Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oreo And Milk Time...

The best day ever Oreos and milk

This is the best day ever...

I am so happy; I am celebrating!!
I feel like a heavy burden has been taken off my shoulders.
You know that feeling (Right)

When you made a decision to do something, and you realize;
You have made a bad choice,
Then by God's grace you turn and say I need to make a change.
Because this is not working for me!
I made a decision like that today;
I have decided to not do a Link Party on my blog any more!

I did learn a lot about the whole process, but I also became
Aware of the time frame it took, and saw myself becoming
Over burdened, and tired.
I have had a rough month!
You know the feeling (Right)

So now that the decision has been made;
The burden lifted...

It's Oreo And Milk Time...
It's the best day ever!

Friday, May 30, 2014

What Do You Have In Your Hand...

What do you have in your hand?

Do you ask this question?
What do I have in my hand...

I think it is a very important one,
We are given a portion each day as we awake,
Sometimes it is so small it feels like a single grain of salt.
Insignificant, tiny, no value.

The Lord has told us not to despise small beginnings;
"For who has despised the day of small beginnings (things)"
Zechariah 4:10

What do you have in your HAND?

I may have but a seed;
So plant it

I may have but a simple grain of salt;
Flavor your next bite of food

I may have a child's hand in mine;
Hold it tight and place a nugget in its palm

I may have a wadded up Kleenex filled with tears;
Lay it next to your night stand, as joy comes in the morning

I may have material and a button;
Sew a creation to bless someone

I may have a cup of flour and sugar;
Bake a cookie or cake and share it

Take what you have and ask God to bless it;
Multiplication comes from the Lord.

How can I have a ready hand?
How can I know what is in my hand?
Put your hand in His and just start opening and closing what is
Placed there, as long as it is a gift from above;
Use it...

Tell me, What is in your hand?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life and Our Memories & The Headwaters Of Missions...

Moments, And Minutes, then Days
Alas, the years have flown by...

I have watched my life as through a camera lens in my mind's eye!
As summer rolls in, we are entering another opportunity to create,
Something that holds a heart...
Life will leave imprints;
some will impart destiny and form paths for a life time.
Our Homes are the headwaters of missions;
Our children and grandchildren will be our missionaries.
To carry the gospel;

Use these everyday practical things to train them for missions;
Vacation Bible school
Love for the outdoors
Swimming, fishing, camping
Growing your own food (Future Farmers of America)
Make this summer count...

Ask your children these questions;
Does Mother pay more attention to her computer than you?
What do you remember that we did last summer?
What is the silliest and fun thing we have done together as a family?

There you have it ladies;
Out of the mouth of babes...

Mary Cassatt - The Child's Bath
This picture just melts my heart!

Rachel Jankovic says:
“It is easy to become discouraged, thinking that the work you are doing does not matter much.
 If you were really doing something for Christ you would be out there, somewhere else, doing it.
 Even if you have a great perspective on your role in the kingdom,
 it is easy to lose sight of it in the mismatched socks in the morning 
sickness, in the dirty dishes. It is easy to confuse intrigue with value,
 and begin viewing yourself as the least valuable part of the Church.
There are a number of ways in which mothers need to study their own roles,
 and begin to see them, not as boring and inconsequential,
 but as a home, the headwaters of missions.
At the very heart of the gospel is sacrifice,
 and there is perhaps no occupation in the world so intrinsically sacrificial as motherhood.
 Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity to live the gospel.
 They are your children, they are eternal souls, they are your
 mission field.”

Want to Read the rest of this click HERE

Monday, May 26, 2014

Who Sits On Your Advisory Board...

Advisory Board, Wise Counsel

Advisory Board

Can you be trusted to give wise counsel?

Does your Husband ask and use the things you discuss to help with
Planning and implementing your advice?

The word tells us it is wisdom to ask for wise council.

Who is on your board of advisers?

