Monday, March 31, 2014

Proper Etiquette and Good Manners...

Source; Artist Gregory Frank Harris

We really have lost so many social graces in our day.
I remember reading the newspaper and reading the column on proper etiquette.

Having and using proper manners, is something to strive for,
If you want to be a lady and look feminine...

A lady must apply and use good manners,
Everywhere and all the time;
Manners help you to look and act like a Lady...

Using please and thank you when talking to others will,
carry you far in a world that has lost its manners.

I also love to hear a younger child replying with a
Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am

Make a habit of using good manners when you go out into your everyday life.
Greeting a person kindly even if you're having a bad day!

Good posture and not slouching,
When sitting, cross your knees or cross your ankles.
Do not leave your legs wide open.
Sneezing into your hands instead of a tissue,
Speaking loudly or using foul language!
Do not interrupt when others are speaking!
When you do not hear what another has spoken
Say excuse me, what did you say again?

And generally acting in a way that can serve as a model for others.
Good manners are always fashionable.

Here are some other things to consider as you refine your manners:
If you're eating dinner in a group setting, make sure you say
"Please pass the chicken," instead of reaching over someone else.
Place a napkin in your lap, and wipe your mouth often
when dining out or in your home.

You should learn and use good table manners.
This means not eating with your elbows on the table.
Chewing with your mouth closed.

Or slurping your food or drink!

Find a nice way to give a correction and  training...
 Instead of saying, "Will you shut up already?" say,
 "Would you mind lowering your voice?"
Try to avoid burping in public.
 Once you reach a certain age, burping in public is not funny anymore,
 If it happens by accident, just say "Excuse me," or "Pardon me,"
 This is simply not ladylike behavior.

Avoid rolling your eyes or generally being rude when
 Someone is saying something you don't really want to hear.

Now, just for the record, I am a funny girl, and I enjoy a good laugh!
And I have rolled my eyes on a few occasions...
Learning and growing Dear Ones...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Beware Of Dangers In Your Body Lotions...

 Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I want to make myself perfectly clear on this post!
This is something I feel very strongly about;
I believe if you are going to use a body lotion only use one that is natural!!
See I said it!!

Why you ask???

Because your skin will quickly absorb this product and it goes directly into
Your blood stream. And I believe it is possibly the worst thing women can do.
For many health reasons...

Many years ago I was very convicted about this one morning,
As I was praying...
Yup, just popped into my head!
(I call these downloads from the Lord)

I was convinced He was speaking to me!!
I listened...

I wanted to share this as I am not a complete health freak,
 But I can tell you this.
 It was a very wise health move!
There are way too many ingredients that are put in lotions that you can not
Even pronounce, let alone recognize what they are even.

So, I suggest to you wonderful Ladies out there to stop adding poison
To your skin!
Our skin is actually our largest organ.
I think most lotions do damage to your liver and bloodstream!
I have used many different kinds and brands.
 And there are so many good ones out there to choose from.
 And they can get a bit pricey,
 But I believe for health reasons it's a must!

Plus, you will feel good about not putting something harmful all over your body!
But rather a product that will keep your skin safe and smooth!
And you can always use coconut oil on your body after a shower,
But it can tend to be a bit greasy or what I might say
(slickery) My own word ;o)

Please consider this Dear Ones...

Click HERE  for a list of ingredients you do not want to put on your body!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Pink Room...

 I have been so enjoying my new pink room!

It has been such a blessing in so many ways, such as;
 To have a room that I can keep my sewing machine up all the time!
 It makes it so much easier to keep a project going.

And to keep my ironing board up all the time also,
as you all know by now how much I enjoy ironing!

My family bought me this beautiful old desk for Mother's Day
A few years ago from an antique store that I now use
 for my sewing table. It is perfect as
It has many large and deep drawers in it.
Which is wonderful for storing my material that I just love!
Having a space to inspire yourself and to be able to create is wonderful!

I have been filling it with so many treasures,
See my cute little antique bunny?

