Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spiritual Eyes...

Seeing is believing;
Or would believing, be easier if we just trusted!

Can we trust when we cannot see?
Or maybe we are not looking at the right things!
Are we looking at things through our natural eyes?
Or are we seeing things from His perspective?

The woman functions from her heart!

Everything she thinks comes from her heart.
That is why she can be wounded so badly!

She responds from her heart.
That is why she can over commit to many things!

She speaks from her heart.
That is why when no one pays her attention
 She feels rejected!

The Lord knew this very thing; 
As we respond from our hearts,
 He knew what we would need,
A Helper ourselves!

We can ask for right thinking!

We can ask for wisdom of what we should be doing and involved in!

We can ask for the tongue of the learned and be comforted!

We as Women must see;
But we must see through the eyes of  Jesus,
And His Word!
Not just by what you're seeing or thinking or speaking!
Go higher Dear Ones!
We can count on Christ as our head!



  1. Seeing is believing, isn't it? I do believe tha sometimes we see things clearer with our hearts than through our mind's eye. xo Diana

  2. I know as I blink back the tears...Only my God can know how "I" needed these words.
    Again, I leave blessed that you are a vessel and share with many what God gives.

  3. Thanks for this lovely reminder Roxy. I am so happy that you visited me and shared such lovely thoughts. Blessings :-)

  4. Yes, we women are filled with much emotion and are sometimes governed by them. God designed us so that we may sensitive to the needs of our children, family and other women. What would do without each other?

    True honest thoughts with much emotion,

  5. I don't know what I would do without the good Lord to guide me Roxy. I am an instrument in his hands. Now I need to keep my eyes centered on him!

  6. Beautiful! Lovely blog, I am new here but enjoy it very much. I was your neighbor at Sharing His Beauty.


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