Friday, January 31, 2014

Charm School Needed In America...

Good Golly,
Where did all the fashion Police Go?
They are everywhere when you just one time do not get dressed for the day,
Or even think about running into town without getting ready
You tell yourself;
(But it is going to be just a quick trip into the store)
DO NOT....
I repeat, DO NOT think this is possible,
You will always run into that one person who is so put together,
You will think this is a conspiracy....

I think one of the most valuable things to do each and every morning is
Shower, and do your hair, put on something that looks clean and pretty!
Now, you will know that this is not your usual routine when
Your children see you and they ask you;
Mommy, is this Sunday?
Or, if they ask if they are going somewhere?

Making a habit of staying in your PJS for most the day is a bad idea!!
I was a Home school Mom for many years;
I even asked my children to dress and brush their teeth and wash their faces,
To teach them to be prepared for the day.
It is really all about training and making good habits. To look
Presentable and ready!

Come on Dear Ones, We must stop this downgrading of how we look
And carry ourselves, with some poise and charm!

Maybe we need some Charm Schooling to train and teach this next generation.
After all, so many women are not being a very good example;
And to you ladies out there who do try to look lovely

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Homemakers Buisness...

 This last Summer I had found an Etsy Shop that carried
Homemade ironing board covers.

Now, normally I would buy whatever cute design I could find
At either Target or other large chain stores.
But this time I was really looking for a very special pattern.
I could not find one single one!

You're now thinking REALLY;
There are times that just plain old plain old,
Just will not work!
Sometimes we need to find just the right one.

Well, I placed my order and was contacted promptly;
I received this very simple and cute packaged wrapped so inviting.
Here is her personnel tag attached to it!
I have never ordered anything from an Etsy Shop before.

I immediately removed my old one, and replaced it with this
Beautiful rose one!

If any of you sweet ladies have followed me very long,
You know how much I enjoy ironing.
So it might as well be a pretty ironing board!
"See everything does come up Roses"

I believe in being a homemaker and being HOME!
I also have seen how many women have used their creative talents,
That have been given to them, by the Lord for helping their households.
It is important to always support those women who have;
These cottage businesses, as they are being biblical, yet staying home.
We can help support them by purchasing their crafts they make,
 And the items they sell in their Etsy Stores,
Or when they sell them at craft fairs.

Do you buy items that you are looking for from an Etsy Shop?
Aprons, Unique Crafts and Gifts,
Cards and Candles and homemade Soaps and Lotions.
And in my case a one of a kind ironing board cover!

"She seeks wool and flax, And willingly works with her hands.
She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies
Sashes for the merchants."
Proverbs 31: 13, 24

Visit my friend Cheryl's Blog and Etsy Shop at the link below;

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Homemakers Motto...

Remember Monday's Are Wash Day!
No, maybe it's Tuesdays!
Wait a minute, we are suppose to Wash on FREEZE Days!

Really lets all chip in and get this amazing homemaker a dryer.
She, is quite the trooper.

I did have a friend many moons ago that really did hang her clothes on the
Line in the winter time.

I am not sure if I can remember my Mother doing this.
But I do remember her hanging them on a clothes line in the basement.

This gives a whole new meaning to frozen STIFF.

We really have so many amazing modern and convenient appliances,
To help us Homemakers keep our homes clean and tidy,
Yet, I think we have had a real downturn in the training of keeping,
Our homes clean and inviting.

Remember Home Economics class in school?
Remember Mothers taught their daughters how to keep a home?
Remember when Mothers stayed home?
Remember the Donna Reed Show?
Remember when people cared what they looked like?
Remember when everything was NOT okay to do?

Some things may have changed, I will grant you that!

But believe me, I can say this with all my HEART;
There is no place like HOME...

So, Dear Ones,
Even if you have to go the extra mile and do an extra load,
Make keeping your home a priority,
A safe and cozy refuge from the worlds raging storms.

A Homemakers Motto:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Your HOME is blessed because
Of You!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Friendships Matter...