I want to know in my marriage that my Husband trust the advice that I give him.
I try to be informed on what the subject matter is, so I can give an,
Opinion based on some facts. As I can just be emotional and speak from
my heart only. And this is part of my point we need to hear the portion
that does come from the heart
. We just cannot take just this portion and leave out the facts.

I made a few mistakes in this arena when I was younger;
Now I know the wisdom to have heart and facts.

There are so many ways of doing things out there in our marriages and homes.
We can read and be informed until the cows come home.
But we must remember that the Bible must be our main source.

My older Brother years ago once told me this;
Roxy if you will not learn to take constructive criticism you
will never grow or be wise.

I want to grow and be wise, but I must be careful in who I ask
 advice from!

Ask the Lord, whom you can go to for sound counsel.
Ask the Lord to help you to be able to give wise counsel.

The time is now to grow in wisdom and not be following every wind of doctrine.
Just because someone might have a bestselling book on a subject
 Does not mean this should be your new belief system.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Lord...

My eyes have seen the glory of the Lord;
His truth is marching on...

Billows of clouds cover the mountain tops;
Darkness looms over the vast empty prairies
The tumbleweeds roll and roll...

His truth will not be stopped, it is in the very foundations of this soil.
His fingerprint is upon each grain of sand!

My eyes have seen His glory;
I have seen the glory in the eyes of a man who has fought on the battlefield,
 and now the war in his own mind.

I have seen the glory in a Mothers and Fathers eyes after the birth of a child.
And the glory in a tear that has fallen from the very same eyes of,
A parent who has lost a child to soon.

I have seen the glory in the eyes of a couple exchanging their marriage vows
 When these words were spoken;
I Do...

I feel His Glory when I kneel and pray!

His Glory is everywhere;
From the tallest mountain to the depths of the sea!

I can hear Him in the wind,
I can smell Him in the flowery fragrance blowing in my windows!

I saw His majesty lighting up the sky;
Behold, I see our flag waving valiantly...

His truth is marching on...
Glory, Glory Hallelujah

Friday, May 23, 2014

Orange Pansies And Graduation...

 Orange Pansies And A Dream

It was the first Spring after my Mother had passed away when
I had a very vivid dream!
And in this dream my Mother and I were talking
and she said to me;
Roxy, I just love orange pansies...
I said really Mom, and she proceeded to tell me all about these orange pansies,
She said they were the most brilliant orange she has ever seen!

The next day my sister called and I told here about this dream I had about Mom
She said wow, how weird is this, I just got back from the
Flower nursery and landscaping place, with two flats of orange pansies!

Neither of us had ever remembered planting them before, or being
Aware of how pretty they were!
Now every Memorial Weekend we try to find some,
As they are very hard to find.
We want to have them as they remind us of our Mother!

This weekend and next is filled with Graduations!

We are all waiting for the next promotion!

Graduating from High school!
Graduating from College!
Graduating in serving Christ in these promotions:
Graduating to a Single Woman serving Christ!
Graduating to a Wife!
Graduating to a Mother!
Graduating to a Grand Mother!
Graduating to Heaven!

We're moving on up!

I believe the colors in Heaven will be brilliant and vibrant of Life!

We need to live our days with eternity in mind!
Be spiritually minded!

What can you say or do that will bring about promotion?
Seek First the Kingdom of God;
And all these are things will be added to you!

I know the next promotion is just ahead...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lovely China Is Made To Use...

Would you be willing to share your fine china?

I first saw this very pretty tableware in a little thrift shop about 20 years ago!
Little did I know that my dearest best friend had also seen this set and of
course loved it. As we have very similar taste!!
"Good Taste"

Well, she went back to this little thrift store to buy it.
And it was gone, her heart sank, I am sure;
And  she inquired of the Lady that owned the shop;
And she told her, well, I just sold it to a lady a little bit ago.

When she found out that it was me,
 I am sure she was glad that a total stranger had not boughten it!
It was at least still in the family!

