Friday, November 29, 2013

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure
There have been so many times in my life, that
As a mature older woman ,I have experienced this kind of
Or, really maybe more like an outside influence.
Sometimes it may be people, other times it
can just be all the appointments on your schedule.
You know those seasons in your life where there are
so many changes going on, you sometimes can
be pressed into doing things that are putting
a greater discomfort on your well being.
For me it is usually keeping me up past my bedtime!
This girl needs her sleep!!
Sometimes just having to miss a meal, while
out shopping, and your routine is now hijacked
can allow your world to spin out of control;
Just because you missed a meal?
Or only 1/2 the amount of sleep needed?
It's all little dramatic, well it's my blog!
When we first start to feel this pull,
we rationalize and say,
Oh, have fun it's only this or this or this!
The truth is THIS;
When I get really out of sync,
My body suffers!
My Hubby gets less of me because I am feeling tired.
If I am gone all the time, my home looks a wee bit neglected.
I  must learn to navigate and to hear what
my body is saying!
Really the strain of doing and going on "sure will power",
can and will wear a girl out!
Now, don't get me wrong here;
We all need to push and persevere!
We have our homes to manage!
But at what cost to our health?
This girl loves here sweet sleep!
I function better on a full tummy!
What are some of the things that come at you that
might feel like peer pressure to YOU?
You should never put your tongue on a metal pole
No matter the peer pressure you may be feeling!
Or, you may have to call the Fire Department!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving Blessings
I am thankful for so many things!
Being a child of the most high God
Having a Husband that loves the Lord!
And how he loves me.
Children that have blessed and honored me!
A home filled with love and peace!
Health in my spirit, soul and body
Being taught by the Holy Spirit
Girlfriends J
My Family
The Word
Don't forget to count your Blessings dear ones!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pigtail Bliss

Pigtails are just about as much fun as hair can have!

Hello, Dear Blogging Friends,
Today is my Birthday!!
It has been so much fun...
Perfume galore!
Hand and Body lotion
Homemade cookies
Lunch with a friend
A tapestry vest which is
(Beautiful and Vintage looking)
Eyebrows waxed
Fleece lined knee socks
Shopping list
My Mother My Friend Devotional Book
Scrap booking products
Lots of cards
Birthday wishes;
via phone calls and Text messages.
And the days not over yet!!!
It's my Birthday,
 So I choose Pigtails!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Keep Focused 
One thing that really helps me enjoy my days is spending
time with the Lord!
I have experienced great peace and strength, by just
stopping and looking up!
Sometimes you can spend way to much time focusing
on the past, and in many cases this will cause you to
  miss the moment God has for you!
I had a woman tell me recently that it was all that she had
was her memories.
Because, she had no future.
She has been widowed twice in her life.
She is a very sweet and precious woman.
We had her over for a lunch and fellowship.
She told me this was the first invitation that she has had since,
moving to this area. (Almost 3 yrs.)
Now, What is wrong with this picture?
Is this a case of self isolation,
Maybe the grief is still to raw,
Some people are just loners!
Maybe it is just how a widower must adapt...
I pray for God to help us open our eyes to those
who need fellowship.
But, before you think I am a saint (NOT)
I have also been thinking about how I spend my time,
with my relationships.
I have made a decision to invest in relationships that,
will have a return,
Such as, them wanting to spend time with you
 (Not a Chore)
Being like minded in Christ!
Knowing that this is an assignment of the Lord.
Being led by the Spirit in our relationships.
Being in tune for His leading in who we talk too.
Being kind to all!!
But, being wise in with who and where you spend your time!
Is making an investment in His kingdom;
He has called us to be ready to give account;
 for what we believe!
 And because we are His hands and His feet,
We must be sensitive to His relationships He has for us!
Not only on a daily bases, but through all of our days.
Now, this does not mean all these relationships will be easy,
but rather it has the finger print and touch of God at work!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease
Some days really do require some good old fashion
Elbow Grease!!
We are always being challenged;
Everything that comes at us in our lives have one purpose!
To conform us into our Father's image...
Some days can be really tough for so many people,
And as women of God we have so many things, we must do!
But let's not forget those things we love to do!
I have always sensed that when the days are filled with many things,
We start to feel like we can not possibly get everything done.
But I have seen the true Grace and Grit of the Women of God,
In times of war
In times of famine
In times of sorrow
Even in times of wealth and great joy and prosperity;
We have a legacy of our Spiritual Mothers in Christ!
Those women who have stood strong in God's word,
Commitments made to their family's!
So what did it take to get through those seasons
of trials?
What did they use
 When they had to prepare for great celebrations?
Always His strength!
But let us not forget the hard working women who stood
And did what had to be done!
They rolled up their sleeves and applied
Good Old Fashion
Elbow Grease!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preparing To Bake Pumpkin Bread, This One Makes Three Loaves...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I love to bake pumpkin bread!
I use this recipe all year long, because it is so
Moist and really nutritious.
Pumpkin is packed with Beta Carotene.

