Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reflect And Grow Content...

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Is anybody listening?
Can you hear me?

Random thoughts that were profound to me!

Everyone will go at their own speed.
Trust is something that must be earned.
Fear is an ugly emotion.
Your heart really can feel broken.
Priorities are something a wise person will implement.
Strength is from the Lord.
The cycle of being born and dying is hard to perceive.
A wise woman will stop and contemplate; but not for too long,
As she will become sad and melancholy...
We are told to plod on, I feel like a race horse at times and other times;
I have been put out to pasture.

Desire to make your life a haven; as it is the only place we have
The right to pursue happiness!

I choose to be kind, to enjoy the little things!
Look for the best in others!
Enjoy the home and family and friends that have been given to me!

Reflect and inspire yourself.
Never throw in the towel.
Give yourself room to grow and to heal.
Some people come into your life for a short time.
Look for what is beautiful.

Life will throw you a curve ball;
No worries God saw it coming.

What was that??

You will not understand everything that happens to you;
Or to those you love...

The pain will get your attention!

Concept; then there is the reality.

Another day, another chance!

Every day can be a gift if you will just unwrap it slowly and savor it!

Living from glory To glory
Love, Roxy


  1. Wise thoughts today Roxy. I'm going to go back and reread tehm again.

  2. Love this ! So very true ! Thanks for reflecting so real !

  3. Wow... that is quite a bit of reflecting summed up in few words, but well done and makes a point! It must be this time of life - right after our children leave the nest and start families of their own - when we do so much reflecting. You are SO right about stopping to contemplate, but not for too long. Need to reflect and many times refocus on what God has in store and be content - and thankful! - for what He is doing. Thank you for sharing from your heart in ways that are succinct and thoughtful - it speaks to me!

  4. Dear Miss Roxy...I truly needed to read your reflections this August afternoon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...my heart has been blessed and uplifted.
    With love,

  5. I thank God that He can catch the curve balls that come at me when I least expect them! He knows what I'm going to go through before it even happens. Thank you for this post! ♥


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