I did tell her this, 
We will share it!
 I will use it for a few years, then it will be your turn!
And that is what we have done.
We share this lovely flowered dish set that takes us back to our younger days.
When she came to my home for a
 Luncheon or tea time we used this lovely set.
And, now she uses them for when I go to her home for a luncheon.

I have found a treasure in an earthen vessel...
Friendships just don't happen,
 We must use and treat them like fine china.
Don't just take them out for a special holiday;
We want to be used and thought of daily.
Maybe just a prayer for them!
Or a quick TXT
(Don't be driving)
Email takes only a jiffy to send one!
A card by Email is so much fun!
Thanks Lydia...
Remember snail mail?
You write a letter and mail it;
The U.S, postal service mails it to their door!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Damage Control...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Lavender And Lovely
Peace And Grace

Saying nice things about other people...

Open your mouth and I will fill it!

What is coming out of your mouth?
We are only given a few hours everyday to impact others!

Did your Mother ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say
"Don't say anything at all"

Now, if we would heed this wise advice from our Mothers,
It would be a much quieter place in this loud world!

It is getting so loud at times we can hardly think;
And when others will only say things that bring discord and unrest.

We can learn to exercise mouth control;
Or we can call it damage control...

One thing we must teach our children and ourselves is it is almost
Impossible to retract a statement,
Unless of course you are a lawyer or a liar.

It can take only a few short words to bring destruction or harm to little ears.
Or to break a woman's heart!
Or to crush a man's ego!

Remember the words?
The sinking in the pit of your stomach;
Your heart literally feels broken.
Your continence just falls!
A wound has resulted...

All because the tongue was wagging or bragging!

A gentle reminder Dear Ones;
Stick and stones may break my bones.
But words can't hurt me!

Who really believes this?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Accentuate The Positive...

File:Bank unter Magnolie.jpg

Author: Andreas F. E. Bernhard

Accentuate the positive;
How do we maintain a gentle and quiet spirit?
 The Lord has asked us women to have a demeanor of this quality.

In the hectic days we live in and all the distractions that seem to just,
Pop up like that silly game. You know the one where you have a 
HUGE Hammer to whack the head back down into its hole.

Well, I feel that even that will not work because we are using up,
Our much needed energy and strength for little or no gain.

I love the scripture that tells us (How to) have this quality!
It is not working harder or faster;
But rather taking captive what you're thinking about.

An Example:
We can just become overwhelmed with all the dishes we have
after making supper. But what we need to do is think of,
how nice and tidy the kitchen looks after they are done.
We can bog our brains and thinking  by just allowing the
 Thoughts about this is too much to handle.
Call me Pollyanna if you want; but I have learned this one thing;
The dishes will still need to be done!
So I am going to make the best of things most the time!
Learning to take pleasure in all that I have to do!
Hard some days?
Real hard some days!

Turn on some lovely music, hum and sing!
We must help this world with its spiral down thinking.
We must be the homes that have an atmosphere of peace.
A Husband and Children need a sanctuary where they feel safe and loved!
Not perfect and a show place or museum!

Take some time and sit and allow lovely thoughts
 to fill your heart and mind!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gibson Girls Hair Styles And How We Can Have Lovely Hair...

 February 1903 Cover
The Gibson Girls became the standard of femine beauty from the 1890-1903.

File:Gibson Girl by Charles Dana Gibson.jpg

A "Gibson Girl" portrait by Charles Dana Gibson, Note: This iconic image was selected by the U.S. Post Office for a 32 cent postage stamp first released on 3 February 1998

File:Their First Quarrel, Gibson.jpg

Their First Quarrel, a 1914 print by Charles Dana Gibson.

File:Gibson Girls seaside -cropped- by Charles Dana Gibson.jpg

Titled Picturesque America, Anywhere Along the Coast) in beach attire!

I am not sure I can hardly stand going to the beach or swimming pools any longer
 I feel that our lack of clothing is so shocking.
Not to mention setting your Husband up for what He tries to avoid everyday!