Why Friendships Matter!

One of the tactics of the enemy is to isolate us.
When we spend too much time alone and forsake the fellowshipping
Of our Sister's in Christ!

We are all given gifts so we can build and encourage one another.
We are even called to mentor and train the younger women.
And as we get older and have taken great care of our friends,
We will have a bond we will have into eternity.

Just having someone to take an interest in areas of our lives,
Help us to grow and mature.
I truly believe we can grow in our walks in Christ, through
Interaction of sweet friendships.

We are warned to not befriend the world;
But we are called to be our Brother's keeper!
(Sister's also)

Be wise as to the friends you choose Dear Ones!

I have always given this bit of advice to women;
When you  make a new friend, only share a wee bit of your heart.
Then you can watch and see her character, as how and what
She will do with it!

We need sweet friendships from the Lord.
I would rather have a few dear trusted sister's in Christ,
Then a room full of people who knew not my heart!

Honor the Women God has given you!
Do not take them for granted,
For they are treasures from the Father.

I believe Christ will ask us;
How well did you love others?

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Clean Fridge Will Save You Money...

Cleaning Out Your Fridge

Look, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Today I will be going to the store to do my bi-monthly shopping.
I have learned over many years that the simple act of cleaning out your
Refrigerator before shopping can and will save you money.

It is so refreshing and inspiring to come home with my groceries and
All the shelves are neat and clean and tidy.
I start with the top shelf and pull everything out from that shelf,
Then I wipe it off and reorganize it!
Every shelf is supposed to have its  own placement of each item.
Drinks on the top;
Eggs and my cheese on the second
Jams, relishes and capers and peanut butter etc.
You get the idea!

I have a shelf for just my leftovers as I know just where
To grab something for lunch or for my Hubby's lunch.
This alone saves me money, as we are not wasting them!

I have a rule in my Fridge
(After Four days, it's OUT, It goes in the chicken bowl!)
If you have ever had food poisoning??
You will understand the importance of this RULE!

After cleaning each shelf you can put a sheet of paper towel down
On the one that holds your vegetables and fruit.

Always put the meat that your defrosting in a bowl!!
(If you eat meat)
 After awhile everyone learns where certain things go,
It stops even me from standing there with the door opened looking
For the elusive item :)

A Clean Fridge Is a sign of a good homemaker!

Now, Don't get me wrong!
 My Fridge can get to be a mess pretty quickly!
So, this is why I make a point to clean it out before each time I go shopping.
I also think a clean Fridge inspires me to cook (Really!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Mommy Voice Will Hurt Your Marriage...

Using Your Mommy Voice!

One of the greatest hindrances for a good marriage is this;

Using your Mommy voice while speaking to you Husband!

It does not matter how long you have been married,
Or if you are newlyweds!
Evan if all your children are grown and gone with families of their own.
This one thing...
Can hurt your marriage deeply!

I remember my Hubby saying to me one time or TEN,
Don't talk to me like I am  a two year old!!

Okay, I was with my children all day long,
 So when Daddy would get home,
 I was still in the full Mommy mode.

Did you know they have an actual percentage of showing,
That 90% of all conflict is the TONE of your voice being used!

Could it be the MOMMY TONE??

We can emasculate our Husbands by speaking to them as if they were children.
I have been embarrassed as I have been in a crossfire of a family dispute.
A woman can sound so demeaning and haughty.

And DO NOT point your finger!
Oh, and get the hand OFF the hip!
(This is body language)
These actions speak pretty loud and clear.

So, Dear Ones, save the Mommy voice for training your children!
It is not our job to train our Husbands.

Haughty means;
 Too proud of oneself and too scornful of others.

When you hear yourself using The Mommy Voice!
While speaking with YOUR Husband (An Adult)
Apologize and tell him you are sorry,
Please do not speak to anyone as a child if they are not a child!
This is called common courtesy!
And it is wisdom!

Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Make Delicious Potato Latkes...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, How to use leftover mashed potatoes

Potato Latkes

These are the very best tasting way to eat leftover Mashed potato's!
These are so good that when I plan on making and serving mashed potato's
I always make a few extra so I will have some leftovers!

So many of us are trying to be frugal these days, It is showing wisdom,
When we do not waste our food!
I try to ask myself, how many hours my sweet Hubby has to work?
To be able to purchase these items; 
Whether it is food or other things.

Everything costs somebody something!

So in lieu of inflation and being wise and frugal,
We can make a very simple and delicious meal from our potato leftovers.

There are so many variations to make these scrumptious cakes (Latkes)

Potato Latke's
Place your leftover mashed potato's in a bowl
Add 1 egg
1/2 onion, minced fine
Add any cooked meat you might have;
(Roast Beef, Chicken, Ham, or Bacon)
Chop it into bite size pieces and add it to the Potato's
Now add about 1/4 cup of flour into bowl
(As you need this to help hold them together)

Now get your large skillet and add some olive oil
And some butter,
Now, make as many little cakes as you can that will fit in your skillet.
Allow them to cook on medium heat so they brown well and cook up nicely!

I like to add a dollop of sour cream on top and serve!
A lovely combination is so have a crisped tossed salad along side it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Special Valentines Preperations...

Preparing For A Special Valentine!

I was just thinking this morning that we should start giving some
The thought of doing something special for Valentines Day!

This can be something done any time before Valentines day!

It is important to take these special days and set aside
A special treat for those we love.

Firstly, for those who are married or have a sweetheart,
We can show them how much they mean to us.
Showing an expression of love is so important.
Buy or make them a card expressing how you feel;
And how much you appreciate them.

And we have so many other in our lives that it can be a
A very kind gesture of showing that you are fond of them.

Children love to get Valentines and candy also.
They really enjoy making cards for others.
Go to the Dollar store or a craft store and purchase
Some paper and stickers and create!

I also would encourage you ladies to have a special
Tea Party Planned for a few ladies or young ladies!

Once again this shows honor and favor to others.
When we have these times of social activities,
It's a safe place to learn and practice Hospitality!

Also, You can ask your Hubby if going out to dinner is an option?
And if it is not doable; plan again and make something ahead
For serving your family a fun and special dinner!

It is always about presentation:
Is Your Heart in it!

We are warned in the last days;
(That, the heart of many will grow cold.)

Dear Ones;
May we nurture and show love one to another!

Remember waiting to the last minute is not wise, put some thought into
Showing love and honor to others.

Remember the widows and the divcoreced!
Remember the broken Hearted!
Remember the lonely!
Remember those who are grieving!

Happy Valentines Day
Will You be mine?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Encouragement Is A Seed...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 Encouragement Is A Seed...

Why I blossom when a word of encouragement is spoken to me!

It feels like a spring shower falling upon my dry and thirsty heart:
Encouragement carries life and inspiration.

When I see a place of barren ground, I want to break it up
 so I can dig a hole and place a seed of hope there in the dry soil!

But to walk away and leave it alone;
No, it is not my way,
I want to water and tend it's growth!
I start each day looking for the map of encouragement that
Belongs to me! As I believe it is there we just need to look for it!

I take what I have been given and give where He places me.
We need a root system to go deep so we can stay fresh in times of dry spells.

May, encouragement not stop here with me, but let it grow and flow
To others each and everyday!

Encouragement brings life...

Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How I Make Pastry Dough Cinnamon Bite Size Rolls...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

This is a wonderful yummy cinnamon bite
 That you make from a pastry dough.

I like to make these when I am making pies,
Because instead of using yeast dough, you use the pastry.
I just make a double batch of my pastry dough up when
 I am going to make my pies.
 So, while I have everything out,
 I make up these yummy treats!

Or just make this dough just for the cinnamon bites!
I have sweet memories of these because
 Every time I made up my dough for baking pies,
My Children, would help me make these cinnamon bites.

