Saturday, March 31, 2018


The Cross, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...


In Him we have redemption through His blood,
the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.
Ephesians 1:7

Redemption in Christ because His blood is the ransom price,
that was paid!

The work of Christ by which we are freed from eternal separation,
from Him and eternal life and glory.
And to be able to repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins!

Please remind yourself that coloring eggs, chocolate bunnies,
And a feast prepared is not the focal point!

But, rather believing in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
He Is Alive...

Spring Flowers, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Wishing you all a pleasant and beautiful Springtime!
And all that makes life beautiful...

Why it is so important to grasp hold of the powerful reason,
God gave us seasons...
We would be uninspired if all days and months were the same.

As Jesus arose from the dead,
 We can see new life all around us each spring time!

Make each day special
Encourage someone
Be a ray of sunshine towards another
Preach the Gospel by the way you live your life...

Bunnies to sew, Living from glory to glory blog...

I enjoyed making a couple springtime bunnies for my 
decor along side a springtime platter.

It is truly the little things that make a difference;
And it is usually the little things that people remember us for!

Bigger and more expensive is just that
Big and Expensive

~Small and meaningful goes a long way~

Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, March 26, 2018

Concept And Reality...

Beauty, Living From glory To Glory Blog...

Concept and Reality

Life is filled with this very dilemma;

Let me explain what I mean, when I look at this phrase.
~Concept And Reality~

There is these amazing ideas (I will call the concept)
Then when I go for the gusto, in these concepts,
 this funny thing will happen (I will call the reality)


Lets buy a camper and explore our great state CONCEPT
We almost go off a very steep cliff
 (imagine The movie Cliff Hanger) REALITY

Lets get some lovely fake nails CONCEPT
They look great for a few days, till you realize there a pain,
Then you try to remove them and you ruin your real nails. REALITY

Really I could go on for many more examples;
But I will spare you...

Truly this is a a real thing that happens to us all!

Look, I want beauty and adventure like the next gal;
But I have learned to sometimes hold back and look at each
decision with a bit more depth of cause and effect.

That's why even commercials spend what they spend to draw us in.
I watched this infra commercial last night that had this little
air spray gun for applying your face make-up!
I would have all my flaws covered and I would look 10 years younger!

I kid you not, I wanted it so bad and it was only $19.95.
But, I could only envision spraying it in my eye and looking like 
a zebra in streaked lines all over my face.
and looking like I was having a very bad make-up day

So there you have it;
 I am trying to be better in making decisions and choices!

I could write a book on this very subject.

If I have learned one thing in my life it is this...
There is a huge difference in the way things go in the real world;
My concept
And the real reality...

We laugh and yet we learn that things are not always as they seem!

Learn, and Live and Laugh
Life is to short not to try a few new things,
Just don't be to disappointed when it doesn't work out...

Living from Glory to Glory
And living from concept to reality

Monday, March 19, 2018

Listen For The Bird Song In A Season Of Affiction...

Bird Song

I am so happy to be hearing the first spring songs being sung from
some very happy birds within our yard!

I have been so needing some cheer!

If their is one thing,I am so blessed to have and to be able to give;
Well, it's encouragement!

There are so many different ways we can encourage others.
And as we know we can even encourage ourselves in the Lord!

Have you learned yet to sing when in a trial?
Or when adversity hits right between the eyes?
Have you learned to sing in the fire?

I believe this day that we have a choice;
I have not always made the best choice on some rough days.
But, glory to God, I get a chance to do it right today.

Do you feel that you are a square peg?
Well, I know that I am so different as each of you are!
The enemy always tries to take our peace;
But, we know that if your a round peg, you will fit right in!

Don't give up, plod on and lean in to what is good and holy!
Don't buy the wares of a world that is perishing.

Make time to listen for the birdsong that is singing this fine day...
Have you stopped to be in the moment of praise and a thankful heart?

Are you just going through the motions in this season?
Well, if that is all you can do, hang on!
For remember JOY comes in the morning!

Once you come through the trial or season of affliction;
I can say this one thing;
You will be more humble and filled with a new wonder.

When you go through trials and just live a long life

What will you do with this knowledge?

Choose to be an encourager to others...
Stand For The Truth...
Take pleasure in the simple things...
Read the Psalms...
Be content with WHAT you have;
Trust the Word,
 money will not buy you love, or contentment...

Whatever my lot, the Lord has taught me to say;
~It Is Well With My Soul~

Growing in Grace
Praying For Mercy
Living From Glory To Glory

I appreciate each and everone of you that take the time to read
This blog, that has been a joy to write and share from my heart!

Thank You...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Keep Your Private Cares To Yourself...

When you feel like giving up, LOOK UP... Living from glory to glory blog...

Everything seems large and unmovable...

But, On the bright side some things are meant to be unmovable!

Have you or a loved one been tried in your body or emotions this last season?

When we are tried from every side;
We can only go up!

We all feel like giving up once in awhile;
But it is a fleeting thought because we are able to change,
Our thoughts go in the direction we tell them to go in a way that lifts us up.
~This is called self-control~

I have learned so much in these last few months!

May I share a few of them with you?

Keep your private cares to yourself and spouse and a very few trusted friends!

Never give in to the lies of the enemy!
~The only way you know if it is a lie is by knowing what the Word says~

Be your own advocate in health matters, social matters
~Remember, you know yourself better than anyone~

Do not allow a problem or issue define who you are!
~Thanks for those wise words, dear friend~

Beware of all the health craze diets;
Trust me it can cause much harm, eat sensibly;
~All things in moderation~

You do not have to be friends with everyone you know!

Be kind to yourself...

When things get stormy make up a Battle plan;
~This will help you so much~

I want to add one more thought here on a completely different subject;
I had a very dear older lady friend that told me that it
Is becoming very apparent that the woman no longer desire or care to learn
How to be a Titus 2 women.
~Now that does grieve my heart~

Blessings, Roxy

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