Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Know If You Have A Teachable Spirit...

Precious Little Vintage Girl Picture, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
This Lovely Victorian Little Girl Hangs In My Pink Craft Room
It was mine as A Little Girl...

What is Precious to you?

We use the word love so much for everything in our conversations 
and in our vocabulary. We love our new furniture, and we love our dogs,
We even love our children, and we love our husbands.

What kind of love is this?
Do we love everything the same?

We need to re-think in proportions of attention and affections!

But when do we look at something God has given us, and look upon it
As Precious And We Love It?

I personally do not want to feel the same about everything!
There are people that just rank a bit higher...
Who is number #1
As this should be the first one in line;
Your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!

And I hope you see the value in having your Husband number #2
But, hopefully that is a given in your life.

But I have been looking at something else that we must LOVE;

I was studying a scripture this last week;
May I share it with you?

I need to ask a question firstly
Are You Stupid?

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge,
But he who hates correction is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1

I was taught as a young lady from my older brother this word of wisdom;
If you cannot take constructive criticism, then you will never be wise.

When was the last time someone (anyone) was trying to correct you;
And you really listened and told them thank you!
And really implemented it in your life?

We can all be stupid...
~By not loving instruction~
Or, we can realize that we are not Miss Smarty Pants
You do not know everything...

We need to know the wisdom from above;
We need each other to train and give wise counsel to us!

I have heard the expression;
I know, I know...
Really, do you?

I think as Mothers, we would be so glad to know that our children were
Gleaning our words of wisdom that we share daily.

I think our Husbands would fall over if we responded to them after they told us
How to do something, with thanks honey, you're so smart!

How about when your Pastor reads a scripture and the Holy Spirit
Shows You the error of your thinking; and you quickly repent!

It seems to me that it is pretty easy to distinguish if
You're stupid!
Do You love instruction?

Or do you know everything?
Shall we all call You Miss Smarty Pants?

If we are not teachable, we will perish in many ways
We must have a teachable spirit...

He who hates correction is stupid...

So the next time someone has a suggestion or a different way
Just stop and listen;
You just might learn something new!

Just for the record, I do remember my sister calling me;
Miss Smarty Pants;
I thought it was a compliment LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Tea-Stain Or Dye Lace And Linens Naturally...

Tea Staining And Dye Fabrics, Living From Glory to Glory...

How To Make White Lace Or Fabric Look Vintage

When creating a project that needs a more antique or vintage look
The appearance will require something that looks like it was from
another era of beauty and style.

With just a very simple step that can make anything look very vintage!

This is called Tea Staining;

This can be done on white lace that needs to look vintage.
I have successfully done this on lace many times!

I have also done this with muslin material-
Tea Staining works very well on fabrics that are all natural 
Such as wool, cotton and linen.

~How a tea stain works to create a vintage or an old fashion appeal~

Sometimes a trim or a border for a project needs a vintage look
Any fabric that is light in color and needs a boost of vintage appeal, might just need
A bit of help from this (Tea Staining Process)

Heres How To Make This Simple Tea Stain

Boil your water
Add about 7 to 10 black tea bags to a large bowl or small basin tub
Add boiling water
Steep for 15-20 minutes
Place your lace or small linen into the bowl
Use a slotted spoon or tongs to move around your lace.

Living From Glory To Glry Blog

Watch and see how it will transform an item that looks brand new
to a vintage old fashion hue:
If you love an antique quality, you can take something new and create something
that is a one of a kind design. Isn't that what it is all about!

I have made Victorian looking rag dolls by tea staining my muslin material
Before I ripped the material into strips to make the dolls.

I have also used Tea Staining to rescue doilies that were ruined by a stain.

I have used Tea Stained lace for craft ideas and Valentine cards.

Every trim or lace will take on a different variation of color;
Just enjoy and create something that looks vintage and rich.

You can even use this on very large pieces of material that are all ready stained
You can bring new life to a table cloth that looks ruined from a stain that you have
not been able to remove!