See my little rose covered table,
This is just a folding table,
Which I covered with an old vintage rose sheet,
 I found at our Goodwill Store.
I now have my jewelry, making things on this table.

I love these miniature glass slippers!
And Angel watches over me...

I only have a small twin bed in this room,
 Because I wanted the extra space for creating.
 And more room for my Treasures...

Threads of every color!

Found this large picture at Hobby Lobby!

I made a cute little chair cushion for this chair,
I use it for my sewing machine table.

It turned out really cute!
It has a big bow on the back to keep the cushion on!

See my sweet little strawberry pin cushion?

A few more little pink flower pictures!

This one has always been a very favorite of mine!

Well, thanks for the visit; I have enjoyed sharing my creative space with you!
Looking forward to painting this room, and putting in new carpet, one day.
But, I have been taking one room at a time and giving it a makeover.
Have a wonderful and creative season...


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Calling All Grand Mothers...

Good Golly
Where do the years go?

I had a lovely vacation to Florida and being with my children down there!
My days are in His hand...

Making time to impart love and truth in the next generation!
We have become too self absorbed into our self culture.
My Pastor's wife can be heard saying;
Family is everything!

Calling all Grandmothers to arise...
Let us work while it is yet day!

Speak life!
Create  lovely cards and notes to send to them!
Write down funny things they might say!
They will love to read them one day.
Find a day that works for a weekly chat with the grandchildren!

For the married couple;
Pray for their marriages!
Send them a gift card so they can go out on a date.
Be not easily offended;
Support and encourage them!

Here are my sweet Grandchildren in Florida.
We have another one on the way!!
So, I will be going back in August or Sept, when SHE is born :o)

Here is my Little
"Boots and Pants"
"Boots and Pants"

Here are my other sweet young men !
Got Goose???

These Boys are country through and through!

I am privileged to live right next door to these
" Little Men"

If your children are yet small you still one day will be a Grand Mother;
A calling worthy of God's Love and Grace!
Pray and inquire of the Lord (How to PRAY for each of them)
Ask the Lord, how to impact their lives for His Glory!

Being a good Parent or Grand Parent just doesn't happen...
It is by intentional living and speaking!

Calling All Grand Mothers...
Be a Grand Mother YOUR Grand Children will remember!
Love, Grammy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Kitchen Maid...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 Hello Ladies meet the new girl on the block..
She is my new maid!!
She is my KitchenAid...

The days we live in just amaze me!

  Now I can do two things at once,
While I am mixing up my batters for the cakes and cookies.
 I can get the other ingredients ready and not have to watch the bowl and hold the mixer!
I can let this sweet little thing do all the hard work for me!
(And if you make carrot cake like I do, it is a heavy batter)

I was so surprised when my sweet Hubby came home with this new wonderful mixer!
I have never had one before, so I guess you just figure,
Heck, I have stirred it myself for years, do I really need one?
Maybe not need it, but it is wonderful now that I have one!

I also have gotten all my flours  put into large glass jars.
It has inspired me to bake and to use all the wonderful, healthy things I have!

I have always felt that to do a job it is easier to have the right tools.
Or equipment

So I just wanted to share my new maid with you!
She is lovely and well built..
May she serve me well and may I be inspired to make some wonderful,
And healthy breads and cookies for my sweet Hubby!

I think there is just something about having all these glass jars out and on the counter,
It is pleasing and encourages me, and inspires me!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Thank you Lord for my new maid :o)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How To Have Beautiful Skin and My Secret...

~Beautiful Skin~
When we are born our skin is soft and smooth,
It is moist and fresh.
Who doesn't  just love the softness of a baby's skin?
But, as we age our skin grows older,
And we loose some of the moisture.
It can become dry and dull looking!
I have been forever grateful to an older woman
 Who many years ago that took the time,
 To teach me about good skin care.
I remember her telling me that;
 If I would take care of my skin now I would see the benefits,
Once I became older.
Here is what I was taught;
Wash your face every morning with a mild cleanser.
Use a toner if you like,
Then use a moisturizer on it!
This is where I always splurge,
Buying a product that works!!
Now, here is where many women might not follow through;
Use a makeup remover for your eyes...
I have always used Ponds cleanser for this,
(As it does not irritate my eyes)
You must wash your face every night with a cleanser!
Then apply a good moisturizer to your face
(And to your your neck also)!!
While you are sleeping is when your skin will recover
From the day's stress.

