Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Don't Use That Tone Of Voice With Me...

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I can remember my Mother saying to me;
You better change your tone little girl!

I probably had my hand on my hip giving my opinion!

Well, I would like to think I have come a long way baby.
But sadly at times I can still see that attitude in me;
Even if it's in a more subtle way.

I remember having my own little girl and at times she would open her mouth;
And some of the things that came out;
Truly most of them were the truth, just not done respectfully.
As we say out of the mouths of babes.
They can be so forthright...
Like wow, what a big nose you have
Phew, you stink
You're fat

As her mother, I was mortified and embarrassed!

But as an adult  in our marriage and even with our Heavenly Father,
We can have our hand on our hip and use that tone of voice;
And not realize how disrespectful we truly are being.
And that condescending tone is so not considered a gentle quiet voice.

I so wish all my words could be...
~A Sweet Smelling Aroma~

Did you ever get your mouth washed out with soap?
Well, I did!

And I am glad I did!!

I want my tone and words to be a fragrant scent!
This is not easy in a world that needs to have devices that take out all
The nasty words and all the swearing.

We can all have a fragrant scent if we will allow the Word of God;
To penetrate our hearts and cleanse our mouths!

 One thing that has helped me it this;

~Rejoice Always~

1 Thessalonians 5:16

When I am rejoicing, and not having my hand on my hip (smiles)
I can stop the tone of being proud and self-righteous.

Again, I say, Rejoice

When my Mother told me to change my tone; I did it real quick...

May we get a lesson today about this;
Change your tone, watch the body language.
Hand On Hip
Pointing the Finger
Words that are not nice...

As always, Remember your tone speaks volumes!

Hugs, Roxy


  1. Thank you for this reminder. When I'm on social media these days, I hear the "tone" in so many voices and it makes me want to cringe. I hope I don't sound the same to others.
    I try very hard to be respectful of my dear husband and always make him feel valued and listened to. It's so easy to always want our own way.

  2. Every letter you write to us Roxy has encouragement and truth. That is why I always take time to read your blog. I have always told my children and myself that our words we say to others really matter. I try to also be careful with my body language in my car. I am always asking Jesus in prayer to help me be kind while I drive into town. I am still a Christian when I'm driving my car and having rude comments to say to other drivers isn't right. I always ask Jesus to give me grace for the other driver and to keep me safe until I come home. Roxy, these are just my thoughts to share with you.
    Blessings, Dolores

  3. This is a really great reminder, dear Roxy! Really good post!

  4. This is so true, Roxy, I have many times placed my hand on my hip and said to one of our children," don't use that tone of voice with me."
    Thanks for the reminder, in my quest to memorize more scripture verses, a lot have been about words from my mouth, my desire is to have my words become a sweet aroma to my heavenly Father and to those whom I am speaking too!
    Thanks for visiting,Your words always leave a sweet aroma of encouragement to me.
    have a blessed day.

  5. Thank you Roxy for this great reminder. I know we ladies really it.

  6. I remember getting pulled out of the bathtub when I was about seven years old because I had heard a swear word at school and for some reason I said it out loud in the bath...what on earth was I thinking??. Mother marched me to the kitchen (wrapped in a towel of course) and I got my mouth washed out. I will never forget that memory. What a great post, once again. So many pearls of wisdom for us. :) Blessings to you ~ Linda

  7. Oh my, you are such a wonder, Roxy! We have discussed this in Bible study at the mission...our tone and attitude with God. We always need to remember Who we are speaking to. I wonder if we were standing directly in front of the Great I Am, if we would have our hand on our hip, and our head cocked to the side...xo

  8. Thank you for the gentle reminder! Today my son said, " Mom, I don't like it when you yell." Stopped me in my tracks.
    Praying that a sweet aroma comes from me instead.


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