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Gibson Girls Hair Styles And How We Can Have Lovely Hair...

 February 1903 Cover
The Gibson Girls became the standard of femine beauty from the 1890-1903.

File:Gibson Girl by Charles Dana Gibson.jpg

A "Gibson Girl" portrait by Charles Dana Gibson, Note: This iconic image was selected by the U.S. Post Office for a 32 cent postage stamp first released on 3 February 1998

File:Their First Quarrel, Gibson.jpg

Their First Quarrel, a 1914 print by Charles Dana Gibson.

File:Gibson Girls seaside -cropped- by Charles Dana Gibson.jpg

Titled Picturesque America, Anywhere Along the Coast) in beach attire!

I am not sure I can hardly stand going to the beach or swimming pools any longer
 I feel that our lack of clothing is so shocking.
Not to mention setting your Husband up for what He tries to avoid everyday!

If you would like to see all the different magazine covers from the 
Ladies Home Journal
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You may want to read some history of the Gibson Girl Look!

I loved the hair styles and the feminine looking clothes they wore.
But I know so many things that come from fads and design
 And these different movements
 have brought changes that we have all seen and felt.
Some of them have been good, but many have left us not,
looking or acting like ladies anymore.

I just think we can make a few personal choices to keep our hair,
and clothing modest and feminine.

Hope you enjoyed these lovely images!
I do believe woman are experimenting with longer hairstyles.
And looking quite lovely, I think.
I think a woman at any age can have hair that is amazing!
Clean and brushed and curled or straightened!
Using a shampoo that says for Volume on it really helps.
Only use your cream rinse on the ends of your hair.
One way to wear your hair in a bun that has some puff to it;
Is by curling your hair before pinning it up.
 My trick is to put your hair up on top of your head for a few minutes
 before you arrange it into a bun. This allows for a bit of volume.

I am also very interested in seeing women take the lovely
 Silver and gray hair that
  comes as we age. And to embrace it and allow it to grow long.
Or maybe a lovely cut, shaped to their face.
Keeping it well trimmed and using a shampoo that is made for
Silver and white hair, really makes it shine!
I think God knows what looks good on us as are skin tones will change
 from when we were younger.
The gray and silver streaks look so much more becoming.
As we all know the roots that grow out always really tells the truth.

Our hair is to be are soft and lovely feature!


  1. I can count on my hands the number of times I've cut my girls' hair. They're 12 and 16 and have lovely long long hair.

    I don't mind my grey, but hubby doesn't like it.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I love this article! My daughter is so great at recreating gorgeous hair styles---I'm going to see if she'll experiment with mine tomorrow and give me a Gibson Girl do! :) Thanks for linking up at my Homemaking Party!


  3. Roxy, this is just wonderful. My mother was born in 1913 so her mother and her aunt wore their hair as the Gibson girls. Mama talked about the Gibson girls and the Harvey House girls. The times they are a changin'...have and will continue. But the modest, feminine, natural look is so much better and becoming, in my opinion, as well. I only colored my hair in college, but have stayed my natural auburn the before and after. I have silvery white hair all around my face with auburn and silver streaks in the back. My husband loves it and would never want me to color my hair. We cut each others' hair with a Flowbee. He does a great job. I love it that we are comfortable doing that for one another plus saving $$.
    I am so glad I came by from Essential Fridays. I have not been here before so shall poke around, if you don't mind!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  4. I have noticed a trend toward longer hair in women as they age. I like it!! I like cute cuts as well. It all depends on what you prefer. Your post is a good one. I would love to let my hair go grey naturally. Our water has a lot of iron in it. I am struggling with lots of red in the ends of my hair. Sooner, or later, it will all work out.
    Have a nice weekend, Roxy.

  5. I don't know if I have ever heard of the Gibson Girls. I've certainly seen these ads though. Mr. H doesn't even go to the beach except to walk at night. So, I get the pleasure of reading and sand and breeze all to myself, a perfect time for pause and reflection. No, this body wears a tank and a pair of shorts and sits under an umbrella now. Those days of skin are over. I'm not much for showing skin either and I get so upset with our youth girls and what they show.

  6. I own some Girl Own Annuals from the early 1900s and I love looking at the fashion and hairdos of the era. They were very elegant and feminine.

  7. The Gibson girls do have beautiful hair, don't they? I agree about God choosing the best hair color for our skin. Gosh, it isn't easy to grow old gracefully!

  8. Those were beautiful impressions of womanhood. I love that Mr. Gibson captured a memory in such a beautiful way. I loved the styles of those days; and love the styles of the 30's and 40's as well.

    Love and Blessings,

  9. Boy have times changed, right girl? I love those soft Gibson girl hair styles. A romantic era indeed! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. I have never given up on my Gibson Hair, and the more modern version is the Messy French Bun which is how I wear my hair most times. It is too straight and fine to wear the Gibson until after several days of being twisted in a bun I develop volume and wave, and then I can do the Gibson with great Joy! I also always wear feminine pretty clothes and will never give in to the common uniform of modernity of jeans and t-shirt, which to me looks like a prison uniform...I rebel by wearing pretty hair and pretty skirts etc and it always, ALWAYS brings smiles to the people who see is a gift to them to see grace and beauty in women. Great post!


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