Okay, this is what I do daily and I am grateful;
For being a wise woman and taking care of my skin
 While in my youth!
Because now I am older :)

Here are some of my favorite products:
Elizabeth Arden
Estee Lauder
Jafra (Royal Jelly Moisture)

Here is my secret weapon for my skin now days:
Coconut oil with a drop of geranium oil
I get my oils from Young Living!
Coconut oil I use everyday on my face,
It will feel greasy when applied, but it will soak in a little.
Try it at first in the evening.

Over the years I have asked for these as gifts;
 For my Birthday and Anniversary,

I have tried many products and I have realized
You must find one that fits your skin,
And after you use it, can you say that there is
a difference?

If not; It is not working!
Your face should not feel dried out,
and not greasy.
 But rather soft and moist.

I do not use soap on my face unless it's an emergency!

My good friend at Deep Roots did a great post on coconut oil also,
Check out her link below!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transparency and Tempered Glass...


Being transparent...
We are in the times of every line being  blurred.
As a Christian Lady I want to be able to speak life and truth,
Yet hold to a standard of biblical womanhood!
You may as well  know for yourself how hard this might be!
God has called us to speak truth in love...

I want to be able to distinguish between being offended and when my heart is grieved.
This is not always easy!
One way for me to respond to a hurt or sorrow is to not respond immediately.
Words are powerful and we need to use them wisely!
We all have faults and areas where we struggle !
I have tried to practice and hold my words for at least a day
When I am dealing with matters of the heart.
The amount of time of waiting is not as important as practicing the holding!

I say this to address wounds and matters of the heart
Because we live in such a way that we are just reacting to our hurts and wounds
And not to the truth that must be revealed...

We are called to be the light which gives me a picture of a flame behind glass.
And this glass must be tempered glass so it will not break easily.
Yet we should  not be people of a plastic nature which can and will melt
When up close to the flame.
The truth that God reveals to me usually exposes a wound or a lie!
We must apply grace to ourselves and to others.
Do not be quick to lambaste someone!

A true Lady in Christ does all things well and she waits and trusts the one
Who is in control and making all things new!

Love will cover a multitude of sins!

And let us not be weary in well doing:
 for in due season we shall reap, (reward and fruits) if we faint not!
 Gal 6:9

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello Birdie...

Doves are a symbol of love and peace, and unity!

There are many seasons in a woman's life, 
and each one of these seasons are very special 
and unique.

 Even the seasons of springtime, harvest and winter all hold a
Very powerful purpose.
We really must have each one of these seasons to fulfill the process,
Which is being worked out in each of us!

I have stood in amazement of the power and impact I sense and feel
 In the newness of life.

 A new child born!
New green buds forming on the trees.
Spindly green shoots popping out of the hard dark ground!
The sweet little birds feverishly working to build a nest to lay their eggs.

If we really stopped to think about these things we take for granted,
They would really be called miracles...

May your cup always be full of His love and grace!
Embrace each new season of your life...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Soda Bread, Quick and so Easy...


Irish Soda Bread

Serves 8


  • 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons caraway seeds (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon baking-soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups (about) buttermilk


Preheat oven to 425°F. Lightly flour a baking sheet. Mix flour, caraway seeds, if using, baking soda and salt in large bowl. Mix in enough buttermilk to form moist clumps. Gather dough into ball. Turn out onto a lightly flour surfaced and knead just until dough holds together, about 1 minute. Shape dough into 6-inch-diameter by 2-inch-high round. Place on prepared baking sheet. Cut 1-inch-deep X across top of bread, extending almost to edges. Bake until bread is golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped on bottom, about 35 minutes. Transfer bread to rack and cool completely.

