Saturday, May 3, 2014

Don't Believe The Lies; Your Glass Is Half Full And Will Be Overflowing...


We are living in a culture that speaks death and has no hope.
There are so many women who feel they just can't go on!

I am speaking to YOU!
Don't believe the lies that tell you that your life does not matter.
God cares and He sent is one and only Son, that you might have life...
Who are you going to listen to?

We all hold within our hands a cup;
You are thinking I missed it, I am tired and used up!
Another Lie, from the Father of lies;
Your cup is half full not half empty...
He has a plan for your life...
Do not give up, Hold onto this word.
Jesus gave us the example of three days...
I had a very wise woman tell me once, never do anything rash.
Wait three days before you make a decision that can never be undone.

Hold on Dear One...
He has promised to never leave YOU or forsake YOU,
No matter what the Father of lies is saying.
Your family needs you!
Your children need you!

It may be very dark for you right now, but He hears your cry!
Wait, hold on...
Never give up...
Never retreat from your High Calling!

I know it feels like you're failing, but you are not!
This is a trial and YOU will come out the other side!
He has promised this; believe and trust and do not believe the lie.
"You would be better off dead"

I write this because He see's YOU!
Wait my beloved, Daughter!
Look to the hills where your help comes from!

He will fill you to FULL!
He desires for you to say I am being filled,
And I will be overflowing and this trial will be my testimony...


  1. Roxy, what wonderful words of encouragement! What a blessing you are to so many...including me. God has given you a very special gift! Love you!

  2. You are truly an encourager Roxy. You bless others with your words...the words that the Father directs you to say.


  3. You write beautifully, Roxy..and I know you inspire others with your writings. Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  4. Fortunately most men and women only have "down moments" that don't last for days. After a while they can pull themselves out of the rut they have found themselves in and move forward - it is temporary. Sadly there are those that cannot do this and it isn't by choose. I don't know how many times I have had my son on the phone when he is in this dark place where he feels life isn't worth living and he sees no way out. As a mother fighting to keep her son alive this is a battle I wouldn't wish upon anyone, it is a day by day battle that is heartbreaking. I am such a positive person and therefore it is struggle to understand that some just don’t see the world as I do. Sadly some families loose this battle, but not after fighting as hard as possible. One can only pray that God is watching over those who see no hope and are drowning in their sorrows.

    These people feels alone even when surrounded by friends. It is very difficult to comprehend their struggle. We all need to encourage each other to care a little more.

  5. Isn't it sad that we sometimes forget how important we are to Jesus? If we could stand at the foot of the cross, and look up, and reach out to touch the wood that held the nails. Would that be enough? Running our fingers across the stains of blood that were shed for OUR sins, NOT for the spotless sacrifice, that committed NO sin. Would that make a difference? I have been guilty of the despair of depression. Of listening to the lies of the deceiver. Praise God for the obedient servants, like you, Rox. The ones bold enough to bring forth the Word of Truth to a dying world. Giving the hope that is in Jesus!
    In Christ Jesus.

  6. Hmmm... Holy Spirit's been telling on me. Thank you for loving me and encouraging me with Truth.

  7. I feel so blessed Roxy that I have always been a half cup full not empty kind of gal. I feel so sorry for those who have a hard time embracing life and see things negatively! The good Lord loves us all and wants us to be happy!

  8. Very beautifully said, just what I needed to hear!


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