I think Children love making and eating these, because
They get to help make up the dough and rolling it out and
slicing them up is their favorite part!

These are a very cute treat to use for a tea party with your 
Little ones! It is fun to plan tea parties with them.
As these are times we can teach a few social graces...
Even the little boys love;
Tea Parties!

Pastry Dough
In a mixing bowl, add;
2 cups flour
3/4 tsp. Salt
2/3 cup shortening or lard or butter
(I have tried them all)
Set aside your liquid of;
1/3 cup ice water

Now, cut in your choice of above ingredient.
It should resemble clumps of dough;
Now, add your ice water and make your dough up.
These will make up enough dough for a 2 crusts pie.

Roll out your dough as for a pie, then
Spread butter on it nice and thick,

Sprinkle some brown sugar on it;
Add a little bit of white sugar if you like.
Now shake a good amount of cinnamon on it!

Now roll it up like a big log.
Slice them about 3/4 of an inch thick.
Put on a greases baking sheet.
I like mine gooey so a pat a dab of butter
On each one, and then I bake them.

350 degrees
7 to 10 min bake time.
Or until they are lightly browned.
Take  them out of the oven and remove from pan right away,
As they really stick to the pan :(

My son is 35 and he still loves these!
Happy Baking!

Now, Serve with tea or (milk) and enjoy!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breaking, Confidence...


Wild Horses couldn't drag it out of me!
Can you hold a confidence?
Of something that someone has shared with you!
Being told something about someone, and sharing it, is breaking confidence.
I have been in situations where you just knew you were going to get an ear full.
There are times when I just felt prompted by the Lord;
To steer away from a group of woman!!

A woman who can hold her tongue, is very valuable!
My favorite saying that just alerts the bells is this one;
"I really love so and so" BUT...!

Watch OUT here it comes!

We have all done this Dear Ones...

What is important now, is what do you do when you break confidence??
For me, I am grateful that I get a check from the Holy Spirit!
(Remember He is ALL truth)
Firstly, when this happens, I ask for forgiveness.
Then, I come out of agreement with what I have said about that person,
Or situation...
Unless two walk in agreement, it will not be so.

Aha, So we need two who agree!

Who has not been in the crossfire of confidence being broken?
It hurts, and it wounds, and destroys lives.

There is a place for speaking truth!!
That is why we must be careful what we make ourselves privy too!

I always think of Luciall Ball when I think of that statement;
(Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me)

Now, We all know she couldn't keep a secret from Ethel Mermen!
Her best friend and her partner in crime!
See, it takes two!
Do not make a dear sister in the Lord a partner in crime!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Make This Moment Count...

We are all ministering to others everyday!

First thing in the morning, we minister to the Lord!
Our first connection is a prayer spoken to Him;
Thanking Him for another day!
Each day is a gift...

How will you respond as it opens up to you?

Sometimes, even thinking too far down the road can cause
Me to feel overwhelmed!
So I have learned the fine art of taking one moment at a time!

Really living in the moment has taught me to take pleasure
in my days. I cannot control all that is going on in all the
arenas that surround me.
But, I can refuse to be robbed of the sweet moments of the now!

When I truly make eye contact with my loved ones, they know...
Sometimes we only have a few short minutes to connect
to those we are speaking to.
So make them count!
"Words do not have to be many to be meaningful"

I can only eat of the daily bread He has given me today!
When they tried to gather more Manna then they needed it spoiled!
Except, when they were preparing for the day of rest.

Make this moment count!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spiritual Eyes...

Seeing is believing;
Or would believing, be easier if we just trusted!

Can we trust when we cannot see?
Or maybe we are not looking at the right things!
Are we looking at things through our natural eyes?
Or are we seeing things from His perspective?

The woman functions from her heart!

Everything she thinks comes from her heart.
That is why she can be wounded so badly!

She responds from her heart.
That is why she can over commit to many things!

She speaks from her heart.
That is why when no one pays her attention
 She feels rejected!

