Friday, May 23, 2014

Orange Pansies And Graduation...

 Orange Pansies And A Dream

It was the first Spring after my Mother had passed away when
I had a very vivid dream!
And in this dream my Mother and I were talking
and she said to me;
Roxy, I just love orange pansies...
I said really Mom, and she proceeded to tell me all about these orange pansies,
She said they were the most brilliant orange she has ever seen!

The next day my sister called and I told here about this dream I had about Mom
She said wow, how weird is this, I just got back from the
Flower nursery and landscaping place, with two flats of orange pansies!

Neither of us had ever remembered planting them before, or being
Aware of how pretty they were!
Now every Memorial Weekend we try to find some,
As they are very hard to find.
We want to have them as they remind us of our Mother!

This weekend and next is filled with Graduations!

We are all waiting for the next promotion!

Graduating from High school!
Graduating from College!
Graduating in serving Christ in these promotions:
Graduating to a Single Woman serving Christ!
Graduating to a Wife!
Graduating to a Mother!
Graduating to a Grand Mother!
Graduating to Heaven!

We're moving on up!

I believe the colors in Heaven will be brilliant and vibrant of Life!

We need to live our days with eternity in mind!
Be spiritually minded!

What can you say or do that will bring about promotion?
Seek First the Kingdom of God;
And all these are things will be added to you!

I know the next promotion is just ahead...


  1. The orange pansies are gorgeous! I must admit that I'm not sure if I have ever seen orange ones. Pansies have such a unique look in the center - they remind me of smiling faces :)

    Happy weekend, my friend! Love and hugs!

  2. Orange pansies? Who knew? And here I am, supposed to be a gardener. Well, that is the wonderful thing about God's creation, His mercies (and His wonders) are new every morning, aren't they?
    Blessings to you ~ Marsha

  3. I don't think I've ever seen orange pansies around here. They're gorgeous! So beautiful as a special reminder of your mother! Hugs! ♥

  4. Oh my...never seen orange pansies before! They are breathtaking!

  5. You express your thoughts so beautifully. You truly have the gift of writing. I dream too. My mama planted pansies every year and I don't think I have ever seen this shade. Wow! Have a Happy Memorial Day and think of your mom! Yes, one day we will see them again.

  6. I don't think I have ever seen orange pansies before but they are lovely. I love the story you shared...such sweet memories for you! Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  7. I got just a little teary eyed as I read this post. Orange pansies will now and forever remind you and your sister of your Mom. Dreams and life aren't really random, are they.

    My mom grew pansies in her garden. She always told me that they look like they have faces.

    I saw orange pansies just this year for the first time. They are so pretty.

  8. That is such a wonderful way to celebrate your mother's life. This post is a reminder that life doesn't slow down and we keep hitting milestones as we age, but the final destination is the best! Thanks for this post. :)

  9. I love this post and the many 'graduations' mentioned!! How cool is it that you and your sister both gravitated to those brilliant orange pansies. A nice way to remember your mother. I'm stopping in from Stephanie's blog and am now following along via GFC and Feedly.

  10. What a nice tribute to your Mom....planting the orange pansies.
    Flowers are but one of the glories of creation...are they not? They sure bless my soul.
    Have a joyful weekend, dear Roxy.

  11. Beautiful pansies. I certainly don't see much orange. I love how God speaks to us through dreams or through our ordinary days of choosing flowers. Our home burnt and we lost a child. The following year lilies came up even though the home was no longer there. It was like a whisper from God and our Sarah.

  12. I love this story Rox. It is very precious.


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