Of course, this will require at least two large boxes of large tea bags to get this much stain,
To cover the tablecloth in a large basin or tub.

Glory to Glory Blog

"For a darker hue of stain on a piece of lace or fabric
Soak the fabric in water with a capful of fabric softener before submerging in the tea mixture
This also helps prevent the color from fading over time."

If it becomes too dark for your preference;
Just rinse under cool water!

Once you have your desired shade, squeeze out excess water and line dry!

Try this first on a smaller project to see how it works and how you like it.

Always wash these items that have been tea stained by hand!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Creating vintage lovelies...

~Got Tea~

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Persevere In Difficult Times...

The Storm has passed. Living from Glory to Glory Blog...

How to persevere in times when we cannot see clearly...

As we all know each day has its own difficulties;
But we can live in such a way that we can have peace in difficulties;
Difficulties really are just another opportunity to advance;

When we can continue doing the very things that bring order
And peace with a calm attitude will restore an outlook that overcomes!

I am once again standing my ground;
I find that each time becomes a bit easier to stay the course!
We build endurance and what I call the bounce aspect!

A bleak outlook on anything causes our heart's grief.
So this is why it is so important to keep our eyes wide open.
We do not have to turn a blind eye to the difficulties,
But rather choose to see the providence that is being worked out...

When I see the things that come to bring confusion and strife,
And situations that bring us to a point of feeling weary!

Stay the course, dear ones!

I promise that soon you will be able to see clearly...

Perseverance- to continue a course of action in spite of difficulty

An idle hand or mind can become an open end;
May I suggest that you keep a book that feeds you close at hand.
Learn to do a craft such as knitting or crocheting,
As these can be done while sitting with your family in the evenings.

 Always keep a running list of ideas for improving your home...
Such as repainting something or deep cleaning an area of your home.
Always keep a box filled with lovely paper to make cards.

We are warned to keep watch...

As Godly women we can either allow the cares of the world to rob us of.
Our Qeenship status of our Homes,
We can obey God and be Homekeepers, that watch over our Homes!

Take the oil that has been provided for you!
Do not hide your light under the bushel
Shine On...

For your light is what will be seen coming from your windows
Of a Home guided by the word and love

I can see clearly now the storm has passed...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Jazz Up A Plain Message Cork Board, And A Simple Dinner Idea...

Well, I finally bought myself a pre-made cork board,
I brought it home painted the sides a dark bronze color with a bit of metallic!
Then I bought a pretty metal flower for the top center to add a bit of color!
The color of the flower went well with my yellow, wild Mediterranean colors!

I placed this just under my calendar and I now have a little message area!

I was going to make up my own board, but after finding this one,
Already with the cork and a chalkboard!
Less work and all I needed was a small bottle of craft paint and a metal flower...
Ta- Daaa!

Okay, this is what I have been thinking about!
This is about the time of year when you get a bit weary with what to 
Prepare for dinner...

So if you want Chic and Easy for a Dinner idea;
It is so tasty and very satisfying!

Try Roasted vegetables in the oven;
Wash your choice of vegetables, then just slice them in the same size
Try using some
   Potatoes, regular and a sweet and some cauliflower,
Add those root veggies you like
Some squash like butternut, Brussel sprouts.
Check below for your suggestions to roast!

Drizzle with olive oil, add whole sprigs of rosemary herb,
Cover with some foil for a little while, 20 minutes or so,
Bake in a 350 degree oven till a fork goes into them and they are tender!

You can sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese on them
 After they cook through completely and you are ready to serve them!

Sometimes we just need a small project that is affordable and yet is very useful!

Being able to jazz up something plain-jane can be fun!

May we all see our kitchens as a place to be a blessing and nutritious too!

What are some veggies that you think would work well in this 
Roasted Veggies Dinner?