But, I must say this is really a yummy and delicious recipe!
Bake some for your family;
As I will tell you
 This one is a keeper!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Freshly baked right out of the oven!

Spiced Pumpkin Bread

3 1/2 c. Flour
2 c. Sugar
2 tsp. Baking soda
2 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Ground allspice
1 tsp. Baking powder
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1/2 tsp. Ground cloves
4 eggs
1 can (15 oz.) solid pumpkin
3/4 c. Canola oil
2/3 c. Water
1/2 c. Chopped nuts, optional

In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients.
In another bowl, combine eggs, pumpkin, oil and water. Mix well.
Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened.

Pour into 3 greased loaf pans. Sprinkle with nuts, if desired.

Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes or
Until a toothpick inserted near center comes out clean.

Cool for10 minutes before removing from pans.

From the Test Kitchen by Amy and Roxy

One thing I love about this recipe is the fact it does,
Three loaves of bread.
So you can have one to eat right away,
And one to freeze.
And one to give away!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Take Five...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Sometimes we all just need a break!
Nothing wrong with saying Time Out!!

I think what is really wrong is this;
Not helping our children or others that rely
upon us to know that there are healthy boundaries.
Or a line that sometimes people will cross.
Sometimes we allow others to demand more from us than we
Are equipped to do!

We may even be stepping over what God is doing in someones
life, and trying to rescue them.
God, has a plan always in motion, to train and teach us!
We must always pray for those who are struggling,
But, we must ask God what is this situation about?

And to help our children to learn some self control.
The: I want it NOW syndrome has caused much
Distress, and a self- made ME world...

If you are about to just flip;
When the baby is screaming or the children are
Fighting and you are bone weary.
Take  5 minutes or longer
To pull yourself together!

Boundaries and time out, are both very healthy
Things that a Godly woman can do, before the
Last nerve is laid bare!
Do not carry a burden that only Christ can carry!
Cry out to Him!
Rest in Him!
Tell your family that you're Super Mom uniform is
at the dry cleaners :)


Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, November 15, 2013

Life Is Too Short For A Bad Cup Of Coffee

Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee!!
You are either a coffee drinker or not. But may I just give a
little advice to the world....
Do not assume just because  it looks like coffee,
Or smells like coffee. It must be the coffee.
When I go into a restaurant and I just want a cup
Of coffee, as soon as the waiter person asks if I want coffee?
I then must say yes, with this response!
(Only, if you will brew me a fresh pot) 
A pot of coffee that has been sitting there for 20 minutes,
Is not considered fresh to me :)
I also do not really care for the strong thick coffee's that
Is served in most Coffee Houses.
Then I get asked would you like cream?
Yes please!
(But I do use a lot so bring me plenty of it!)
I once won a a jingle that said to me,
Answer quickly!!
What is good to the last drop???
Maxwell House Coffee!!!
You're our winner!
I think it was a coupon, can't really remember.
But the point of this post is this...
Life is too short for a bad cup of coffee;
So let us drink coffee that helps us feel wonderful
Deep down inside.
I have been drinking this Breakfast blend from
Of course;
Maxwell House;
After all I was a winner.
So, please give me a fresh cup of coffee,
With lots of real cream,
And, I also use sugar please.