If you would like to see all the different magazine covers from the 
Ladies Home Journal
Just click link below

You may want to read some history of the Gibson Girl Look!

I loved the hair styles and the feminine looking clothes they wore.
But I know so many things that come from fads and design
 And these different movements
 have brought changes that we have all seen and felt.
Some of them have been good, but many have left us not,
looking or acting like ladies anymore.

I just think we can make a few personal choices to keep our hair,
and clothing modest and feminine.

Hope you enjoyed these lovely images!
I do believe woman are experimenting with longer hairstyles.
And looking quite lovely, I think.
I think a woman at any age can have hair that is amazing!
Clean and brushed and curled or straightened!
Using a shampoo that says for Volume on it really helps.
Only use your cream rinse on the ends of your hair.
One way to wear your hair in a bun that has some puff to it;
Is by curling your hair before pinning it up.
 My trick is to put your hair up on top of your head for a few minutes
 before you arrange it into a bun. This allows for a bit of volume.

I am also very interested in seeing women take the lovely
 Silver and gray hair that
  comes as we age. And to embrace it and allow it to grow long.
Or maybe a lovely cut, shaped to their face.
Keeping it well trimmed and using a shampoo that is made for
Silver and white hair, really makes it shine!
I think God knows what looks good on us as are skin tones will change
 from when we were younger.
The gray and silver streaks look so much more becoming.
As we all know the roots that grow out always really tells the truth.

Our hair is to be are soft and lovely feature!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Courting And The Kiss...

File:Edmund Blair Leighton - On the Threshold.jpg

One thing we can all attest to is this;
Kissing gets the motor running...
The time before marriage is the time our connecters are alive!
We are hard wired this way;

When I kissed her lips...
His lips were hungry...

I think after all these years for myself and my two grown children;
I would now advise to help them decide not to kiss until the wedding day!

Old fashion, and out of touch you may say;
But I now know way more then I did many years ago.

When the engine gets started; it starts getting louder as you step on the gas!
Every kiss is like stepping on the gas...
Vroom, Vroom baby...

We were the typical homeschool family
Jumpers and long hair!
Keeping our children safe and instilling Godly values.

But as the children were getting to the time of thinking of a wife or husband.
As we had always prayed for their mates.
I just missed the part of suggesting at least NO KISSING,
till the wedding.
Extreme, not practical. Silly, weird!!

But I know...
Will, get the motor running and then we get into a place
Where we can start to be compromised.

As Orkel use to say
"I am wearing you down baby."

Being close and kissing will most likely turn into more...
No KISS, is innocent!

Remember those of us who have been married for a long time;
It's still in the KISS
Make it a good one!

File:Kissing the War Goodbye.jpg

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Long Walk Back...


A Woman's Day
My what a wonderful and busy time we have all had;
Okay, so now we move back into the real role of Womanhood!
Sometimes after a busy day of celebration of loved ones and family,
We can have the long walk back to the routine of life.

May it be a feeling of pleasant homemaking of real life.
The world has assigned one day a year to give Mothers the accolade.
Of being important!
But you all know deep down inside that your real affirmation comes
From the Lord, who says well done.

I believe this is why it is so important to gird yourself up!
I did set my alarm for very early, and I must confess,
I did get up, but could not think...
So I lay on the couch and rested a bit more.
No condemnation...

I will work today at getting my home back in order; we have some
Yummy chicken crepes as leftovers for dinner.
Thinking on some plans on what might be my next sewing craft!
All these things are important and keeps me busy about my home.

Leading a quiet life and keeping your hands busy;
Our real biblical acts of obedience.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you;
Not as the world gives do I give to you.
May not your heart be troubled;
neither let it be afraid.
John 14:27

You might be asking afraid of what?
We sometimes feel a bit unsettled after a busy time;
Take this morning and day to plan and enjoy the now.
Some homemakers find it hard to settle back down into a routine.
For this is a quality that is the peace the Lord wants us to have,
And to establish within our hearts and home.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest Of Them All...

beautiful little mirror

When you look into the mirror;
 What you see and what others see are usually two different things.
Your reflection is really of the image of what your heart feels.
The real you!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The heart speaks;
Why the loveliest ones are those with a kind and gentle heart!
Those that have eyes who do not look haughty or proud.
A lady whose mouth says please and thank you and says lets pray!

