Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reflect And Grow Content...

Mental glider, Living from glory to glory blog...

Is anybody listening?
Can you hear me?

Random thoughts that were profound to me!

Everyone will go at their own speed.
Trust is something that must be earned.
Fear is an ugly emotion.
Your heart really can feel broken.
Priorities are something a wise person will implement.
Strength is from the Lord.
The cycle of being born and dying is hard to perceive.
A wise woman will stop and contemplate; but not for too long,
As she will become sad and melancholy...
We are told to plod on, I feel like a race horse at times and other times;
I have been put out to pasture.

Desire to make your life a haven; as it is the only place we have
The right to pursue happiness!

I choose to be kind, to enjoy the little things!
Look for the best in others!
Enjoy the home and family and friends that have been given to me!

Reflect and inspire yourself.
Never throw in the towel.
Give yourself room to grow and to heal.
Some people come into your life for a short time.
Look for what is beautiful.

Life will throw you a curve ball;
No worries God saw it coming.

What was that??

You will not understand everything that happens to you;
Or to those you love...

The pain will get your attention!

Concept; then there is the reality.

Another day, another chance!

Every day can be a gift if you will just unwrap it slowly and savor it!

Living from glory To glory
Love, Roxy

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Don't Use That Tone Of Voice With Me...

Kind Words, The Tone Of Our Voice, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I can remember my Mother saying to me;
You better change your tone little girl!

I probably had my hand on my hip giving my opinion!

Well, I would like to think I have come a long way baby.
But sadly at times I can still see that attitude in me;
Even if it's in a more subtle way.

I remember having my own little girl and at times she would open her mouth;
And some of the things that came out;
Truly most of them were the truth, just not done respectfully.
As we say out of the mouths of babes.
They can be so forthright...
Like wow, what a big nose you have
Phew, you stink
You're fat

As her mother, I was mortified and embarrassed!

But as an adult  in our marriage and even with our Heavenly Father,
We can have our hand on our hip and use that tone of voice;
And not realize how disrespectful we truly are being.
And that condescending tone is so not considered a gentle quiet voice.

I so wish all my words could be...
~A Sweet Smelling Aroma~

Did you ever get your mouth washed out with soap?
Well, I did!

And I am glad I did!!

I want my tone and words to be a fragrant scent!
This is not easy in a world that needs to have devices that take out all
The nasty words and all the swearing.

We can all have a fragrant scent if we will allow the Word of God;
To penetrate our hearts and cleanse our mouths!

 One thing that has helped me it this;

~Rejoice Always~

1 Thessalonians 5:16

When I am rejoicing, and not having my hand on my hip (smiles)
I can stop the tone of being proud and self-righteous.

Again, I say, Rejoice

When my Mother told me to change my tone; I did it real quick...

May we get a lesson today about this;
Change your tone, watch the body language.
Hand On Hip
Pointing the Finger
Words that are not nice...

As always, Remember your tone speaks volumes!

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger...

Norman Rockwell Painting, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

Every Morning when I sit at my desk to read my Bible;
I see this picture and quote in this frame to remind me...

"When I was a little girl I think I may have looked just like this little girl"
I usually get a good laugh and a big smile when I read it!

The reason she is smiling because she finally has had enough!
You might ask; Enough what?

When life or people try to quench the joy or make fun of you;
For being old fashion and just a homemaker...

If you are working within your own home
 And your Husband,
Loves and supports you and It pleases the Lord;
We can more then overcome!

There is a time to defend oneself and your family!

We live in a world where the bullies can do as they please and say as they please.

But, I can see where in my life I did stand and prevailed;
Victory has been the outcome!

Everyone will have different battles, but some things are just,
Worth fighting for...

Most battles will be fought within your own homes.
But if you will keep steadfast and stay the course,
You will win the prize!

Sometimes the prize is 
 An overcoming attitude.
Having a home where peace reigns!

