Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ministry Of Kindness Is A Real Ministry...

The Ministry Of Kindness, living from glory to glory blog...

~The Ministry of Kindness~

Do you ever feel like you just do not do enough in ministry?

I think we become allured away from the real issues of ministry;
With the idea we need to be up front or being present in a program!

I once heard a lady say that if the women didn't do it in the
Church it wouldn't get done. And that never sat well with me!

But as I have realized that there are many ministries
We can do from home and wherever we are in each day we live.

Many just want to be seen and heard and that is very valid!

But for myself, I like the backseat!

So, how can I be used and be a help to the Church?

Well, I have taken this to heart and I pray it grows and blossoms!

The Ministry Of Kindness...

The world is just exploding with stuff and things and problems;
But we can be a part of the solution!

Being Kind is truly a fruit and it can fill an empty heart or home!

There will be many tribulations in a Christians life!
But it is in these very things that we can use this ministry of kindness!

We also glory in tribulations knowing that tribulations produce;
Perseverance, character, and hope
Romans 5:4

So when a brother or sister is experiencing this very thing;
We can show them kindness!
Encourage them to Persevere, tell them that when they do this,
Christ will be formed in them!
And tell them while in Christ we have this great Hope...

Minister to one another!

Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me!

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are Flowers Happy...

Sweet Geranium Flowers, Living from glory to glory blog

Are Flowers Happy?
Well, I think they must be!

They just do what they were created to do...

I love Geraniums, its like they're just a cheerful and happy flower.
Their color just pops and they make you think when you see them,
Yes, I need to plant some of these bright red geraniums in a pot
And place them on my porch!

We all have a deep down desire to be happy;
And to have others drawn to the fact that as we walk,
And live in Christ, He is being formed in us!

There seems to be a cloud at times that wants to
Block out the light of Christ in our world:
And our own lives!

But I would rather be a little red flower alone in a pot on
The front porch of a HOME that loves the Lord!
Then be the grand finale in the Rose parade.

Simple is better and  being alone at times can be lonely!

But better to be alone and be doing what you were created to do!
Then being a part of the world!

Though none go with me, I still will follow!
No turning back...

Make a spot for yourself that makes you happy!
I love seeing all the blogs that post lovely spots
From their homes! It can be small and simple.
But you can tell it is a happy place!

Be Happy
Be Strong
Be Humble
Be True
Be Organized
Be Polite
Be Unique


Geranium Flower, Livng from glory to glory blog...

Friday, March 17, 2017

Blessings And God's Goodness...

Blessings, living from glory to glory blog...

I am Hungry For The Good Things In Life

How many days have we just let go right on by without counting
Our blessings, or seeing God's favor!

There is no luck in this life!

We walk in either our own flesh and wants and desires;
In His favor and kindness!

And that does not mean something bad will never happen to you
or to those we love it just means we do not have to fear!

I think that when we train ourselves to live in a way that pleases the Lord
And to be humble and to realize God is in control.

We can all learn and to grow in the things that please the Lord...

Sometimes it will be the simple things that we learn to get right first!
And there will be harder things that will take our whole lives to learn to do well.

What are the things that you strive to do well?

Being A Godly wife and a mother and grandmother is what
I desire to be in my life. But it takes a heart to pursue such a thing!
We never fully arrive...

But don't look for luck!

Be diligent and strive to have better things!
Peace in your heart
No fear of the tomorrow's
Trusting that if you wait, He will lead you in all your ways!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lilly Of The Valley And Little White Lies...

Little White Lies, Living from glory to glory blog

Little white lies...

Do you feel a sorry in your heart when you tell a little white lie?

Little untruths make us vulnerable to the great deceptions in our world.

When was the last time you told a little lie?

It grieves my heart when I have said something that was not true!
It turns me to my Savior and I repent and cry for His cleansing blood!

A little lie is not white at all...
But rather dark and filled with a hole that can become a bottomless pit!

Lies are not deadly for you shall surely not die...
Sweet little lies...

Sometimes we even lie to ourselves!
It's not always what we say to someone else!

Did you know you can tell a lie so many times that it eventually
will become truth to you!

