Sunday, July 29, 2018

Just a Closer Walk With Thee...

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Just A Closer Walk With Thee

I am weak, but Thou art strong,
Jesus, keep me from all wrong,
I’ll be satisfied as long
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee.

Just a closer walk with Thee,
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea,
Daily walking close to Thee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

Through this world of toil and snares,
If I falter, Lord, who cares?
Who with me my burden shares?
None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.

When my feeble life is o’er,
Time for me will be no more,
Guide me gently, safely o’er
To Thy kingdom's shore, to Thy shore.

Author Unknown

This is my song of my heart...
Walking close to Him is my plea

This world is filled with toil and troubles;
Christ is the only one we can share our burdens with;
And it is He alone that can give us overcoming strength and direction.

When my feeble life is over, life is but a vapor
No need to be afraid;
If He is your Lord and Savior;
He will gently guide you to His kingdom Shore!

2 Corinthians 5:7
James 4:8

"Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Living From Glory To Glory"


  1. One of my favorite hymns. We have a missionary from London stying with us tonight, along with his son and grandson. We had interesting conversations about the chaos in the European nations right now. I am so glad my hope isn’t in this world we live in.

  2. A couple of things dampened my spirit the last couple days, but His mercies are new every morning and this lovely hymn you shared is now playing in my heart....all set for a new day and walking closer with Jesus. Thank you for sharing.....

  3. Ah of my absolute favorites...and it is my plea as well. Beautiful post, dear friend. ♥

  4. Such a great perspective! May we always be looking to the Lord and eternal things!


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