Lovely I say;

The mirror on the wall can lie!
But the mirror of the heart shines forth truth!

May your face always blush and be demure,
A look of brazen behavior as saying my eyes have seen it all.

A woman that is really fabulous is one whose eyes sparkle with joy!
A smile is always upon her lips, even as she sits and sips her tea.
Contentment is what makes her skin feel comfortable,
 Because it fits just right.

Her garments are clothing that covers her curves!
Flowing and Feminine!
Not a trace of manliness as to wonder if you have made a mistake.

Oh my heart leaps when I see you smile;
It shows your appreciation for what I have put in your hand.

Oh my daughter, you are the loveliest of them all...

beautiful little mirror

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why Being A Good Mother Matters To The Whole World...


Artist: Mary Cassatt

Mothers Day...
So many emotions can come to the surface, during this time.
Many women have emotional and some physical wounds from a hand of a Mother!
Some women suffer the empty arms of not having a child!
Some Mothers have had to endure the grief of the loss of a child!
Many a tear has been shed over a grave of a child who left too soon. 

Most Mothers did the best job they could while raising you;
It may have been a lousy job, but deep down you knew she loved you!

Others feel overshadowed by the orphaned spirit.
Nobody wanted or needed me.
Some have the reminder of an abortion that still breaks their hearts.

May we all stop and pray for Mothers all over this world...

I wanted to share as to why I feel this is an important time,
To remind why teaching others to be good Mothers is so important!
Knowing how to be a biblical mother or wife, is not second nature to most!
Some girls are never exposed to love, or how to keep a home.
Most married women now days do not even know how to cook.
Or how to take care of a child!

I praise God that there has been a movement to counteract the notion,
And the lie that being a Mother is not important!
 I will tell you this 
"The greatest and most influently position on this earth is being a Mother"

Good Mothers can change the whole world!
Because; God gave us this High Calling...
It was His design.

We can all be a spiritual Mother to someone!

How can we become better Mothers?
How can we help others to become better Mothers?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spiritual Mothers And More...


Mother's and all they do, we have a special day to honor them.
And as I was just thinking about natural Mothers, we sometimes forget
about spiritual Mothers...

We all need someone whom we can look up to and seek wise counsel.
Sometimes it may even be someone very close in age to us.
Other times it just may be an older woman!

It is important to help lift up an encourage each woman who has,
imparted and spoken into our lives.

Take the time and write a note and mail it to anyone the Lord brings to remembrance!
Even if the note arrives after Mother's Day it will still speak volumes.

Giving Honor to those Women, Wives and Mothers and Sisters,
That has touched our lives, pleases the Lord.
He tells us to speak blessings over others!

Remember spiritual Mothers are hard to find and to give them honor is huge!
Pray that the Lord will allow you to be an example to other women.
At any age, we can teach another;
We can only teach as we learn and grow...

Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Make A Super Easy Key Lime Pie...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, Limes, pie
~How To Make A Super Easy Key Lime Pie~

You're going to think that you are in the Tropical Keys!

Start with your graham cracker crust;
And once you learn to make your own you will not want
 Those store bought ones again!
 Graham Cracker Crust
1 package graham crackers
(You can use a food processor or
 Place them in a bag and crush them with your rolling pin)
In a bowl, add these items;
Graham crackers
1/4 cup Sugar, or less (I do not like mine too sweet)
6TBL. Melted Butter
Mix together and press into a 9-inch pie pan
Bake at 350 degrees for 4 minutes
Until just lightly browned
(Do Not Overcook)

I love the smell of this crust!
Once it is baked, let it cool!