Enchilada Casserole Recipe...

Chicken Casserole Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Warm and Spicy Enchilada Casserole
This is our families stand by and stand up,
~Enchilada dish~

She has a few steps but well worth the work and effort.
I think a casserole is so yummy and tasty.
I took a picture of this casserole, sometime last year,
As you can still see my old cupboards in the background.
Here is how I make mine;
Firstly, take your corn tortillas and lightly cook them
in a pan with some olive oil,
Use a pair of tongs, so you won't get burnt.
You have to get the pan very hot and quickly cook both sides
of the tortilla. Go ahead and do at least 13 tortilla's
for this is how many will fit in a 9x13 pan.
Set these aside on some paper towel to cool.
You do this to help the tortilla's become soft and pliable.
Then make your enchilada filling mix;
You can use either 2 cups of
 Hamburger meat cooked and browned well.
Or you can use cooked chicken, diced up. 
Place an 8oz. Bar of cream cheese in a bowl
allow it to soften.
Now, add at least 2 cups of grated cheese
I like to use a medium cheddar
If  you like onion, dice some up very fine
and add it to your mixture.
Cream Sauce
Make up your cream sauce now, you will use some for the
bottom of your 9x13 pan,
 and the rest for the top of your casserole.
Ingredients for your sauce;
Use one can of cream of mushroom soup.
Add a 1/2 can of diced tomatoes
(I like Ro*tel brand)
Add a can of green chili's
or fresh ones :)
Pour enough Cream Sauce to coat the
bottom of your 9x13 pan.
Now, use your hands and form the filling mixture
into little mini log shapes.
Place one in each tortilla and lay in your pan,
Fill your baking dish with all 13 tortilla shells filled
with mixture.
Now, pour the rest of the cream sauce on top
Add at least another cup of cheese
Cover with aluminum foil

Bake on 350 degrees
For 35minutes or until bubbly and lightly browned.

I usually serve this with rice!

Living From Glory to Glory

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mental Anguish

The World Is a needy Place
Good Morning, this is a little different kind of post,
 That I might normally write.
 But there are certain things that will come up or happen
that just screams give me some attention.
It is something that anyone of us
might have been subjected to, (this very thing.)
It may have been a family member, or
someone from your church.
But, it seems that our towns and city streets are
Just filled with those with mental problems.
So many more homeless now days!
But, It is really sad when it's a family member.
How can you help them, when they continue to
make bad choices, or their brains are just wired wrong.
They are not able to think clearly.
They are filled with bitterness;
They always blame others for their problems.
It is the governments fault or
the way I grew up...
I have compassion for these people;
But I also realize I have needed to have strong boundaries.
When you are around these people if you do not feel safe.
Respond to that feeling;
I believe it is God's radar He has given us to keep
Us safe!!
May we be praying for those with mental anguish!
I believe during the holiday's and specific dates
And birthdays that holds sad memories for them.
So the anguish becomes more prominent.
I believe we need to help them get help!
I also believe it is important to pray for your mind to be protected,
And to keep yourself from  exposure to things that
contain darkness!
These things open doors!
Depression is very real to many people;
Expose the darkness;
Be the light!
Jesus can heal the broken mind!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Prayer For Being A Proverbs31 Wife And Mother

These confessions will infuse His life
into your marriage!
Being confident that He Who began a good work in me
will continue until the day of Jesus Christ,
I confess that;
I am capable, intelligent and virtuous woman,
far more precious than jewels.
I rise early and get spiritual food for my household.
I seek first God's kingdom and all good things
are added unto me.
I reverently and worshipfully fear the Lord.
I give of the fruit of my hands and my
works praise me.
I am industrious.
With my savings I plant fruitful vines.
Strength and dignity are my clothing and my position
is strong and secure.
I rejoice over the future knowing that my family
and I are in readiness for it.
I open my mouth with skillful and godly wisdom,
and in my tongue is the law of kindness,
giving counsel and instruction.
The bread of idleness (gossip, discontentment
and self-pity) I do not eat.
I am worthy of respect and serious, not a gossiper,
but temperate and self-controlled,
thoroughly trustworthy in all things.
I pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love
patience and gentle heartedness, and the
joy of the Lord is my strength.
I am submissive and adapt myself to my own
husband as a service to the Lord.
He is head of me as Christ is head of the church.
I respect and reverence my husband.
I notice, regard, honor, prefer, love and
admire him exceedingly. The heart of my husband
trusts in me confidently and relies on
and believes in me safely.
I comfort and encourage and do him only good as
long as there is life in me.
I walk in love with my husband,
esteeming and delighting in him.
My husband praises me above all women.
When I pray this prayer;
I use my husbands name where it say's
Pray this prayer aloud!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Homemakers Art