The Lord knew this very thing; 
As we respond from our hearts,
 He knew what we would need,
A Helper ourselves!

We can ask for right thinking!

We can ask for wisdom of what we should be doing and involved in!

We can ask for the tongue of the learned and be comforted!

We as Women must see;
But we must see through the eyes of  Jesus,
And His Word!
Not just by what you're seeing or thinking or speaking!
Go higher Dear Ones!
We can count on Christ as our head!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick, Easy Bread Recipe...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog,

Quick, Easy Bread Recipe!

Makes:2 loaves
Prep Time:30minutes
Proof Time:30 to 60minutes
Bake Time:25 to 35minutes
Read Through all of the directions first!

Home made Bread
Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This recipe is great for sandwiches and toast!

In large bowl add dry ingredients:
4 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups unbleached white flour
2 envelopes Fleischmann's® Rapid Rise Yeast
2-1/2 teaspoons salt
In a glass pitcher, add liquid ingredients: then heat till very warm.
1-1/2 cups water
1-1/2 cups milk
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup olive Oil

Combine 3-1/2 cups flour, undissolved yeast and salt in a large mixing bowl. Heat water, milk, honey and oil until very warm (120o to 130oF). Gradually add to flour mixture; beat 2 minutes at medium speed with electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. Add 1 cup flour; beat 2 minutes at high speed, scraping bowl occasionally. With spoon, stir in enough remaining flour to make soft dough. 
Knead on lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic, about 6 to 8 minutes. Cover dough and let rest 10 minutes.
Divide dough in half. Roll each half to 12 x 7-inch rectangle. Beginning at short end of each rectangle, roll up tightly as for jelly roll. Pinch seams and ends to seal. Place, seam sides down, in 2 greased 8-1/2 x 4-1/2-inch loaf pans. Cover; let rise in warm, draft-free place until doubled in size, about 30 to 60 minutes.
Bake in preheated 375oF oven for 25 to 35 minutes or until done. I also turn my oven down to 350 degrees!
Remove from pans; let cool on wire racks. (Note: to test for fully baked inside, the internal temperature of bread should register 190oF in center of loaf.)
I do not test my Bread this way, but rather tap it, it should sound firm!
I think every Homemaker needs a tried and true EASY Bread recipe...
I have made this Bread for many years. But I thought I had lost it, I could not find it anywhere!
I googled and looked at Recipe books to no avail, This Bread recipe was not to be found anywhere!
But, God is so good because I wanted to cry and low and behold, I found it! 
It was on a back of a very old Fleischmaan's yeast package of about 30 years ago. So I am letting YOU ALL have it so if I lose it again, you can send it back to me!
Oh, and DO NOT forget the Butter on your fresh warm sliced bread!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to make The Best in Winter Cold...

Sometimes it is just a really long day when it is cold outside!

I am really very shocked at the extreme cold temps 

We are seeing in so many parts of our country!

I believe because these are the extremes we are going to encounter!
We must learn and be prepared!

And we women as the homemakers need to have a plan and provisions!

This is the very reason we must be well stocked...

You need to take stock of which items you will need to prepare
Warm and nutritious meals!

We must also have all the provisions,
To keep things going when the power goes out!

Heat is the most important!!


An oil lamp for light;


Candles and matches.


Extra Blankets

In these winter months the snow can keep you within doors
And house bound for long periods at a time,
Make your list now as a family to be prepared!
Make a list of the most important items your family needs...
This is just plain wisdom dear ones!

Having some good books on the bookshelf to read is wise!

Items for the children to make when indoors for long periods
 (A Craft Box filled with goodies)

Remind Yourself...
(A cup of hot tea)
 Does A Mommy good!

I have lived through a couple of very bad storms.
And I can tell you that because we were prepared in many ways it was
so much safer and comfortable for us!

I believe everything the Lord allows us to go through
Makes us wiser and stronger!
But, because the Lady of the home is
Still the heart.
She must learn to gird up her loins;
To be ready to run and prepare and adapt to her Husband.
And for her family no matter the season or situation!