Broccoli, Asparagus, Garlic cloves, Bell Pepper. Sweet Potatoes.
Parsnips, Carrots, Red Potatoes, Onion, Beets.
Baby Bella Mushrooms
Green Beans, Garlic Roasted Taters, Squash,

Thank you for your input Ladies!

Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Make An Organic Lemon Cough Syrup...

Lemon Cough Syrup, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

A Homemade Organic Lemon Cough Syrup

This is the easiest and best no side effects cough syrup ever!

1- Organic lemon
1/2 cup Organic honey

Wash lemon and dice into small chunks.
Add to your honey
Stir well
Place in a small glass jar with lid;
Set in your frig and use as needed for coughs or sore throats!

This must be kept refrigerated and will last for about 2 months!
Taste good and really quells a cough and soothes the throat!
No side effects
 And taste and smells wonderful!

Having some frugal medicinal items for your home is wise!
I think you will find this cough syrup works well;
But as we all know, sometimes we need to see a Doctor!

Keeping Healthy
Staying healthy is a part of being wise and frugal!
It cost money to stay healthy;
But we know it cost more when we get sick!
But as we all know an ounce of prevention is worth our time!

 To eat right!
(More salads and veggies and yogurts and fruits)
Try to eat a handful of nuts daily.
Soups are so nutritious and very frugal!
Taking a multivitamin can really be pro-active

Getting more sleep and drinking water!
Washing our hands often!
Staying away from large public places during the cold and flu season.
I have been wearing those little knit gloves when going into some stores;
It helps to keep my hands clean and also to,
Keep the germs off my hands, when I get home, I just pop them in the washer!
(Years ago ladies wore gloves, while out in public!
I wonder if it helped them not be exposed to so many germs?

I hope you ladies are all doing well!
I find my Mondays are spent getting my home in order from a long weekend,
Doing Laundry and cleaning out the refrigerator,
Keeping up with my study in Gods Word...
Encouraging myself in the Lord!

Hope you will make up a batch of this cough syrup as I think
You will enjoy it!

Roxy approved...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why We Need To Love...

For The Love...

Why we need to love...
My life can be poured out as an offering,
Or I can save it and keep it and stuff it in a box

Like a piece of chocolate placed within the confines of a little paper cup;
The box is lined with a gold foil,
There is also a white frosted paper neatly folded over the top.
There is a bow attached to the outside of the box.

This box is safe and very orderly;
Every piece of chocolate has its own little space!
Each one is different in its taste and texture!

We all remember the silly saying
(Life is like a box of chocolates as you never know what you are going to get)

Love has a way of being a bit like the word;

Love can fill us with rapturous feelings
Love can make us cry our eyes out at the loss of it
Love can stretch your heart till it feels like it might explode
Love can make your heart ache
Love can come in many forms;

But true love never fails
True love really works patience in us
True love never keeps the list of the wrongs done to us
True love just plain hurts at times
True love doesn't quit when things get tough
True love is not easy

Take a risk and love like there is no tomorrow;
Take a risk and say what is in your heart
~Better to love and feel loss, then to never love at all~

Why do we need to Love?
Because it is the only thing that makes the world a better place...

Parents and Children

Make these relationships a priority!

God created us to love...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How To Make A Rose Tea Cake...

A Rose Cake, Living from Glory to Glory Blog
This beautiful Tea Cake is a work of art, yet it not only looks fabulous,
It is scrumptious!
For the complete step by step recipe, go to her Blog
Treasure in An Earthen Vessel- search for Rosewater Tea Cake

This Tea Cake is just fabulous darling...
There are just times in your life, you just have to go big!
Special occasions and Birthdays.
Holidays are made to celebrate and to do something special.

Times a ticking girls!!
Get your engines started...

I must confess that I have had to make a look alike in my own way and ability!
This lady is an artist an a baker to boot...
But like I said we need an inspiration to look at and at least try!