Now, for the Key Lime Pie Filling;

In a bowl now add these three ingredients;
1 can (14oz.) Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/3 cup lime juice (fresh or bottled)
1tsp. Grated lime peel (You will need a zester tool for this)
Beat sweetened condensed milk and lime juice until combined;
Stir in your lime zest.

Pour into the cooled pie crust;
Spread with whipped Cream,
Refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.

Key Lime Pie, Living From Glory Glory Blog...

Making Fresh Whipped Cream
1 pint size of whipped cream
1/4 cup powder sugar
2tsp. Of vanilla

~I make my own vanilla~

Beat with your electric mixer till slightly stiff!
Place on top of the pie and refrigerate till well chilled!

This would be a very nice and easy pie to make for
 Mother's Day!
Father's Day!
Any day!
Or for a cool, quick refreshing spring or summer dessert!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Don't Believe The Lies; Your Glass Is Half Full And Will Be Overflowing...


We are living in a culture that speaks death and has no hope.
There are so many women who feel they just can't go on!

I am speaking to YOU!
Don't believe the lies that tell you that your life does not matter.
God cares and He sent is one and only Son, that you might have life...
Who are you going to listen to?

We all hold within our hands a cup;
You are thinking I missed it, I am tired and used up!
Another Lie, from the Father of lies;
Your cup is half full not half empty...
He has a plan for your life...
Do not give up, Hold onto this word.
Jesus gave us the example of three days...
I had a very wise woman tell me once, never do anything rash.
Wait three days before you make a decision that can never be undone.

Hold on Dear One...
He has promised to never leave YOU or forsake YOU,
No matter what the Father of lies is saying.
Your family needs you!
Your children need you!

It may be very dark for you right now, but He hears your cry!
Wait, hold on...
Never give up...
Never retreat from your High Calling!

I know it feels like you're failing, but you are not!
This is a trial and YOU will come out the other side!
He has promised this; believe and trust and do not believe the lie.
"You would be better off dead"

I write this because He see's YOU!
Wait my beloved, Daughter!
Look to the hills where your help comes from!

He will fill you to FULL!
He desires for you to say I am being filled,
And I will be overflowing and this trial will be my testimony...

Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Manage Your Home And Coffee Please...

In order to manage our homes, we must be able to be trained ourselves,
And to be able to learn new skills and to practice what we learn!

Keeping a list of things to do helps!
Cooking and doubling a recipe to freeze for a dinner on a busy day.
Some ladies make a months worth of meals for the freezer.
Use your Crock Pot!
The kitchen must be the heart of the HOME!
Learn to cook easy, yet nutritious meals.
Make cookies and freeze them in a tin, lined with wax paper.

Doing a load of laundry every day and night or spend one whole day
Allotted for (Laundry Day)
Keep a plastic tub in the sink filled with soapy water to place dirty dishes in,
 So they are easier to wash by hand or load into the dishwasher.
Sweep the kitchen floor daily.

The Living room needs comfy blankets and good books to read!
Never go to bed without tidying up this room and the kitchen,
Because then you will start the next day already behind.

Women today have so many resources to use to help them plan meals.
And to learn tips to be frugal.

Take time every day to have a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon!
Do this so you will feel refreshed before staring the evenings.
Dinner and the Home family time.

Do not put your child in every activity known to man,
Pick one thing and do it for a season!

Make time for rubbing your hubby's back or neck!
Meeting his needs is very important.
Your children will grow up and leave home and it will be just the two of you!

A well ordered HOME is able to grow and prosper;
And you can find two matching socks!
I once new a Lady who had a very cute wicker basket in her laundry room,
And she washed and dried all the socks and then placed them in the basket.
And it was up to the children to get them for themselves.
She figured this saved her hours every week by not having
 To sort and match all the socks!

Our Homes are like the sphere of influence we have.
Too strict and we feel boxed in,
To laxed we feel out of sorts!
God is a God of order, not chaos.

Keeping your HOME a safe place, and Keeping watch!
May your children and hubby and loved ones always say;
There is no place like HOME!

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