I am an Artist!?!
By being the kind of homemaker God has called me to be
 is going to look like an artist at work.
I believe it is our job to create and purchase and make art
that makes the home environment and atmosphere,
filled with warmth and color!
Truly an uplifting place to be.
My definition of art;
Handmade Items
Pretty pictures
Platters of food
Baked Cookies
Pretty pillows
All things lovely!
This is a key way to make the longing of our
Husbands and children desire for us to be
at home!
It is the sweet spirit behind this artist
That draws out the life and creativity of our
But it is also the very comfort and warmth that
A Man feels his manhood becomes strong,
and protective of the place called,
He will desire to keep this Castle safe...
The word tells us to think about such things
That our true, noble, right, pure,
lovely and admirable!
So I believe creating and living in an environment
That allows our eyes and ears,
And even the sense of smell, will inspire us
To think about things that God has asked us to think about.
Never underestimate the power of smell and taste
Dear Ones!
Lovely taste and textures, happy voices talking.
Music that lifts our spirits...
We as women must make  our homes this kind of place!
So that when our husbands come home,
They will be surrounded by these things that will help
relieve their stresses from their working environments.
Never think you are wasting your time or money
on making your home a place of comfort and beauty!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stocks and Butter And A Filled Pantry...

Living From glory To Glory Blog

Nothing should be wasted!
We live in a world where everything is disposable.
See these corn stalks, good for nothing right?
Well, not exactly;
The farmer's go back in and shred these old
corn stalks to feed their cattle.
They make a product called silage.
It is stinky, but it is used to feed and sustain,
The cattle in the long, cold winter months.
We are entering our winter months of needing
Warm foods, keeping our homes warm.
Feeding our families!
So as you see all your store adds for sale items,
this month, try to think ahead and stock u
on some of your cooking and baking items.

I do  promote being a wise woman in the
Pantry area of your home.
Watch for all the cream soups on sale.
Green beans and canned corn also.
Butter is around 2.00 lbs.
Chicken broth is very inexpensive now.
Watch for the different pastas on sale too!
Sometimes, we get on the eat only natural kick,
We forget we have had some real tough times.
Believe me, if you were starving;
You would not care if it was organic :)
Why, do we need a well stocked pantry?
Because it is what a wise woman does for her FAMILY!
Also, we must think of those who will need
some assistance this long winter.
Buy some of these sale items to give to your
own town or cities needy!
We must always remember the poor!

I want to tell you a true story;
I know of a wise woman
Whose Husband lost his Job!
 And do you know it was almost a whole year before he found another one.
But, this Wise Woman had a pantry that fed her family
Almost that entire year, with only having to add
The fresh produce and milk and eggs!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Being Productive...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Living like there is no tomorrow,
What a loaded statement...
You had better live like there is an eternity!
How many lines of the world's point of view can I
Swallow hook, line and sinker?
How many times have we heard a song,
And sang along, without really hearing the words?
We all better get busy living;
We can be in the perfect will of God in doing
what he has given us to do,
Such as:
Sewing an apron
Writing a Blog post
Crocheting a dishcloth
Writing an encouraging note to someone!
Baking a special treat for your loved ones!
Praying while doing your dishes
Doing laundry...
We are living out our days according to
His time and season's.
We must rest in His peace, and carry on!
On some days it's called PLOD on!
Do not let the world's way of thinking, stop you
From the simple pleasures He has given you!
Being a keeper of the Home, has provided  a
Different way of looking at being productive.
I believe we must always be aware of the atmosphere
we are creating.
We won't get everything done!
But my prayer is this;
My loved ones will all think and say,
There is no place like HOME!
We are all about to enter the Holiday season;
May our purpose now, to only do
what we can handle, and not stress ourselves,
and our families out!
Take Joy...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Featuring: Where Your Treasure Is

Apple Pie, Living From Glory to glory Blog...