A happy marriage.
A home that is filled with laughter!

You will become stronger if you will just say no;
For all the things that are negative and against God's plan for the home!

You are getting stronger; as you take care of what the Lord
Has given you...

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Teach Me To Manage This Household...

Vintage Blue Coffee Pot... Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Teach Me To Manage This Household~

We all must learn to manage different things;
For many different reasons, but the main reason is to be able
To know how things function and work!

To be accountable, to be in charge, administer; to run; Control,
Lead govern and rule.
I personally like to have my husband hold this part of managing our home.

But I also have a very important part and place for keeping
Our home in a proper functioning place that runs well!

My favorite words to describe managing my household are these words;
Guide, Preside Over, Direct, Oversee.

I think we all love the idea of a well managed home'
We do not like it when chaos reigns!

That is why I believe we like to read and look at magazines that
Show and portray homes that are lovely and organized.
Martha Stewart is not the only one who can manage a household!

Here are just a few suggestions and comments;

Making ends meet financial for your home is so important!
Do not spend more than you make...
Using a list to organize what needs to be done daily, and weekly.

Firstly, may I suggest that you always make yourself ready
Hair, face and smell sweet!
Make your bed!

"Now, I can promise you this, they will expect dinner"
Get a dinner going early in the morning...
Thaw out your meat or bake a dessert, wash veggies!

Look for ideas often to better learn cleaning tips!
Keep the laundry going, so it does not overwhelm you!

Trust me,
 I do not clean all the time, But I do keep my kitchen clean and tidy!
My bed has clean sheets weekly!

Learn to make small, quick, inexpensive meals!
Buy the staples on sale.
Order online, so you have no impulse buying!

Sometimes we must weather the storms that life will bring our way!
And if your home usually runs efficiently,
 You may not be thrown too far off track!

I think that we all can use advice from others no matter our age;
Or season of our lives and our family dynamics.

Share any advice you might want to with other ladies in the comments.

Always learning...
Love, Roxy

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How To Work From Home For Christ...

Working For Christ From Home, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Homework For Christ~

What I personally love is being able to work for Christ 
Right within my home...

I must admit that every single day I can find so many things,
That I can do from home and for my home and family;
That it keeps me busy and out of the worlds sight.

Being at home has taught me so many things;
I can serve the Lord with greater clarity and quietness.

Too many women can find themselves worried that they,
May not be doing kingdom work.
But working for Kingdom ministry outside the home or in the spotlight
 Are taking many women away from home.

We must not fret or worry about not finding time;
For outside work, or a public ministry.
Homework for Christ can be much more appealing and appropriate.

The work of Christ is not all found in the things we do in Church.

It has taken many years to realize that what I do in my home,
Is a powerful witness to a world that longs for love and peace.

Many women, once they raise their children will have more time;

But for me it seems I have less energy or time.
So I still focus on my own home.

I like to think that whatever I set my hand to do;
I do all in Christs name.

Let my toil of each day bring grace and a sweet home!
May my prayers cover my home
May the meals I prepare be filled with love
May kindness grow up like a well watered flower garden

The place I want to be "Sactuary of Home"
Good works done in faith...

Unselfish toils within your home may be unseen;
But never un-noticed by those that live there or may come to visit!

I am still a work in progress, but I know that as I strive to do
The homework He has given me, I will take each day and carry
My list of things to do, To the Lord in Prayer...

Blessings, Roxy

Fresh Rolls, Sunday Dinner, Living From Glory To glory Blog...

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Healing Benefits Of Lemon Balm Tea...

Lemon Balm Tea, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Lemon Balm Tea

I have discovered that I truly enjoy a cup of Lemon Balm Tea!
Some Herbal teas are just a bit tangy or strong; But this is mild and light!

I have been drinking it for quit a while, and I have not looked into
The benefits of drinking it. So I decided to look into it!

What I found was a pleasant surprise!