Okay, here is my version;
A white cake mix
Whipped cream frosting, or cream cheese frosting
You need some Rose petals
A cake stand or glass plate
Once again, it is all about presentation!
If you like coconut you can garnish it on top of the cake!
Use your imagination!

Or you could make a smaller version as cupcakes!

Relax and reach for a lovely cake a bit above the normal...
Extra special...
For someone near and dear
For those we love...

Just for the inquisitive at heart;
This Rosewater Raspberry Tea Cake is a creation of my best friend!
She is my dearest...
We go back to the dinosaur age...
I miss her so much as she has just moved south
Next to an ocean...
Well, at least for me, I get to go to a warm place to visit!

We are all Living From Glory To Glory

Blessings to each and every one of you...

Monday, February 9, 2015

Daily Is A Very Good Thing...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


When you think of that word, it really means daily
Every day
Not annual, But Daily

Our days can become very mechanical or filled with a routine that
We can loose the importance of the dailies!

Daily, really means fresh to me,
Even if I have done that same chore over a million times!

When we pray the Lords prayer,
We ask Him for our daily bread...
Do you think He is going to give you left overs from yesterday?
Every day is a new beginning;
Every evening is a time to stop and reflect
Repent and Replenish

We are called to guide our homes;
And to guide our lives...

I bet you washed a thousand loads of laundry!
I bet you have washed every pot and pan in your home hundreds of times!

"Just think"
If you make your bed every day it has been made
on an average 365 days last year.

And if you went to church every Sunday last year you went 52 times...

Does the fact that we do these things often, make them any
Less special?

All days are just different;
Some days you will need snow gear, some days rain gear...

But everyday we need our hearts in tune
Our spiritual armor on!

It is a very good word!

Daily Bible reading
Daily Chores
Daily Meals being prepared
Daily News

Thank God for the dailies...

Work while it is yet day!

This is what is happening around my Home;

Wrote out all my Valentines to mail today!
I gave two sweet little girls a crocheted heart.
I taught these same little girls the beginnings to learn to crochet!
I unpacked three huge boxes of more Fransician china...
I had to repack some of it to store for future use!
My Brother is so generous to me...

Planning my Valentine Lunch party!
Worked on crafts for the table as little gifts!

Do you enjoy making each day special?
Do you look forward to the comforting Dailes?
Do you enjoy the rhythm of the seasons and days?

Happy Valentines Day!
I appreciate each and every one of you dear ladies...
Will YOU be mine?

Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Have Real Beauty Rest...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Beauty Rest...

Is is imperative to have a Bedroom that has been created to bring about;
Peaceful Calming, Sleep and Good Loving...

If your Bedroom is messy, dirty, and cluttered;
You owe it to yourself and your Hubby to rectify it immediately!

As any room in your home it must have all the elements needed,
To provide a safe and clean environment for healthy sleep and;
Pillow Talk...

You must take a whole day or more time if needed to deep clean!
Dressers and closets, gone through and organized.
A place for every item!

Also good window treatment to keep the light from coming in;
This also helps keep the room warm in the winter,
And cool in the summer!

Nightstand needs a good lamp for reading in bed!
A candle or a non-wicked candle with batteries for abeyance.
(I prefer this soft lighting)
A box of tissues, and some nice hand lotion, nail file etc.
A neat stack of out treasured books... (Smile)

Tops of dressers need to be clean and not overloaded with stuff;

As this stuff collect dust and gives you a cluttered feeling!

But it is the Bed itself that is really important here;
Clean Sheets
Soft Fluffy comforter
Pretty Bedspread
Good quality pillows

I have seen the upkeep of homes, really not a top priority anymore;
But I urge you ladies to make your bedroom into a sanctuary...
You need to change those sheets every week!!
You need to dust and vacuum under your bed;
Sleeping with dust bunnies is not healthy.

Keep a couple bedspreads that you can change it a couple times a year.

Have at least two sets of sheets so you have a clean set always ready.

If you keep your bedroom clean and organized you will have;
A place to unwind and rest and love and re-connect!