Do not get gloomy during these long
( Days and months of cold!)

Learn to knit or crochet!

Write an encouraging note to someone.

Bless and create!

Put Up a small table in your living room and start a scrapbook!

Start with some small deep cleaning projects to keep warm!
( My Hubby always says the heat is in the tools)

Read the Gospels!
Start for yourself a fun way to study the word!
Use a notebook and write out the scriptures;
Then add with color pencils to add notes and symbols to embellish it!
Makes it fun and the words just pop!

Read aloud to your children if they are young.
(They really love this)
Any sweet children's book will do!
May I suggest the Laura Ingles Books

This is a perfect time to learn to make Bread!
(It will warm up the kitchen, and everyone loves fresh bread)
Here is an Easy Recipe here!

Quick and Easy Bread Recipe

I think of the warning in the Word;
The Love of most will grow cold!!!...

May the cold not be allowed to seep into YOUR heart!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Promptings From The Lord...

Good Morning!!

I believe this is what the Lord has prompted me to share with you all today!
What good is making new year's resolutions if we only keep them, but
for but a small amount of time?

I would like to give you an idea for this season of life!

Do you know what a prompting is from the Lord?

It is an idea or thought or impression, that the Lord will
Drop into your mind or heart.
I have learned the importance of this very thing,
And as we learn to move quickly to His promptings we can
Really start hearing His voice.

By obeying these little promptings quickly will show we are listening to Him!

They usually will be little things, like check the oven!
(You forgot to turn it off)

Call your friend now!
(She needs prayer or an encouraging word)

Do not go into town today!
(You needed to be home... Available)

Do not be like those who will say;
 I need to see the writing on the wall!
This is not being quick or obedient to His promptings...

Just fill out the form below;
And wait for Him to give you another piece of information.

I believe these promptings will not be things that
are dangerous things to do, but rather may save us
from being in a dangerous place or situation!



Monday, January 6, 2014

Featuring: Stop...Have A Chat

Featuring; Stop... Have a Chat

I would like to introduce you all to a very special lady.
Her name is Joluise, and she is from Australia!

She is very interesting and has so much to give as a Blogger!
I am not sure as to how I found here blog;
But I just kept going back to visit her!

She has some very good insights on many topics!
Joluise enjoys photography!
And Art also...
She adores Kittens!
She loves the Lord!
She loves to sew and she just got a new machine to die for :)
Her children are grown and she is in a new season in her life.
( More time to sew  (SMILE)!!
She is concerned and interested about eating well!

I encourage you all this week to stop in and visit her lovely Blog!
Meeting New Friends is so important and fun!

Stop And Have A Chat

Here are a couple of her posts on good eating ideas

Tell her a Big Hello and get to know her!
You will enjoy this smart and cute lady!
I wouldn't steer you wrong.

PS. She Is no Longer Blogging, But I Believe Her Blog Is Still Up!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

MEMO: Save Now To Spend Older Years In Florida

Really Really Really Cold!

Sometimes I ask myself...
Self, why was I not born in the tropics??

Oh, those little nasty mosquitoes. "You say"

Oh think of all those bad humid hair days!

Your ice cubes in your tea would melt way too fast...

You don't like heat rash!!

Sweating is sticky business.

Sleeping in the hot temps makes you cranky!


Why was I born In The Tundra? (NOT REALLY)
Well let's see;
You never would of learned to ice skate!

Remember the toboggan run called Blue Angel?
Now that was fun!

What about the time your Momma threw that stray cat
you brought home on Thanksgiving, right
 out the front door in the snow bank,
 Because it was eating our turkey on the counter!
"You wouldn't have had that memory"
Oh Yea ...

Oh I get it:
You live in the Tundra when you're young and your bones can handle it!
When you get older you go to Florida or Belize for the Winter!
Silly Girl!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together...

Birds of a feather flock together!