It's great for your nerves, it was once called a nerve tonic.
Helps improve your sleep patterns and quality.

Lemon balm is also believed to treat a range of medical disorders affecting the digestive tract, nervous system, and liver.

Today, lemon balm is used in traditional medicine as both a sleep aid and digestive tonic.
 Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a lemon-scented herb known for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects.

But, I am sure there can be some side effects also!

Once again, everything in moderation, including herbs and supplements.
And of course, all the different food groups!

I really think the best course of action is to know your own body!

Some foods will wreck havoc on your system,
Everyone is so different!

Getting on the bandwagon for any one thing has never been good!

A little here, a little there!

Just like caffeine, it can be really tough on your system,
But a small cup also has great benefits!

You can make any kind of tea time special!
You can make your morning coffee the catalyst to get moving!

I always have a large array of different teas and coffees,
To enjoy myself and to offer friends and family.

I also enjoy having many different designs and shapes of mugs;
And of course teacups...

Tea Time, Irish Breakfast... Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Irish Breakfast Tea is one of my very favorites!

Make even the small moments special...

May you all take the time to sip your tea or coffee and enjoy your day!

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Sunflowers Follow The Sun...

Sunflowers, Living from Glory to Glory Blog...

Sunflowers follow the sun...

The other morning as I was coming home very early,
I had one of those moments where you just realize something
 That has been happening for years!

These amazing wild flowers follow the sun;
Their little faces all look to the East;
As the sun comes up to brighten the whole earth
With a blazing warmth and light!

Then they turn their big, bright, happy faces slowly all day long!
Then, once in the early evening comes you will see 
They have all turned their heads to the West...

I started telling this amazing little fact to everyone;
Some people were really surprised and a few said
Yeah, I knew that!
One said an old farmer had told him that! And he thought 
He was just old and didn't know what he was talking about!
But the next day he watched and watched all day long
They did just that, turned to follow the sun.

One man told me when he leaves for work every summer morning they
Are all facing him has he drives, but as he returns home they are
Waving goodbye.

Even Nature Follows The Son. Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I guess the point of this little story and my own revelation;
Is this...

What is going on around you that you are not even aware of?

God is working little miracles each day in our behalf.
We are seeing nature groaning for His return every season
 Even Nature Follows Follows The SON...

We all have things that will cause us to have a face that bears the struggles!
We can have worry lines upon our foreheads,
We have dark bags underneath our eyes,
We can have wrinkles around our eyes,
We can have a mouth that is turned down.

We must look to the Lord and worship Him with all our cares and worries,
Why take on a face that looks troubled and worried and worn?

 We can have a face that follows the SON...

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in his wonderful face,
And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim
 In the light of His glory and grace.

Wake-Up sleepy heads!
Look around and see all that He is doing in your life...

Living from Glory To Glory
Down those Long country Roads...
 To all my fellow travelers, even if you never leave your HOME!

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Steps Of A Good Woman Are Ordered Of The Lord...

Your Steps Are Ordered Of The Lord, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Your Steps Are Ordered Of The Lord~

Some days it just seems that nothing goes according to plan!

As much as we may plan and try to get our ducks in a row!
Making a list and checking it twice;
Things have a way of going its own way and in its own sweet time!

When we finally can  realize that we are not called to be in control of everything!  
But rather to allow the flow of Gods plans and timing!

The scripture that helps me with this train of thought is this;

"The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord"
And He delights in his way...
Psalm 37:23

By God's grace and the Holy Spirit, he directs our thoughts and affections
Of those that lean into Him!

As women we tend to think we can do it all!
But a woman after God's own heart will realize this one thing;
God holds our hearts!

I believe in the Providence of God,
So He can overrule any plan I may have made.
For I know He cares about the events of my life!

He will whisper to your heart
This is the way, walk in it.
He leads us step by step...

Being a homemaker and a wife, I have learned to be flexible;
And to trust the Lord to arrange my day; according to his plan!