Make a real effort to keep the Bedroom your Sanctuary...

Have you done something special to make your bedroom into
A place of Rest and Beauty?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Frugal Gift Idea Made From Lace Doilies...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, Frugal Gifts

A Pretty Frugal Gift...

Here is a very frugal craft idea;
That makes a very sweet gift for you homemaker's!
These I have made for myself to place in my home.
I like to use them because they are so small and do not interfere with
My tabletops decor, or the use of the table.
I have placed a small lamp on them;
Draped them over a basket;
Placed a vintage bottle upon it!

Firstly, check out your fabric stores such as Joannes or any other;
Purchase a few of these small doilies, they come in small, medium or large.
The small ones run about $1.99
The price goes up with the larger sizes.
You can buy them in a few different colors;
For this project, may I suggest the white or cream color!

I did iron them to make them nice and flat;
(I love to iron)
My sister asked me why I iron everything?
I told her without missing a beat
~ was this~
Well, it's because some days it's the only thing I can control!
The wrinkles in my clothes;
Of course until I sit down (smile)

You can either glue on your little flowers or bows;
Or you can tack them on with needle and thread!
Some of the little flowers have a self stick glue,
But it does not hold for very long,
 So you will need to still use one of these two methods!

Evenly space out your little Rose buds or the bows; or even buttons!
I remember years ago when making ones with little pearls on them,
I actually used material and beaded a flower pattern onto the material.
It was a lot of work;
That is why this project is easy and frugal

I gave these as gifts to my girlfriends last year for Valentines Day
I think these would also make a lovely hostess gift to give!
Also for a Bridal shower;
They are a frugal gift with just a pinch of homemade added to them...

Use your own imagination and make a few up to have a quick gift on hand!

Sometimes even the smallest little touch can make a home seem special!
It really is the little things we do in our homes, that make them comfy!
Remember, each day to do something that says
~I Love You~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Serve Meals That Are Lovely, Yet Frugal...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, Frugal Meals, Inexpensive Meals

A Frugal Idea!

I must admit, one of my most favorite easy peasy meal is this--
A warm bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich,
Made either on sliced bread or a flour tortilla.

I think sometimes we just need something easy to prepare and to enjoy!
Even if it is just an easy frugal meal does not mean it can't
Be served in something pretty!

Being visual in serving a meal goes a very long way.
Sometimes just serving something light on a pretty platter or plate,
Is a secret key to not feeling cheated in what might be considered a frugal meal!

We all know how often we come across a pretty plate or bowl,
While on our treasure hunts, keep this in mind to find a few items,
To use for appeal and presentation of our frugal meal ideas.

If you could plan at least a few meals a week that were considered
(Very inexpensive to make) and then were able to save a bit of money.
You would learn to be very creative to keep the cost down, 
But the appeal and the presentation of it is desired!

A quiche made of eggs and a bit of veggies can be very satisfying
When served with a bit of bread!

A hearty bowl of soup made from things that were just a bit of this and that.
Served in a pretty mug can fill an empty tummy!

Can you buy a whole chicken and make three meals or more from it?
Well, If not you should learn quickly!

Can you take a few items and make a meal?
You could and should!

Do you eat out often?
May I remind you of the expense of this little convenience;
"Do not even mention the sodium and fat.

Think simple and real food items!
Serve with love and on some pretty dishes,
Say grace and enjoy...

Then serve a little bit of something sweet;
Maybe a small cookie,
 Or a little glass custard bowl filled with some pudding.
Try a  little square of some dark chocolate.

Being frugal is down right fashionable dear ladies;
It shows a great creativity on your part!
And speaks volumes to out Hubbies that we honor them
And their Hard work and the income they bring in!

We really need to ask ourselves a bit more often before a purchase,
Is this;" Is this a need or a want??"

Ask Yourself this question;
How many hours has my Husband had to work for me to purchase this item?

What are some of your frugal meal ideas?

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