Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Learn How To Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go...

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~Leaving A Little Bit Of Sparkle Wherever You Go~

When you stop and think for just a moment of the impact you are making;

Life can be so daunting, yet if I can only learn to just let it flow!
Sometimes we can over think a matter to death, and leave ourselves,
overworked and a wee bit discouraged.

So may I suggest learning to allow the Holy Spirit a bit more control!
Look for His Grace and stop trying to control everyone and every situation!

Everything needs to not be written in stone and on a list!

Why we do some things in our everyday is because it stops
our homes and lives from falling apart.
We need certain structures and daily to do list!

But what I am talking about is really living here and there!
Just going through the motions will leave you high and dry and bored!

We are told we are but a vapor and yet we can see that our
very lives can and will leave a huge impact!

John 12:24

"Truly, truly, I say to you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies,
it remains by itself alone; But if it dies, it bears much fruit.

Do not believe that old lie of the enemy;
You are not making an impact or a difference!!

Let me encourage you today and tell you this...
Every word or thought or lifting up a quick prayer or a kind word is a seed! 

You do not have to be a preacher or teacher to spread life and truth!

Everyone needs a bit of SPARKLE...

Shine on!!
Sparkle and make someones day!!
It's not all about you, but we have a choice every day to make 
someones day.

Be someones Sparkle today!

Love & Hugs,


  1. So encouraging Roxy. I am learning also to live in the "here"....not draining my energy being out "there" somewhere where I have no control or business. Sure makes life more relaxed. ❤

  2. Dear Roxy, What a great post and reminder. Thankyou for your beautiful, inspiring blog. Clare

  3. Spread sunshine all over the place, and put on a happy face!
    I saw a woman as I was walking out of the chemo center. I told her, "Good morning. I'm sorry to see you here." I'm not sure why, but we both stopped and talked. It's her dad that is in treatment (Gene if you want to pray). She spoke a few moments, I asked his name, then asked if I could pray for him. Then I prayed right there a prayer of faith and trust in Jesus for healing. I've gained a bit of boldness through this experience. God bless you friend, thank you for sharing truth!

  4. Amen! We can all make a difference. No matter how small it seems to us, God can use it and make it be just the perfect thing that brings life or joy to someone else.

  5. A letter filled with good wisdom for me today. Thank you

  6. Dear Miss Roxy...your words have truly encouraged my heart today...thank you for sharing such precious wisdom! Blessings to you and ever so much love!

  7. It is such a wonderful reminder that it's not all about us. To bring some "sparkle" to another's day... how lovely!


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