Friday, January 24, 2014

A Clean Fridge Will Save You Money...

Cleaning Out Your Fridge

Look, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Today I will be going to the store to do my bi-monthly shopping.
I have learned over many years that the simple act of cleaning out your
Refrigerator before shopping can and will save you money.

It is so refreshing and inspiring to come home with my groceries and
All the shelves are neat and clean and tidy.
I start with the top shelf and pull everything out from that shelf,
Then I wipe it off and reorganize it!
Every shelf is supposed to have its  own placement of each item.
Drinks on the top;
Eggs and my cheese on the second
Jams, relishes and capers and peanut butter etc.
You get the idea!

I have a shelf for just my leftovers as I know just where
To grab something for lunch or for my Hubby's lunch.
This alone saves me money, as we are not wasting them!

I have a rule in my Fridge
(After Four days, it's OUT, It goes in the chicken bowl!)
If you have ever had food poisoning??
You will understand the importance of this RULE!

After cleaning each shelf you can put a sheet of paper towel down
On the one that holds your vegetables and fruit.

Always put the meat that your defrosting in a bowl!!
(If you eat meat)
 After awhile everyone learns where certain things go,
It stops even me from standing there with the door opened looking
For the elusive item :)

A Clean Fridge Is a sign of a good homemaker!

Now, Don't get me wrong!
 My Fridge can get to be a mess pretty quickly!
So, this is why I make a point to clean it out before each time I go shopping.
I also think a clean Fridge inspires me to cook (Really!)


  1. I love this idea! I plan to take your advice and start making a habit of cleaning the fridge before grocery shopping. Thanks! :)

  2. LOL- I am just like you. I can only stand a messy fridge for so long. Also, I bring items that might be getting close to expiring (the odd cream cheese, etc) and bring it to the front so that I will use it.

    I am making that peanut brittle today that you posted and hope to do a post about it tomorrow with a link back to you. xo Diana

  3. Hi Roxy! I have had food poisoning, and so I am like the police when it comes to food. I toss everything out thats expired, and I have a four-day rule too.

    My husband thinks I'm nuts, but if he ever had the experience I had, he'd think twice. And I love a clean fridge too :)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. It does get messy and dirty quite quickly and mine does need a clean I have to admit. As for throwing out food, my husband is a bit blazay about dates so I often do it in secret so he doesn't see what I toss away.

    We no longer do a big shop (like we did when the children were at home) but cleaning out the fridge before the fruit/veg box arrives will be a good idea.

    have a lovely weekend.

  5. I have a problem with my fridge and tend to clean it only when it gets really unnavigable. Before grocery shopping is a good idea. My husband brings home groceries on the way home from one of his weekly meetings, and so that is a good day for me to do it. It can be ready for me to unload things into nice clean shelves.

  6. PS I would like to report that my fridge is now clean - did it this morning!!! I even found a few things that were unidentifiable:))) Looks great now.

  7. I love a clean fridge! I have a hard enough time being motivated to cook. A clean fridge inspires.

  8. Clean fridge inspires me to cook too. It is nice to have it clean. It is easier to clean now that we have a new one; things are easier to maneuver and see.
    Love ya,

  9. Put a little jar of fresh flowers or parsley in your fridge after you clean it , and then, when you open the door you have a pleasant thing to view that makes you smile


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