Thursday, January 27, 2022

How To Make Fabric Coasters For Your Home...


I Have enjoyed Using These Homemade Coasters...

Sometimes we just need a new idea for using up extra fabric!

How I made My Fabric Coasters

Here Is The Blog Post With The How To Video

Click For Video Link

I was thinking about how popular coasters use to be!

And the reasons we used coaster!

We used them on our coffee tables and end table so we

Did not ruin or damage our furniture!

I have also had someone put either a hot beverage and literally ruin the wood.

And if you put a cold beverage on top of a magazine it will sweat and leave a 

Ring that does not go away and can ruin the cover of your magazine.

And it's not I am super picky, it's just that when I get a lovely magazine;

And it gets ruined and it no longer looks inviting to read (smiles)

This is a great sewing project to use up some of your smaller
Pieces of fabric!
Or you only have to purchase a small amount;
You can decide to make only a set of two or as many as you want!
I like them because they are not very high wear a cup or glass can tip off!

Here are some of the things I used to make mine!
I also added the video to help!

My goal was to make some for every season!
I made some to give to my family and friends.
They really make lovely gifts...
These are also a very Frugal Gift Idea You can Make!

Cut out the fabric out in the size of 6x6

Cut your batting out the size of 5x5
You can use a thin batting or slightly thicker.

Use your straight pins to secure batting to the fabric,
Pin each corner and leave an opening to turn it inside out
Once it is completely finished!
Now you will sew all around the batting!
Remember to stay straight and even;
Because this will determine the shape of the square!

Once you finish sewing all the way around;

(Keep and inch opened for turning it inside out)

You will trim off the excess on the corners so it is not bulky!

Sew straight, Leave an opening to turn, Cut off excess tips!

I usually cut out the fabric and batting to size,
And place batting in the center and pin them on.
And I leave two pins straight up and down to remind me
To not close up the opening for turning it!
Then when I have them all pinned and ready I will start sewing them!

I took a photo of a few of the different ones I have made!

I do hope this will inspire you to try your hand at making

Something for your home!




All things BEAUTIFUL...

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Reading Books And Keeping A Good Home Library...

 Cleaning Out My Bookcase

This may sound silly, but I just needed to remove all the books that were
No longer easy read or easy to process for me.
I have always enjoyed a challenging book or one to truly study.
Not so much any more;
I also don't want to just read to coddle my brain;
Brainless nonsense,
But the ones that hold my interest and are able to pronounce the words.

I don't want to think about things that have been truly settled in my heart.
And so many books are challenging the old ways,
I no longer desire to go to seminary (really never did)
Homeschooling seminary LOL

We all need to keep our minds active, but not overload!

I had to study before each ladies' class;
And even for children's Sunday school class.

But in this season of life, 
I get to study Scripture for the pure joy of it!

So, I took my time and went through one of my bookcases,
And took all the heavy theology books out.
And I am donating them to a Pastor friend and his congregation.

I also have been looking into classic homemaking books,
Books on ways to improve my home.

I must confess I have tubs and tubs of books in my garage;
And the plan is to go through those also!
So I do have my Book Work cut out for me LOL

I do hope we all try to keep a good Home Library;
As I resource you can hold in your hand is still the best!

Google might be easy, but it feels like it's missing something.
I think cleaning out either a bookcase or a closet or drawer,
Is A Good Thing...

Book Smarts
Blessings, Roxy

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Recognizing An Assignment From God...

 Northern Lights, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Recognizing An Assignment From God

As we live and grow in grace daily;

We will be presented with possible assignments from God.

Sometimes, as women we can become overwhelmed

With all the things we need to do daily.

Many tasks are repetitious, which must be done everyday.

And that may cause us to not be watching for the timing

Of the Lord wanting to use us.

I think, especially as homemakers we are not always involved

In activities outside of our homes and churches and families.

We can become immune or slightly insensitive to a need.

So we need to be extra diligent in having an open heart;

And an awareness of situations that comes to your attention!

These assignments are probably very few in a lifetime.

But for that very reason, I want to be used!

I'm not talking about normal christian benevolence;

But rather a unique situation.

I believe when I was younger, I had more opportunities!

But God is always looking for useable vessels!

And don't we even pray for God to use us?

But my hope and prayer for this season in my life;

Is to be sensitive to the opportunities the Lord may bring

into my life!

We just may be the person God will use to speak,

A Word In Season to someone who is struggling!

So many people are crying out to God for help or direction!

Just think about the times in your life;

When someone was miraculously there or available in

A difficult time in your life!

And God used someone to answer your prayer!!

If we are given an assignment will we be quick and faithful?

We must be wise in days of scams and deception;

But I believe we can have discernment in knowing,

If something is from God.

You can always ask for wise counsel and direction,

About something that you believe the Lord is giving you to do!

Let us not miss a blessing to them and ourselves;

As God honors those that are willing to be used.

Always keep a keen eye open for God Assignments!

I bet we all have a few stories and memories of

How God worked on our behalf!

So wouldn't it be a treasure to be used by him?

Give Us Eyes To See...

I am blessed and honored to have you reading,

A little portion of my heart and life...

Hugs, Roxy

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Do The Right Thing...

 Be A Beacon Of Light...

 We must remember the Blessed Hope!

 So don't lose heart!

We must be very discerning!

Two years of a media that loves the dark side of things.

"They Want Us To Fear"

But the Word tells us many times to;

~ Fear Not ~

We Must Be Brave!

We have a Savior and it's not the Government.

Corruption is real- but we must do the right thing...

Some peoples hearts and minds will never change.

They are blinded and can't see the truth.

But, in your own Home you can have a refuge of light and peace.

Remember Christians are to expose darkness!

So if you keep your home and family in the truth;

You will be a beacon of Hope.

No Matter What Happens

~ Do The Right Thing ~

We can either keep silent or speak the truth in love and boldness,

I was so consumed with keeping my heart and home safe and

in walking in truth and being aware of lies and deception,

I decided to not write or speak aloud.

For fear of any unrest, it might cause myself or loved ones!

But, what it really did was shut down my voice.

And I realized that is what the world and enemy desires!

So here I am again...

I will write from a place of care and concern for those,

That love Christ and their families and Homes!

That desire to be a beacon of light and wants to be encouraged!

We all need encouragement...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Blessings, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory

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