"That does not mean I don't plan out my days or weeks!
But rather when I get too focused on my plan;
He will show me He has a slight detour!

As we lead our children, He will lead us!
And I have learned it's not being able to see far out into the distant future;
But rather walking it out step by step...

God steps will be according to His own will, not mine!
That is why it will delight Him.

I want my steps to please the Lord;
So each day I give my best and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me
In all truth and to run my household in a way that pleases Him!

Enjoy the plans He may have for you!

Can you look back over any given day and see His hand and plans at work?

As Always...
Living From Glory To Glory
One step at a time as He leads...
Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

We Are Called To Defend Our Lentil Fields...

Defend Your Lentil Fields Ladies, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Defend Your Lentil Field

But he stationed himself in the middle of the lentil field,
Defended it and killed the Philistines.
"So the Lord brought about a great Victory"
2 Samuel 23: 11-12

A parcel of ground that is full of lentils;
 Was it worth fighting for?

We are all given a resource and we must make it last!
Each pod has only two little lentils in it!

This lovely Bible story is a great Word picture for me.
This one thing is worth fighting for dear ones;
Because the lentil field is worth life or death!

What does the lentil fields symbolism in our lives today?

The lentil field is our estate
No matter how large or humble

Your Position
Your sphere of influence!
Our marriages
Our fruitful vines
(Children and Grandchildren)
Our Health

~Stand Your Ground~

Defend your field...

He expects you to defend what He has given you.
Why- So He is given a Victory and a good return out of the field,
He has given you charge of!

That Old serpent the devil drops in and slithers through our fields to cause,
Friction, contention, dissension and division, discontentment!

To destroy or devour our goods or our lives!

Give NO place to the devil Ephesians 4:27
Place means (foothold, opportunity)

We need to watch our emotions, hurt feelings, anger, resentment.

Take a stand and don't give up...
What the Lord has given you, take care of it...
We will one day give account for how we defended His property.

The Battle is tough; But He will give you strength!

Take up the weapons of our warfare...
The Word, Prayer...

Daily... Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Man Needs A Godly Helpmeet...

Bing A Godly Wife, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Being a wife is an amazing ministry; It's not something
That is going to be easy, but it's also not that hard either!

I have not lost my own identity being a wife and a mother!

I have grown from being able to help keep things running smoothly.
I do believe as a new bride I was rather strong willed;
And definitely self-centered.

We learn very early in this modern world to seek your own good.
But God has a different plan if we will just realize He wants us to have Joy!

Learning to find delight and a sense of fulfillment of what you accomplish
is a good thing,

All these works to love our husbands and children will have eternal worth!

Every load of laundry, every kind word, everything you do!
Is a good thing...
Putting your husband first is something that can bring great peace!
And trust me it really only takes a small bit of time each day.

Our modern culture has made being a godly wife silly, or unnecessary.
But, A Home, with A Woman that desires to serve her Husband and Family
Will be a Rare Treasure...

Psalm 128:3-4
"Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine
by the sides of thy house"

"A man needs a godly help meet
for earthly felicity.
He that findeth a godly wife
findeth a good thing.
A wife keeps the home,
her chief faithfulness
is in the inner of the dwelling
which she adorns.
She keeps at the home
and so keeps the home.
Fantastic blessedness 
comes from the Lord,
and to Him alone we
must look for it.
The Lord's chosen 
find rest and quietness.
They shall have peace
from the God of peace."
Charles Spurgeon

Always Learning
Always Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fortified For The Day...

The Holy Bible, The Word, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Some days you can just run out of steam!
Also, I can truly say that some women just seem to have so much energy;
Compared to me at least...

But A long time ago I had to learn to resolve the issue of thinking;
Why can't I do more?

But truly once I realized that the strength I have been given each day,
Is something I need to use wisely!

Learning to relax and enjoy the day as it sometimes just rolls out!

