Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Manage Your Home And Coffee Please...

In order to manage our homes, we must be able to be trained ourselves,
And to be able to learn new skills and to practice what we learn!

Keeping a list of things to do helps!
Cooking and doubling a recipe to freeze for a dinner on a busy day.
Some ladies make a months worth of meals for the freezer.
Use your Crock Pot!
The kitchen must be the heart of the HOME!
Learn to cook easy, yet nutritious meals.
Make cookies and freeze them in a tin, lined with wax paper.

Doing a load of laundry every day and night or spend one whole day
Allotted for (Laundry Day)
Keep a plastic tub in the sink filled with soapy water to place dirty dishes in,
 So they are easier to wash by hand or load into the dishwasher.
Sweep the kitchen floor daily.

The Living room needs comfy blankets and good books to read!
Never go to bed without tidying up this room and the kitchen,
Because then you will start the next day already behind.

Women today have so many resources to use to help them plan meals.
And to learn tips to be frugal.

Take time every day to have a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon!
Do this so you will feel refreshed before staring the evenings.
Dinner and the Home family time.

Do not put your child in every activity known to man,
Pick one thing and do it for a season!

Make time for rubbing your hubby's back or neck!
Meeting his needs is very important.
Your children will grow up and leave home and it will be just the two of you!

A well ordered HOME is able to grow and prosper;
And you can find two matching socks!
I once new a Lady who had a very cute wicker basket in her laundry room,
And she washed and dried all the socks and then placed them in the basket.
And it was up to the children to get them for themselves.
She figured this saved her hours every week by not having
 To sort and match all the socks!

Our Homes are like the sphere of influence we have.
Too strict and we feel boxed in,
To laxed we feel out of sorts!
God is a God of order, not chaos.

Keeping your HOME a safe place, and Keeping watch!
May your children and hubby and loved ones always say;
There is no place like HOME!


  1. Beautiful post, Roxy!! There is no place like home! ♥

  2. Your words and thoughts are perfect for young married ladies. I learned these tips the hard way, on my own.
    It's such a really import way to love your family, HOME SWEET HOME.

  3. Very nice, Roxy!
    I have come to love cooking ahead for the whole week. Then my days are free to work on projects or do whatever comes along that day...

  4. I love the socks idea. I sure have used this when the kids were home, but still socks strangely disappear.

    These were my mom's philosophy. Mr H spoiled me. He always did the tidying up at night. He's always been a neat freak like his mom. Now he's getting lazy. I guess it's my turn:)

  5. What a sweet post, Roxy. There IS NO PLACE like home, is there? I do a lot of those things---usually willingly!;>) xo Dina

  6. Roxy,
    These ideas are so practical! I am a very organized person and really enjoy homemaking, so I do these things. daughter does NOT wear matched socks, so that's one less thing to keep track of!

  7. Encouraging words from an encouraging lady.
    Thank you,

  8. I was blessed with a wonderful mother who taught me all these things and that is so important.

    I think you and I think along the same lines. I never go to bed unless the living/kitchen areas are neat and tidy. There is nothing worse that getting up in the morning to find greasy dishes and a messy lounge room. It is so discouraging and starts the day in a bad way. A well ordered home is very important.

    And who wants to come home to chaos - it should be a place of rest and retreat for all:))

  9. There is so much fantastic advice in this one post Roxy! It reminds me of a lovely quote I have written down by Elisabeth Elliot which ends with' A disordered life speaks loudly of disorder in the soul.' Something I believe to be true. I do love the line you used 'Do not put your child in every activity known to man! That made me chuckle. Yet, I know so many mothers who do this, even homeschool mums who tend to over compensate for that time out of school away from other children with extra-curricular activities and homeschool support groups. My girls have just returned to ice skating after a break. I do my grocery shopping before their lesson and we are home before lunchtime most Saturdays. It means I am home during the week rather than driving them to after school activities. I am looking forward to using my crock pot this winter. It is one of those appliances I should have discovered at the start of my marriage .. not after 20 years!

  10. Such a good post Rox,
    It is all good advice. Keeping a home is a work of art. It is always in progress, but a delightful work to my mind (at least most of the time). It is nice to have others that help inspire the work and share ideas of how to do it. Each generation has something to help and share with the next and it is import to keep that momentum going. Have a lovely weekend.
    Love and Blessings,

  11. Hi Roxy, I really enjoyed your post today. It is so true, our homes should always be our safe havens, the place we long to return to after a long day.

    I love what you said about making the living room comfy and cosy. I knew a woman once years ago, who loved to decorate and she longed to have an all white living room.

    Her poor husband couldn't sit on the couch for fear of wrinkling the pillows, no one could sip a cup a coffee for fear of spilling it on her precious white rug.

    There was a nervous energy in the air whenever you walked through the door. Soft, warm, comfy living rooms where the family can relax, are so important! I hope you have a lovely saturday! With Love, Delisa :)

  12. Roxy, There is SO much wisdom in this post!!! I've been a homemaker for 33 years but I needed, NEEDED, many of these reminders today, desperately. I have felt out of sorts and I know it is because of over-commitment and stress. Taking my daily tea/coffee break has become a thing of the past. But it must become a thing of the present! Thank you, dear friend!!!

  13. Roxy, your tea tray is lovely! I enjoyed reading your post. It has some very helpful hints for all of us, especially young ladies starting out at home making. Thank you for sharing at Tea Time and have a beautiful day.



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