Did you know that a heart that repents of its sin and turns away
It's pleasing to the Lord?

The world lives on lies!
Advertisements and all the gimmicks!
And all those fish stories we have heard or have even told ourselves.

May my words and statements be a sweet smelling aroma
to my Lord!!

When we open our mouths will we speak with fork tongue?

Dear Lord, Please allow me to speak truth in love!
And may my words be sweet like the little white blossoms of the
Lily Of The Valley Flower...

I told my oldest grandson a few weeks back that there was only
Two kinds of people;
He looked at me funny, and I said we are either
Truthers or Liars

Blessings to each of you dear ones that visit my little place!
I pray these words encourage and challenge us all!

Always, Roxy
Living from Glory To Glory

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sharing Hearts...

Sharing, Living from glory to glory blog...
Sharing Hearts
This world would be a very lonely place if we did not share.
There is a race in this world that is going on for many.
A race to get to the top,
A race to get to the finishing line.
A race to be the first.
A race to be the best or number one UNO.
It is good to want to achieve good or great things!
But we must remember those around us who need help.
Some of us do not find everything easy, but rather difficult.
But rather we must be taught and encouraged.

Maybe you are in a place that you are having a hard time!
Look, if you do not belong to every club or Bible study,
or every exchange or party. You become different!
Share what you can!
Do the portion you can and do not allow the enemy to rob you of your peace!

May we have the motto;
Leave no one behind, (who is trying)
I cannot push you, and I do not want to pull you.

But I can share!
May we share the love of Christ!
We can share our toys.
We can share our joys.
We can share what we are learning as women, wives and mothers.
We are called to train, and to encourage one another.


Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, March 10, 2017

Learning To Take Responsibility No Matter How Beautiful Or Pretty...

Learn to take responsibility, Living from glory to glory blog...

Learning to take Responsibility!

We all need to be doing this!
We need to be teaching ourselves this very thing!
Our children and grandchildren must have this character trait!
Sometimes just because someone is cute or pretty;
We do them a harm when we do not hold them responsible!

If we do not have this character trait we will be in trouble!

~Well, it's not my fault~

Look BEAUTY is a wonderful thing...
But it STINKS when it's the focus of a issue and not the heart of the matter.

Look, if you were there, you play a part!
It takes two!

Well, in our society we have many that can start a fight with themselves!
Many will not even take responsibility for themselves!
We still want to blame someone else rather than to take responsibility.

It all started in a garden---
Then the man said,
"The woman whom YOU gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate."
Genesis 3:12

But I think my favorite blame scripture is this one,

"They gave me the gold, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf"
Exodus 32:24


Look learn to see when you are wrong and admit to yourself and to others!
Especially those that have been hurt in the crossfire!

Do you really think you're fooling yourself or GOD?

But when we take responsibility for our wrong attitudes or behavior;
We can call it what it is SIN!

We can ask God to forgive us and start over;
Fresh and clean!

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What I Really Think, You Little Rascal...

The Little Rascals, Living from glory to glory blog

What I really Think...

Enjoying this season of my life as I have enjoyed all the others!

Sometimes we can miss the simple joys of our everyday lives;
By always thinking that there is something better!
Or living in the past because we thought it was so great!

Come up with some new plans and ideas to enjoy this NOW season.

Be funny and make someone smile!

Be a better wife!!

Learn a new skill!

A good and happy life is something we can create...
The power to love and not give up is what a good woman should do!

Are you ready to give up?

Well, wait three days...

We can all recall a time when you might have been down or weary;
But each time we have overcome those feelings!

I am a lady that desires to enjoy my days!
Cooking and cleaning become a joy!
Loving my husband is a God honoring mission!

We cannot become a prisoner in our own homes just because,
The world has gone crazy!

Stretch your imagination...
Clean out the old of what is no longer useful!
Keep what brings you joy!

Purpose in your heart to bring God honor in your days!
Enjoy the lonely days
Enjoy the quiet
Enjoy this season!

We must teach the younger women how to
Love their children and their husbands;

But we must also teach them how to live a healthy life once
They have done this great calling!

What I really think!

The Best Is Yet To Come...

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

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