I like to start each new day with a cup of tea or coffee and Read the Word!
I enjoy writing in my journal so I always write something daily!
Even as I have gotten older I am even reading some scripture
Before I go to bed in the evenings.

If you can do only one thing each day; make it count!
 Baking or cooking yields high dividends.

Once again it is summer here; and so I will use my crock pot!
If I am going to bake I always do that very early in the morning!
When its winter time its no big deal to turn on the oven and heat up the house
 and fill it with an aroma of freshly beaked bread or cookies.

Freshly Baked Bread, Fresh Eggs, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Wisdom to know what you can and can not do is very important!
I am not saying we should never push ourselves;
But not straining that causes discomfort and unable to do your
housework or things you love the next day!

Grow In Wisdom, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I always like to treat myself with some rich and delicious chocolate!
Keeping a little stash of the sweet stuff works well for my needs!
Chocolate Bars, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I no longer want to spend my energy complain about what I can't do and just
Enjoy each portion that I can do!

When you walk into your home after being gone all day,
Can you just feel and sense that this place is called Home 
Because your heart is there?

Make each day a day of rejoicing!
Give Thanks!
Don't be robbed of the pleasures of each day given to you!

Love your Home and it will bring you comfort and Joy...

Happy Day,
Always Love, Roxy

Monday, June 3, 2019

Singing In The Fire...

Singing in the Fire...

We have all heard the phrase singing in the rain;
As sweet and enduring that little phrase is,

The reality is that as we live and walk this earth till our journey ends;
We must learn to sing in the Fire...

It's so easy to sing when all is calm and the sun is shining!
It's easy to sing when everything is right in your world!
Is is easy to sing when you know the words;
But sometimes, we will not know the words or understand the circumstances,
We must sing from our hearts without knowing the harmony at times.

Good Morning
Good Day
Anyone of us may be in a different place in our days...
Our lives truly are very brief...

I now know how easy it is to slip over to the other side;
I could of died resulting from a bowel obstruction this last past week!
I guess I can now truly say "you can die from constipation"
I was very sick and I truly can say I was Blindsided!
I was in the hospital for a week.

It seems these are they very things that teach us to sing;
While in the Fire of pain, weakness, and sickness!

I can look back and can say that any trial, whether physical or emotional
Can teach us many things!

In our lives, we suddenly can be overcome from a sickness!
These things just happen as we all are living in a sin fallen world.

But, what I hope to get across today is even though these things
Can and Will happen, how can we walk through these trials?

Learn from your experience!
Try not to be fearful
Pray that you do not become bitter!
Realize everything takes time!

Everything will change!

We must never allow these trials to define us!

Every trial will have a new song, you must learn to sing!

Outside my bedroom window is a bird that sings all night long!
Even when there is no moon, even when the wind blows!

I am grateful to be alive!
I made Sunday dinner yesterday,
(Easy Beef Stew in the Crockpot)
My Son said Mother, your not making Sunday dinner are you?
And I said well I'm not dead yet!!

I so appreciate all your sweet 
Get Well Wishes on my last Blog Post;
You are all very kind and I did feel so many prayers
Lifting me UP...

Much Love;
Truly Living From Glory To Glory
And Learning To Sing In The Fire...
Hugs, Roxy

Monday, May 20, 2019

How To Be The Best House Guest...

How to be the Best House Guest, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Are You A Wonderful House Guest?

We read and talk a lot about being a wonderful hostess;
But, I think we hear very little about how to be a thoughtful guest!

Times have changed, as years ago, it seemed like there was more company.

 And I might ask when was the last time you had
Overnight guest in your home?

Do you even have a guest room, or just a comfortable space
For someone to stay in?

 This post may not interest some of you.
But, I always like to think that when, after my husband and I leave
Someones home, they will say; Now, that was a very nice visit!

The goal is for them to one day to want to invite you back!
Or to want to come visit you at some time!

