Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby Kalea Is Home

Baby Kalea

This sweet precious little girl is home now!!
They never did find out exactly what is wrong with her,
A liver problem, but everything they checked for came back
With no real hard evidence.

What I believe is this;
God touched her at every turn of events...
He is God!
We prayed!
He answered!

She is still recovering and needs to gain weight!
Her Momma and Daddy our still fearful,
They need prayer for His peace!
Thank you to all of you who prayed!
Diana @

She got the Prayer Request Out!



  1. What a precious little girl!
    Her lips look like they are saying, Thank You.
    Praise God for her homecoming.

    "God please be with mom and dad. Let them feel your presence and know you are there for them.
    Continue to keep Kalea in your hands. Heal and make her body strong. Amen"

  2. I am so thankful she is home. She looks wonderful. What a cutie. Will continue to pray for the family.

  3. Oh, Roxy- My part "t'weren't nothing honey" as my gramma used to say. I will do an update on my blog on her on Sunday. God bless them and we will pray for peace for them. xo Diana

  4. So glad she is home. Don't know how I missed all of this! You will all be in my prayers. She is an absolute doll!

  5. Good news! I am so glad that little Kalea is on the mend. May her parents feel a great peace as they realize that Kalea's life is in God's hands. That's the safest place of all.

  6. Praise God for her turn around! I am so thankful, and I know her family is too!! Roxy, it is snowing over and inch an hour right now…we are holed up for some time, and with the hush and stillness of the day, it is a wonderful time to spend worshiping our Savior! Have a blessed day, sweet friend :)
    Resting in Him,


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