth!
Have you ever heard this quote?
It is not what you said, but rather the tone you used!

If you love, honor and respect Mr. Bear,
He will protect you silly Bunny at all cost!

Keep the PEACE!
Smile and do all you do as on to the LORD!


NanaDiana said...

ALL very good ideas, Roxy! New Years Blessings to you! xo Diana

Farming On Faith said...

Happy New Year my friend.

It is snowing and blowing here this evening in Missouri so I am enjoying the fire.

Karen said...

The tone I use. We have a dog here where I am living and it is funny to me that it is truly not what I say, but the tone I use that she responds to!! Good lesson.

Jacqueline said...

Yes, that tone we use! It just pops out, so we silly Bunnies need to hide the Word in our hearts so we might not sin against God and Papa Bear. Your true words make me smile and chuckle, and you have left another blessing! Happy New year to you and Mr. Brown Bear. Hugs!

Christine said...

Every morning I make coffee and serve a hot cup to my husband. BUT... while I add his cream and sugar, I pray over his cup. I pray for our marriage.
I have done this for years and he doesn't know that I add a touch of love to his daily coffee cup.

Laura Santos said...

What a sweet way to pass on good and Biblical advice. My mother used to give me or my children a cute bunny every year. The one in the picture reminds me of her. Happy New Year.

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