You probably have all heard that saying;
"Company is a bit like fish, after three days it begins to stink"

So firstly, I will open with this thought.
Do not overstay your visiting!
Short but Sweet...

That is, even if you are just having dinner in someones home!
The host may need to get up early the next morning.

When staying overnight in someones home,
 Always let your guest be aware of how long you plan on staying.
To make sure it does not impose upon their life and plans.
Give them an idea of your schedule for what is in the plans for each day!

Ways to be a great house guest!

Be aware of their schedules.

Show some interest in their home and their design and style.
Their hobbies and their family and even their work!

Keep the bathroom clean!

Help clean the kitchen, dishes and such!

Keep the room you stay in clean and tidy, make the bed!

Help with the meals!

Buy some of the groceries!

Give the hostesses some personal space;
Everyone needs a little bit of that!

Just relax and enjoy their hospitality and home.

Leave a note thanking them! 
Or a small thank you gift!

Clean up what you have used while visiting.
(Take the sheets off the bed)

Don't forget to take some pictures!

Showing Hospitality is a wonderful thing!

It's always nice to create memories and see new places and
Spend time with old friends and even make new friends!

Do you have any tips for being The Best House Guest?

Blessings, Roxy

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Just A Little Bit...

Enjoy Life, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Just A Little Bit

As I have aged and grown in many things;
I have realized that it's always the little bits here and there that stand out!

Finding pleasure and joy in the midst of trials and testing.

When we no longer take for granted the little bits!

Someone offers you a huge slice of chocolate cake;
And you reply back, well maybe just a little bit!

We all can get overwhelmed with all that's  on our plates.
But when we move forward and try to do just a little bit;
It will become manageable!

When I was younger,
 I was able to vacuum and clean my whole house in a day!
Now days it may take me all week, because I will see
project that needs to be done.

I love to embroider, and I love to sew, and to read
And I love to paint, and to bake, Fellowship with others!
This time of year I love to plant my flowers and veggies.
But None of us can do it all!

Be kind to yourself as you slow down a little bit
(pun intended)

We should not be robbed of life's joys!
No matter how tough times were, I always did a little bit to
help me keep myself in a creative state!
If you become drained of all your resources, you will have nothing to give!

When we allow the good and healthy things into our lives;
We will have something to refresh others!

Just a Little Bit
Can go a very long way!

Just make sure the Little Bit is something that brings glory to God!

Enjoy The Little Bit Today

Always, Living From Glory To Glory
Roxy xo

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reaching Higher...

Reach Higher...

Looking at the bright side...

Hello, Do you know my intent in writing these blog posts?

By nature, we can be quick to judge or become critical;
But as we all know we should be slow to condemn others!

Life is not easy and sometimes we can say or write something
That can be taken wrong, because it was poorly written or stated wrongly.
My intent is always to make us reach higher!

This is to say;
I aim to encourage others!
I also warn others of possible danger!
To  train all women single, divorced, widowed, young and old!
I also desire to help and guide those that want to be helped!
Forgive me for any offense you may have taken!

Grace to you
Grace to me

Over the years I have been rebuked, corrected and received backlash;
To never write again is an option!

But, I choose to continue until I complete this ministry!

I have never intended to bash or hurt or to be unkind to any one!

Beauty, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Beware Of Toxic Relationships...

Beware Of Toxic People, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Toxic Relationships

Why I believe Godly character is the most important issue in our world!

We are no longer self disciplined in anything
We seem to be so selfish!
And people want to control others in everything!
Also the drama is unbelievable...

Between the school system and being single parents,
(Revised statement)
Schools can no longer really help kids deal with their emotions
Single parents do not have the help at times or a break to be refreshed!
This  statement was written, but I never intended to bash single parents!

Not allowing morals and standards, and no work ethic.
We're in for some relationship issues that will crumble our society!

Let's face it, sports are more important than church!
The phone tucked into your butt pocket or bra is your life...
The kitchen table is now a raised table or bar stools!

