Monday, September 9, 2019

How Important Is It To Be Content...

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Be Content

We have all known people who all their lives are discontent.
They are never satisfied with where they are in life's seasons
Or what they have acquired in their lives.

Never enjoying the time that they are living in!

There is a tension of wanting adventure, but desiring the familiar!

But we can spend our whole life never feeling like we fit in;
Or never doing that one big thing!
A chance of a lifetime, but you secretly are glad!

I think at times that a few are called to wander and do the daring things.
But once again, I may watch it on television, but to climb huge rocks,
 Or dive off a cliff, or ski the swiss alps.

Well, my adventure is quite tame in comparison.
But being a daredevil is not my forte.
I prefer the quiet space and listening to nature in the quiet.

Being a homemaker has allowed me to enjoy the peaceful life..

I am not sure how much longer I can think of things to say too
Ladies that desire to be at home...

It can become lonely if you always need to be stimulated.
But if you enjoy a peaceful home and can take pleasure,
In having simple and nutritious meals, and a clean home.
And a few close friends that will be your friend for all your days.

Being a wife and a mother and knowing it is the highest calling!
You have learned to be content...

I ask the Lord often, Keep me in that secret place,
Give Your Angels charge over me!

If your tired and worn down, take a break.
Revive yourself with God's Word
Speak life to yourself!
Quote scripture...

As you age as a saint of God's chosen (His Elect)
It will get harder, not easier;
Because the Devil knows His time is short...

~Plod On Dear Ones~

Hugs, Roxy


  1. Love those lamps with the red glass!

  2. You have spoken wise words again in today's post. I love being home and keeping the house for my dear husband. The world says it's not enough. God says it is.

  3. Amen! Thank you Mrs. Roxy for allowing God to use you to be an encourager to young ladies in their roles. I am content being the keeper of my home. I agree with Betsy "The world says it's not enough. God says it is." Well that settles it for me. May God continue to bless you :)

  4. Hi Roxy, I too like the quiet life - I would be sorry if you did run out of things to say! I do not comment much but it's good to know you are here!

  5. There always seems to be something to do at home...even if it's preparing a meal. Once you start cooking, it flows into baking, or making herb butter, or even setting a pretty table. One thing leads to another...gardening, to bringing in bouquets, sharing tussie mussies with a neighbor, drying flowers, etc. God adds more joy with every little step in each day. As a wise woman tells me....moving us from Glory to Glory. Love you, Roxy. xo

  6. As you age as a saint of God's chosen (His Elect)
    It will get harder, not easier;
    Because the Devil knows His time is short.

    This really spoke to me today. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful post, I am a homemaker and it is a truly wonderful calling, I agree with Betsys comment that the world says it is not enough but God says that it is. Blessings Sue

  8. This was such a nice blog post Roxy. I too love taking care of my house and having good meals. We do enjoy going out to dinner or see a good movie every once in a while! Thanks for your lovely visit to my blog. Enjoy the week. Julie

  9. All your efforts and time, are well worth it! The posts you give us are so wise. I get encouragement when I read them.

  10. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Thank you for writing for us Roxy.

  11. The modern world would have all of us women robbed of our contentment at home. Telling us that we could have been more! No...I could be less. I am right where I need to be. Where God has created me to be. It's a beautiful place!


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