Monday, May 26, 2014

Who Sits On Your Advisory Board...

Advisory Board, Wise Counsel

Advisory Board

Can you be trusted to give wise counsel?

Does your Husband ask and use the things you discuss to help with
Planning and implementing your advice?

The word tells us it is wisdom to ask for wise council.

Who is on your board of advisers?

I want to know in my marriage that my Husband trust the advice that I give him.
I try to be informed on what the subject matter is, so I can give an,
Opinion based on some facts. As I can just be emotional and speak from
my heart only. And this is part of my point we need to hear the portion
that does come from the heart
. We just cannot take just this portion and leave out the facts.

I made a few mistakes in this arena when I was younger;
Now I know the wisdom to have heart and facts.

There are so many ways of doing things out there in our marriages and homes.
We can read and be informed until the cows come home.
But we must remember that the Bible must be our main source.

My older Brother years ago once told me this;
Roxy if you will not learn to take constructive criticism you
will never grow or be wise.

I want to grow and be wise, but I must be careful in who I ask
 advice from!

Ask the Lord, whom you can go to for sound counsel.
Ask the Lord to help you to be able to give wise counsel.

The time is now to grow in wisdom and not be following every wind of doctrine.
Just because someone might have a bestselling book on a subject
 Does not mean this should be your new belief system.


  1. Very true... It seems like every new book creates a new doctrine to live by. I am all for growing in the knowledge of our Lord, but for some people, it is like the flavor of the month (who knows what their beliefs will be next month)... The Scriptures is the ultimate instruction book and we will become wise if we follow its teachings. Our husbands will be blessed by the wisdom that is found in that fountain. Some women are more obedient to the latest author and use that information to "teach" their husbands. It is very sad to see a husband who in a sense is not the head of his own household because it is obvious that the latest author is...

  2. I agree. Watch those authors! They can be a misleading FDR to naive learners. Marriage and child training can be found in scripture and from our own parents or ancestors. We got along without the authors before their latest books. Many of today's authors advise women leaving home to make money, or eating off paper plates to allow more time to make money online.

  3. We cannot be too careful about who we allow onto our advisory board. Years ago I taught corporate seminars on professional growth, and one principle about learning to take constructive feedback that I often used was simply this:

    GROW is a four-lettered word ... spelled "Feedback." It is still true. :)

  4. This is such good advice. I listened to some parenting "authorities" when I was raising my children, Christian authors who meant well, but many propagated unsound ideas. Always, always we need the counsel of God's Word and those who know it.
    Thanks for this reminder.

  5. Hi Roxy, You have some wise counsel here. There's only one book we need for the correct counsel, and that's the Bible. I think many people put more stock in what someone else writes versus what the Lord has written. Have a great week!

  6. Your brother and you BOTH have given great advice today.

    I recently learned that applause is something anyone can "handle" well, but criticism? Now there's the mark of true humility, handling criticism.

    May the Lord never find the need to resist me, because His Word says He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. May we be overflowing with grace!

    Great post, Roxy. Hugs and happy week,
    P.S. We're in Hawai'i celebrating 33 years!

  7. So true. It's tempting to get all of our advice from Christian self-help books. But nothing can take the place of the advice God gives in His Word.


  8. Really great advice, Roxy! The message should always line up with the Bible and point us to Him!

    Thank you!


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