You know how tough it is to not even being comfortable in your own skin?
Walking on eggshells in your own home!

I am counting my blessings I do not have these kinds of relationships.
But I could have them if I would of allowed it way back when.
I never even heard the term toxic relationship, but its a buzz today!

Because, we are spoiled children and no longer disciplined, we won't
Learn from our mistakes!
We want to be in every bodies business and we think we should
To know about every one's personal matter's!

Where is the wise counsel??

Once again, I can only encourage you to self examine your attitude
And actions in all relationships!

We have a heart issue!

Here is what this behavior might be characterized by
Emotionally and Physically damaging effects
Panic attacks
Insecure feelings

Some things a person may do to another that are not healthy;
Toxic behavior
Control over all the finances
Trying to control your thoughts and feelings
Verbal Abuse

I am not enjoying writing a post on this subject;
But I think that if I can expose this terrible manipulating issue,
Why not try to help someone see a red flag early in a relationship!
Because marriage is hard enough without being toxic from the beginning.

Working on being sound in mind and behavior is a lifelong endeavor!

Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove;
Matthew 10:16
~Combine the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the dove~

May we pray for those that are struggling in every situation!
This life can be so very hard!
My intent is to help, not to be critical!
I also try to be gentle...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bloom Where You Are Planted...

Look For The Sunshine, Daffodils, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...


Why do we need sunshine?
What if the sun would grow dull and turn black?
What if we could no longer see things clearly?

The brightness as a noon day!

Sometimes when I can see and feel the darkness growing stronger;
It does grieve my heart.
Most days I refuse to look at the grim conditions and just plod on!

But there are times when we can see all too clearly what the ramifications are doing.

What happens to a society that sees everything as acceptable?
When they believe that nothing is wrong or immoral;

What is a moral issue in our day that breaks your heart?

What can I do to make where I live and abode be filled with light?
"We must flourish like a flower"

A flower can flourish in a city sidewalk, where only a crack of soil is exposed!

Our lives are very much like a flower;
We can grow in the toughest conditions;
We can bloom anywhere!
We can send out a sweet smelling fragrance!
We can be but a small fragment of beauty!
Even though a flower bloom lasts a short time;
It can bring great JOY in the moment...

When we go through a tough season of pain or drought or lack of sunshine;
We can become weak of heart;
That is why we must gird up our loins of our mind!
Be mindful of the moments, life is but a flower.
But I truly believe some of our moments will never fade away,
Or will be forgotten, if we will but keep close to our heavenly Father.
Tend the garden of your soul!
Look for a streaming light of sunshine every day!
Continue to plant seeds of love!
Repent often, and pull up those nasty weeds of doubt!
Water your garden with God's Holy Word!
Refuse to live in darkness!

We all have a choice daily!
So make it flourish like a flower.

So remind yourself often and remind those you love;
Take the little quote that has big dividends;


Trust me, when or if the Lord decides to relocate you,
You will continue to flourish wherever He moves you!

Sending you all a big Hello and Happy Day...

Living from Glory To Glory


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pretty But Has No Substance...

Pink Bunnies, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Pretty But Has No Substance
Sweet But Has No Longevity

How do we truly get to know another person's heart?
 If we are not careful we all can be deceived!

We all want to remember there are many honest and good in the hearts
Of many people we know and run across in our days.

But what I think when we see so much scamming and dishonesty;
We can become disheartened!

Because I can't deal with or work on another person's heart!
I must continue to stay focused on thinking and doing right!

May are words not just be sugar coated, but filled with truth spoken in love!

Sometimes we just need something we can sink our teeth into!

I try not to add too many things onto my plate now days!
Because I want to taste and savor what is important.

Just about everybody is on some bandwagon anymore.
Pick a few things that are important and put your energy into that!

People in the past or in your future that have been just fluff;
Let those things take a back seat!

