Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Courting And The Kiss...

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One thing we can all attest to is this;
Kissing gets the motor running...
The time before marriage is the time our connecters are alive!
We are hard wired this way;

When I kissed her lips...
His lips were hungry...

I think after all these years for myself and my two grown children;
I would now advise to help them decide not to kiss until the wedding day!

Old fashion, and out of touch you may say;
But I now know way more then I did many years ago.

When the engine gets started; it starts getting louder as you step on the gas!
Every kiss is like stepping on the gas...
Vroom, Vroom baby...

We were the typical homeschool family
Jumpers and long hair!
Keeping our children safe and instilling Godly values.

But as the children were getting to the time of thinking of a wife or husband.
As we had always prayed for their mates.
I just missed the part of suggesting at least NO KISSING,
till the wedding.
Extreme, not practical. Silly, weird!!

But I know...
Will, get the motor running and then we get into a place
Where we can start to be compromised.

As Orkel use to say
"I am wearing you down baby."

Being close and kissing will most likely turn into more...
No KISS, is innocent!

Remember those of us who have been married for a long time;
It's still in the KISS
Make it a good one!

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  1. Roxy...this reminds me of how the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting)do things. I don't know if you watch this show or not but it is one of favorites because I love this family's witness to the rest of the world. Their son waited for his first kiss on his wedding day and also they now have 2 grown daughters who are both in courtships, one who will be married in June and waiting til then for the kiss. I think it is the most pure way, yes extreme, but what could be sweeter in the eyes of the Lord than two young virgins who adore each other, having saved themselves for their lover for their wedding night? I love the concept! Sometimes I wish I could get a "do-over" :)

  2. How sweet to wait until the wedding day! Quite a bit different than the way society operates and thinks is appropriate. I feel sorry for people who have had so many partners they couldn't name them all. It seems like it would ruin something God intended to be so special for us.

  3. My husband of two months and I chose to save our first kiss for our wedding ceremony. It made it so extra special! :)

  4. Very true Rox; great post. I know many young people these days who have waited until their wedding day for their first kiss.

    Love and Blessings,

  5. Good post! We taught our girls not to kiss anyone before marriage, too. It's playing with dynamite. The sex glands and the lips are more closely related than most realize.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Roxy, it is a new concept for many, an impossible concept for some but a novel concept for certain!


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