Dear Ones, One of the scriptures that tell us that
 Bad company corrupts good character.

I have seen God orchestrate many moves
And relationships in my life.

But God has given us wisdom to know and see
Many things around us. We need to be quick when see
Character traits in others that can hinder our walk with Christ.
I remember being taught from one of my Sunday school teachers, many years ago
His name was Johnny, and he told us if you hang out with
  Truck drivers you would start talking like one.
There are even many Christians who have what I might call a
weak walk with Christ.
 And little knowledge of His word!
 Or they only pick and Choose
 What they are comfortable with.
They may not believe God still heals!
They may think God's word does not apply to their situation!
Or that His word is the final authority!

We will be influenced by the way they talk;
The choices of foods they may eat or not eat!
I have seen people change many things to look and act like others!
That is why Dear Ones we are called to imitate Christ!

Be willing to leave the flock of wild birds, and follow hard after HIM!

God is with us in our daily activities and as we are aware of His presence--we welcome Him in everything we do. Our fellowship with Him moment by moment and doesn't meet with others without Him. There are also times when we purposely focus on spending time alone with Him. It's in these times of intimacy that we are transformed by His glory.

Hanging out with Jesus enables us to become like Him. The same is true with other relationships. We become like those we hang out with and without realizing it pick up habits or expressions from those companions. We must guard against anything that conflicts with the Christ-like character we are developing day-by-day. We are able to discern and break free from wrong associations as we increase our time with the Lord. Our holy boldness, surety in our steps, and ability to withstand opposition increases as we grab hold of who we are in Christ.

It is not our training or our education that makes us effective for the Kingdom. We are effective because we receive His knowledge and wisdom as the Holy Spirit coaches us in the things of the Kingdom. The boldness birthed from the confidence we have in Him is visible and tangible. As we fellowship with Jesus and have communion with Him, His characteristics become ours from glory to glory.
From Pastor Joell Suell

Blessings To All as we are being transformed from glory to glory!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby Kalea Is Home

Baby Kalea

This sweet precious little girl is home now!!
They never did find out exactly what is wrong with her,
A liver problem, but everything they checked for came back
With no real hard evidence.

What I believe is this;
God touched her at every turn of events...
He is God!
We prayed!
He answered!

She is still recovering and needs to gain weight!
Her Momma and Daddy our still fearful,
They need prayer for His peace!
Thank you to all of you who prayed!
Diana @

She got the Prayer Request Out!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Marriage Of Bunnies and Bears...

A Match made in Heaven!

Some Bunny loves you
He acts like a Bear sometimes!

Marriage is the biggest learning curve you will have.
What will you learn?

Mostly we quickly will come to the realization that we
Both think totally different!

Have you seen the quote that says if Mamma isn't happy
Nobody else is either?
Why is this?

Because Momma is the heart of the HOME!
Because Papa Bear is the HEAD!

Now, Dear Bunny here is a few things you will need to do.
To Keep the Heart well and Happy.

Start each day with prayer for Mr. Bear and Everyone else.
Eat a good and nutritious breakfast (Porriage) :)
Enjoy a wee bit of leisure time to plan out your day.

Keep a weekly list of your chores and appointment for the week!
Decide early on what you will be serving for dinner!
(Dinners can be very simple and nutritious)
Bears get very HUNGRY!
Have you seen the sign that says;
Don't FEED the Bears?
Because if you feed the Bears they will keep coming back,
Where they have been taken care of.
I want my Mr. Bear to always know that I will have
Something warm and comforting for Him in the Den.

Keep an area in the home for the things you love!
(Books, knitting, or crocheting)

Take a quick rest when you can!
Go to bed at an early hour!

Drink some water every day!

Water your soul daily with God's Word!

Ask the Lord to set a guard over your mouth!
Have you ever heard this quote?
It is not what you said, but rather the tone you used!

If you love, honor and respect Mr. Bear,
He will protect you silly Bunny at all cost!

Keep the PEACE!
Smile and do all you do as on to the LORD!

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