Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Fully Mature Peach In The Making...

Maturity not Rebellion, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...


 They can be so delicious when they are picked fresh and when they are fully ripened.

Everything in Season

Sometimes when we try to eat something that is not fully matured;
As we might say "green"
We will  be very disappointing, as it will be hard and tasteless.

This is where patience has its perfect work...

When we do things out of season we will not be able to enjoy its full potential.
Fruit is only one example of being mature.

What does being mature look like?
What qualities might it have?

Now. Look, I am not talking about peaches here.

Being mature is something that develops over time!
Learning and desiring maturity seems like we are having a crisis,
Why, would you not want to be mature?

We all start out as children and not knowing much;
But over time if we will watch and wait and desire to learn.
We can become wise and mature in things.

We have too many know it all and very few teachers on one hand,
Then again we have way too many supposedly teachers, and no students.

"Don't tell me what to do"
Don't even suggest it!

Does that sound a little bit like rebellion?
Did I rebel as a child?
Yes, rebellion can be an outward act, or an inward attitude.

Look, if I am going to want to eat a peach, this is what I want.
A mature one that is juicy and delicious,
A peach that is grown mature, no longer green.
And so I may have to wait for a little longer!

As each day passes, we have the responsibility to mature.
Learning how to do things well, and consistently.

I wanted to learn how to play the piano, I needed a teacher.

I had a dear friend teach me the basics and now I am trying to learn on my own.
(Having a good teacher or student is hard to find)

Take the time to learn, be patient with those you are teaching.
Life is a give and take process...

Righteousness will have its perfect work...
But rebellion will leave you ignorant and not useful to anyone.

So if someone might call you a good peach;
That in my opinion is a compliment!

As Always,
Living From Glory To Glory
Roxy xoxo


  1. Roxy, I read your letter two times so I could have a good understanding of what you were saying to us. Taking time to learn from someone is a precious gift. Unfortunately, in our culture being still to listen to someone's guidance is very rare. I know from personal experience that to learn a new skill or to learn from God I must be still. Being still is not always easy but it is good for us. Blessings, Dolores

  2. Patience and a good teacher. Invaluable lessions in this hurry up and microwave it world! I admire you in learning to ply the piano as an adult. I always wanted to play. While Mandy was taking lessons, I also started them. Then I found out I was pregnant with our youngest and the money was needed elsewhere. I never did learn to play but can pick out enough to learn the alto part on songs. :-)
    Wishing you a blessed day my friend.

  3. There are times when I wish I only had to sit on the window sill in sunshine and mature🤣

  4. Very wise post, Roxy. We seem to want to rush through our lives, instead of taking the time, and going through the process to learn, understand, and become masters at a craft. Good thing God has patience with us. Much love. Debbie

  5. Yes, maturity comes from growing and taking in advice or lessons. We have to be "teachable" to mature. Let the sun, rain and wind hit use until we mature. Then when that hand comes up, touching you with a twist, you are either ready or not!


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