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How To Make Fabric Coasters For Your Home...


I Have enjoyed Using These Homemade Coasters...

Sometimes we just need a new idea for using up extra fabric!

How I made My Fabric Coasters

Here Is The Blog Post With The How To Video

Click For Video Link

I was thinking about how popular coasters use to be!

And the reasons we used coaster!

We used them on our coffee tables and end table so we

Did not ruin or damage our furniture!

I have also had someone put either a hot beverage and literally ruin the wood.

And if you put a cold beverage on top of a magazine it will sweat and leave a 

Ring that does not go away and can ruin the cover of your magazine.

And it's not I am super picky, it's just that when I get a lovely magazine;

And it gets ruined and it no longer looks inviting to read (smiles)

This is a great sewing project to use up some of your smaller
Pieces of fabric!
Or you only have to purchase a small amount;
You can decide to make only a set of two or as many as you want!
I like them because they are not very high wear a cup or glass can tip off!

Here are some of the things I used to make mine!
I also added the video to help!

My goal was to make some for every season!
I made some to give to my family and friends.
They really make lovely gifts...
These are also a very Frugal Gift Idea You can Make!

Cut out the fabric out in the size of 6x6

Cut your batting out the size of 5x5
You can use a thin batting or slightly thicker.

Use your straight pins to secure batting to the fabric,
Pin each corner and leave an opening to turn it inside out
Once it is completely finished!
Now you will sew all around the batting!
Remember to stay straight and even;
Because this will determine the shape of the square!

Once you finish sewing all the way around;

(Keep and inch opened for turning it inside out)

You will trim off the excess on the corners so it is not bulky!

Sew straight, Leave an opening to turn, Cut off excess tips!

I usually cut out the fabric and batting to size,
And place batting in the center and pin them on.
And I leave two pins straight up and down to remind me
To not close up the opening for turning it!
Then when I have them all pinned and ready I will start sewing them!

I took a photo of a few of the different ones I have made!

I do hope this will inspire you to try your hand at making

Something for your home!




All things BEAUTIFUL...

Blessings, Roxy


  1. I enjoy making fabric coasters. They are a good choice for beginner sewists.

  2. Hi Roxy, Your coasters are beautiful. I have crocheted many, many coasters out of cotton yarn which absorbs moisture very well. I like having them scattered around the house where they are needed. Living room, bedrooms and family room. I'm like you, I don't like having cups and glasses set directly on furniture, books or magazines.

  3. I need to make some coasters! Yours are wonderful. I love that they don't take much fabric and I can use up some leftover fabrics. xo Diana

  4. I love the pretty coasters you made Roxy. Thanks for sharing how to make them. They are perfect to use for any time of year.

  5. These are really pretty, Roxy! And you make it look so easy. :-)

  6. Ohhh... YES! I'm insprired! Thinking of all the remnants and which ones to usefirst!

  7. I saw your name in a comment on Marilyn's post, and I remember our blogging paths crossing many years ago! It has been a long time. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful coasters! May God bless you!

  8. Very pretty coasters, Roxy,I use coasters for sure, thank you for sharing this great idea, I now must collect some more material, I just recently gave all to my mother to make Christmas stockings for her shut-ins, a worthy cause indeed.
    Thank you for visiting and for such a sweet comment,

  9. These are lovely to have as gifts or to use when company comes, Roxy... and I like the idea of using up fabric scraps. A win-win! Great tutorial :)

  10. I came here from Lydia Sherman's blog. I really like this idea and I will be doing this soon. Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Thank you for sharing! I like the fabrics you chose and the idea to make them to go with the seasons. I need some. My children seem to make away with my coasters. They used to end up in doll houses as rugs and such. I also like the idea to gift them.

    Pray that you will feel better soonest and in the meantime rest in His comfort.


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