Now Featuring!
Where Your Treasure Is
Is this photo of this Apple Pie stunning or What?
Is this art or really a pretty pie?
Is this a secret apple pie recipe??
I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite Bloggers!
Her name is Pammie!
She has many talents and her heart is genuine!
She has a great Love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
She has an amazing talent with her love for picture taking.
She is an artist!
She can write the longest Posts,
 And leave the best comments EVER!
She is my dearest friend !
Please Go visit her wonderful Blog!
You will enjoy her...
I promise :)
Go To: Treasures In an Earthen Vessel

If you scroll down you will find this amazing,
 Carmel Apple Pie Recipe on her Blog!
May we all take some time to honor another
Each and Everyday!
We are all so special and unique,
Each of us has something very valuable to share.
We are women who have taken our calling
As Homekeepers to heart!
Keep Your Home Fires Burning Dear Ones.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Man's Ego...

A damaged Ego; Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Your Man's Ego
Did you know that if a man has a healthy Ego,
 it can and will help him become the
 Leader and protector of his home.
And a healthy ego will allow him to be your family's provider.
Many men, have damaged ego's because of there early
Childhood training,
Or a dominant Mother figure.
Or maybe what we might call a
(Mama's Boy)
Or a belittling Father.
A Mother did all the training, there was no man's influence.
Or from being spoiled and not taught how to work,
Or taught how to speak firmly, as a leader should.
So, what I wanted to say to all wives today is this;

Destroying your Man's Ego!
You must allow and help this very thing called
(A mans Ego)
To function and mature.
It is God who has given Men an Ego!
God created Men to have these ego's!
It is the world view to be alarmed over a
Young man's over inflated ego.
What really needs to happen is more understanding,
On how we as wives and mother's can
help in this area.
A healthy Ego is the very thing that will either
make him more masculine,
Or will destroy his manliness.
So wives if you want your husband to lead you,
You must first look at the ego.
What can a wife do to help his ego?

You must learn to let go of the always controlling everything!!
Do not ignore his advice...
Do not find fault with how he does things,
No matter if you think you could do a better job.

Tell him often:
 On how well he has handled or accomplished
something. We all need to know this very thing,
(that what we have done is good and right!)

Are you constantly finding fault with his efforts?
If you even utter these words...
You can't do anything RIGHT,
As soon as these words come out of your mouth,
or you have even thought them.
Repent to God,
Then apologize to him!
Look, it is like this, if you continue to nitpick
And find fault all the time, he will just quit trying
To lead you or his family!
More on this later;

Monday, November 4, 2013

Apron Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Jann Olsen from
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen
I want to thank each of you lovely ladies who joined
my Birthday giveaway!
You really are all a very special blessing to me!
I hope you will all stop in and visit Mrs Olsen's
very creative Blog.
 And enjoy her link-ups on Thursday
Just Click Here

Sola Scriptura...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Is there a force so strong, nothing can oppose it?
Is there really a word that does not waiver?
Can I know if I am in the will of God?
Are women, really suppose to be the keeper's of the home?
Are my day's really numbered?
Is there a place of Blessing and comfort and peace,
that I can hide in?
Will how I act or speak change my situation?
Does prayer and faith in Christ, change me?
YES, is the answer to all of these questions!
The world has heard the lie and many have believed it!
I am just a person...
with no destiny or worth?
What I say or do, does not affect anyone else.
I am free to live any way I choose!
We are a body not the collective or individualism,
we are being lead to believe.
God has a unique and special plan for each of us!
I challenge you to allow God's Word
To train and to teach you the real truth!!
Let scripture stand alone;
Use this key to help dig deeper.
Be not led astray !!

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