Keep your eyes open for the faulty heart issues.
Controlling and manipulating hearts!
Their agenda, their way, You will always be wrong!
Because they are always the victim.
Leave them alone
Deal with your own heart
Don't read scripture and apply it to them!!

We must focus...

Taking care of ones own heart and HOME
Is your true calling...

As Always, I desire to live and have my being in Christ...
Hugs, Roxy

Monday, March 25, 2019

Two Become One...

living from Glory To Glory Blog

Marriage, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Love, Living FromGlory To Glory Blog...

Wedding Bells

What is your responsibility for a couple that is getting married?

You get an invitation in the mail; and you might think, "well, can I go?"
What gift might I bring?

Will it be a fun wedding?
Will they serve free food and an open bar?

But the real responsibility for attending a wedding is to take part!

To wish them well is great!
To give a gift to bless them is wonderful!

But remembering to pray for them is the best gift of all!

Why we must help them to stay married and to learn how to
Be a Good Husband and A Good Wife...
It honors each other and brings glory to God!

To understand the seriousness of making a vow?
A covenant to God?

Who here thinks marriage is easy?
It's work, and the only work that will provide long lasting benefits!

She will have to learn to do many new things!
He will have to learn to do many things!

But the biggest challenge is learning to not put oneself first any longer!

We live in a world of selfies...
Truly, whether it be any social media, people love to take pictures
Of themselves...
Look At Me!!!

I find it a bit too much!

If there is no benefit for me then I am not interested!
"You have heard the saying- Well, that's enough about me;
Now, tell me what YOU think of ME..."

Getting married is a good thing!
Staying married is even better!
Pray to marry the right person!
Get wise counsel!

I can promise you this; no matter who you marry or when you marry;
You will still have to stop the selfish me syndrome;
And look to one another needs.

Then comes the children
Then they grow up and leave home.
Some become selfish and never look back;

And once again, it will be the two of you!
Have you made the effort to become one?
Its daily work!!
But it's really not all about you, Now is it??

Our Grandson is married now and we will pray daily for them!
We will do all we can,  to help their marriage succeed!

As Always, Loving and Living
But praying, to live my life for His Glory!

Any advice for the newly wedded couple?
Leave a comment and I will send it to them!
You never know the impact of wise words...

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If You Do Not Have Anything Nice To Say Don't say Anything At All...

Minature Tea Cup, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Be An Encourager

To encourage means to in-courage...

We all need to be encouraged!

I want to remind myself of this important biblical teaching.

I was remembering my Mother saying to all of us as we were growing up;
"If you do not have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all!"

I have had to remember this often in my life!

Because Life is hard and people can be difficult;

And sometimes I just want to tell these difficult people
What I truly think of their self-centered behavior.

In our day to day life we do not always get what I call a do over.

Sometimes we only get one shot to do the right thing!!

Dried Yellow Roses, Turtle Doves, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

One of Satan's greatest weapons he uses is discouragement!

Knowing the enemy's tactics is a powerful thing.

How might this tool be used in the life of each of us?

When we become weary or ill, we have less resistance to discouragement.
When we are targets of hurtful words.
When we are made fun of and they make jokes about the way you talk.
When people ignore you!
When the finances become tight
When everything seems to go wrong
When you have a long spell of bad weather
When you do not have your quiet time

When you just need God to send an In-courager to you!

A Brown Teddy Bear, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I always remind myself of how David encouraged himself;
But, we all know that we are given the examples in the Word;
To encourage one another!!

These are a bit like the days of Noah;
But, I choose to live each day doing a little more encouraging
to others when I am able to do this!

We all must carry on!
Make a nice meal or dessert!
Enjoy the moment!

Cook Books, living From Glory To Glory Blog...


A Lovely White Rose, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

As Always I desire to live in a way that is pleasing to my Lord...

God, please help me to remember that if I do not have anything nice,
To say may I not say anything at all...

Always, Roxy


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