Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lovely China Is Made To Use...

Would you be willing to share your fine china?

I first saw this very pretty tableware in a little thrift shop about 20 years ago!
Little did I know that my dearest best friend had also seen this set and of
course loved it. As we have very similar taste!!
"Good Taste"

Well, she went back to this little thrift store to buy it.
And it was gone, her heart sank, I am sure;
And  she inquired of the Lady that owned the shop;
And she told her, well, I just sold it to a lady a little bit ago.

When she found out that it was me,
 I am sure she was glad that a total stranger had not boughten it!
It was at least still in the family!

I did tell her this, 
We will share it!
 I will use it for a few years, then it will be your turn!
And that is what we have done.
We share this lovely flowered dish set that takes us back to our younger days.
When she came to my home for a
 Luncheon or tea time we used this lovely set.
And, now she uses them for when I go to her home for a luncheon.

I have found a treasure in an earthen vessel...
Friendships just don't happen,
 We must use and treat them like fine china.
Don't just take them out for a special holiday;
We want to be used and thought of daily.
Maybe just a prayer for them!
Or a quick TXT
(Don't be driving)
Email takes only a jiffy to send one!
A card by Email is so much fun!
Thanks Lydia...
Remember snail mail?
You write a letter and mail it;
The U.S, postal service mails it to their door!


  1. What a wonderful friendship between you both. Tableware looks very pretty with the flower design in it!

  2. What a sweet story with a thoughtful message!

  3. How fun for you both!

    Happy week,

  4. They have been well loved, well used, and I delight in their history very much. It is a sweet story….yes my heart did sink at that moment, but I just laughed with joy when I found out you had bought them. I am enjoying my turn completely now though lol; I have had them for quite a few years, and I am thinking maybe you are due? Perhaps we will have a lunch and talk over the details.
    Love ya bunches,

  5. That is a sweet story about you and your friend sharing the china. I don't have a tea cozy. I really never meant to blog so much about tea but, it has become a favorite subject of mine. So this has been my breakout year to do more tea.

  6. Hi Roxy, what a grand idea to share the china. Enjoyment for you both!!
    Love the pretty floral design.
    Yes, it is still special to receive a hand written note or card in the mail.
    Have a great day my friend.

  7. What a sweet post, Roxy. I really like the idea of you sharing it by taking turns serving on it! It is really a beautiful pattern :)

  8. Yes it is good to use fine china.mi understand in some cases that using it and washing it regularly keeps it in good condition.

  9. What a precious idea to share your treasure and then both as well as others are blessed.
    You are so right, receiving mail is wonderful. I love it!
    My surgery went well,I am praising the Lord!
    Thank you for your love and prayers,
    The Lord bless you, Debbie

  10. I guessed straight away that it was Pam! It's a lovely set. If we lived closer I would share my china with both of you ladies! I take delight when I see the plates I have collected being used on wedding tables. My heart sinks when I see paper or plastic plates and cutlery being used for weddings. Yes, it has to be used. It is not good for china to be kept in storage for long periods and I am wary of buying teacups when people tell me they were never used by their grandma. Bone china dries out and fine hairline cracks develop which sometimes open up when hot water is poured into cups. Cups should also not be hung from their handles ... it weakens the handle. For everyday use I have a Wedgewood set with a green rim and a fruit pattern. It was given to us for free by someone clearing out their shed. It's 1970's, a little bit retro and not sought after, a pattern called Covent Garden but it is dishwasher safe and never chips or scratches. I also have a pretty Schmidt set from Brazil which comes with everything you would need from platters to eggcups! The English plates are my favourite though and I was blessed to find a Royal Albert Lavender Rose dinner set at a great price. I try to use a different teacup every day - I have over 200 to choose from. I have a new name for my little business too which you might appreciate .. it is 'Grace My Table.'

  11. Yes, you must use it! If not it will lead a lonely little life on your shelf.

    I always feel sad when I find things at sales that were obviously NEVER used. I think.... hmmmm.... they must have been saving it for good but apparently and sadly, good never came.

  12. Hi Roxy,
    What a lovely idea to share the china! I agree that china should be used. Non-use does indeed make the china brittle and that would be such a shame. China, especially teacups are little works of art that someone spent their time and talent creating and then hand painted. Thank you for joining me for tea and the silver teapot is very cute!


  13. So sweet Roxy! I love that you share the china. A special bond between the two of you. Yes, enjoy cherished friendships daily. I must use my china more! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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