Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to make The Best in Winter Cold...

Sometimes it is just a really long day when it is cold outside!

I am really very shocked at the extreme cold temps 

We are seeing in so many parts of our country!

I believe because these are the extremes we are going to encounter!
We must learn and be prepared!

And we women as the homemakers need to have a plan and provisions!

This is the very reason we must be well stocked...

You need to take stock of which items you will need to prepare
Warm and nutritious meals!

We must also have all the provisions,
To keep things going when the power goes out!

Heat is the most important!!


An oil lamp for light;


Candles and matches.


Extra Blankets

In these winter months the snow can keep you within doors
And house bound for long periods at a time,
Make your list now as a family to be prepared!
Make a list of the most important items your family needs...
This is just plain wisdom dear ones!

Having some good books on the bookshelf to read is wise!

Items for the children to make when indoors for long periods
 (A Craft Box filled with goodies)

Remind Yourself...
(A cup of hot tea)
 Does A Mommy good!

I have lived through a couple of very bad storms.
And I can tell you that because we were prepared in many ways it was
so much safer and comfortable for us!

I believe everything the Lord allows us to go through
Makes us wiser and stronger!
But, because the Lady of the home is
Still the heart.
She must learn to gird up her loins;
To be ready to run and prepare and adapt to her Husband.
And for her family no matter the season or situation!

Do not get gloomy during these long
( Days and months of cold!)

Learn to knit or crochet!

Write an encouraging note to someone.

Bless and create!

Put Up a small table in your living room and start a scrapbook!

Start with some small deep cleaning projects to keep warm!
( My Hubby always says the heat is in the tools)

Read the Gospels!
Start for yourself a fun way to study the word!
Use a notebook and write out the scriptures;
Then add with color pencils to add notes and symbols to embellish it!
Makes it fun and the words just pop!

Read aloud to your children if they are young.
(They really love this)
Any sweet children's book will do!
May I suggest the Laura Ingles Books

This is a perfect time to learn to make Bread!
(It will warm up the kitchen, and everyone loves fresh bread)
Here is an Easy Recipe here!

Quick and Easy Bread Recipe

I think of the warning in the Word;
The Love of most will grow cold!!!...

May the cold not be allowed to seep into YOUR heart!



  1. Good tips! Take some Vitamin D might also be in order. =D Stay warm!

  2. We have been a little cooler than usual here in the tropics, too. It's been rather nice. The photo of the barn is lovely. Hope you stay warm, Roxy!

  3. Those are great tips but I really don't do well in this cold weather. It makes me anxious and I feel confined. Spring can't come soon enough for me! xo Diana

  4. Wise words and the same goes for really hot weather - especially drink lots of water and do your tasks in the morning when it is cool, stay out of the sun and avoid doing activities like shopping during the hottest part of the day.

    Stay warm and cozy


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  6. I always love your ideas and tips, and love how you teach them. " She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed in scarlet (warm, red woolen cozy garments, don't you think)… " Proverbs 31:21… I am staying warm over here how about you? Got the home fires burning warm this morning along with a nice cuppa coffee.

  7. Thanks for these good ideas.I have a stack of magazines and an extra warm bath robe! Hoping for temps above freezing to get the streets clear in the neighborhood!!

  8. Thanks for these good ideas.I have a stack of magazines and an extra warm bath robe! Hoping for temps above freezing to get the streets clear in the neighborhood!!

  9. Great advice, I try to keep staples on hand all the time, you just never know when you would be unable to get out. Winter is a difficult time for me, need to look it at an opportunity to be able to read more or learn some new things.

  10. This is good advice Roxy.
    I was filing my nails with my Doxie tonight and thinking of you!
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. Yes, I have been keeping my pantry stocked. I was so worried when our wood stove broke in October. I had just filled my garage with wood. The landlords were slow and unwilling to fix it. I left it in God's hands.

    The heating bills were steep, but I have been able to pay them every month. Finally, a new wood stove will be installed in a couple days. PLUS, I received a credit on a medical bill I paid recently that covered the last two heating bills. God is good. He takes care of all our needs.

  12. We've got our wood in now, and we've got candles ready. We still need to ready the oil lamps and batteries for the flashlights. I need to finish washing all the blankets, though I may not finish before surgery. Someone else may get to help with that. Surgery will be Friday October 20th.

  13. Oh, I loved this post! I'm going to share it on Pinterest tonight.


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