Update: I did preheat my oven, but turned it down to 350 degrees to bake it and it only took about 20 minutes.

I will be making this Irish Soda Bread Recipe tonight;
I have never liked raisins or caraway seeds in my bread.
I have finally found a link explaining that raisins were not in the original 
Soda Bread. 
Just Saying...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Green Rolling Hills...

The Luck of the Irish...
I don't believe in luck, but rather God's favor and blessings!

Powerful and vast open land!
Windswept and green.
We all have roots in another land as we here in America, have
Our generations of past immigrants of a larger and wider world.
They came wanting more for themselves and their loved ones!
We all have a part of the bigger picture...

May our roots go deep!
Remember the brave men and women who traveled far to make a new life.
Home really is where your heart is!

Wonderful rich wool and a livelihood of many generations.

"A lovely Irish tea"

Tea and good fellowship bring us all together, no matter where we live.
(Irish Breakfast tea for me please)

We all have roots from another place!
As America has been the melting pot of the world.
I am just a bit concerned about what we might be melting into!

They have very pretty wildflowers in this green and lush land.
I long for to see these as I live in the dry land and as I type these
words we are still in a drought.
Please pray for rain!

We can celebrate the goodness of Ireland and all its rich traditions,
 An Irish Lady I am...
Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feeding The Sparrows and Building a Bird Feeder Stand...

Feeding the birds for my Hubby and myself is something we enjoy very much!

We have always fed the birds in the winter time.
 It was such a nice treat to have a much larger
 Bird feeder made by my Hubby and put right where we could
See the little birds eating every morning!

He used a railroad tie and put it down deep in the ground.
Then of course painted it red, as most my outdoor decor,
And the chairs are all a bright cherry red.

I think this color red is very cheerful and fun!

We did buy a new bird feeder and painted it red also.
I was so excited to come home  and to see this bird feeder stand
Already in the ground!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
He then secured the new bird feeder on top of the stand.
He also found a vintage ice chest and placed it on the ground below,
Then he filled it with birdseed and added a metal cup to scoop out the seed.
It is nice because we have the feeder and food right there together.

 We live in the desert and the prairie where there is little or no water!
So we always have water available for the birds all year long.
Of course, my bird bath is painted red also.

 This is such a nice and meaningful gift that he made for me!
We both felt like we may be doing a small part, in helping the sparrows.
Jesus speaks about the wee little sparrows;
Maybe as we age, it is part of being used in the feeding and care of these
Birdies that the Lord speaks about!

Look at the birds of the air;
They do not sow or reap or store away in barns.
And yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Matthew 6:26

Here is a really cute link for making little birdseed ornaments you can hang in a tree.

I remember how my Mother would tell us to throw the bits of string outside
In the spring time, as she told me the little birds would use it for their nest.

So I tell my grandchildren the same thing;
Even when I cut their hair, I tell them the birds will use it,
To line their nest to lay their eggs in the Spring time!

New Life and Blessings to each of you!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time For Company...

Make Time For Company Dear Ones!

Why is it important to have company in your home?
Firstly, it is biblical...
We want to please the Lord, so He has asked us to open your hearts,
And your HOME to bless and encourage others!

When you realize how refreshment comes you will understand why
 We should make it a priority to have company;
The scripture tells us this:
"Those that refresh others will themselves be refreshed"

Making a casserole and a salad is very easy!
Bread and butter are a staple!
Making it easy and simple or as elegant as you want as it is up to you.

Learn a couple of yummy, and filling casserole recipes.
This is a must for a homemaker...
Ask some of your Lady friends for a copy,
 Of their tried and true casserole recipes!

Pull out the table and decorate is for any season we might be in;
Find some pretty dishes and tableware that is pleasing to the eye;
Or when you see pretty paper plates and napkins,
 Buy them for a future get together. 

I have always enjoyed the motivation that comes with opening my home.
I enjoy inviting friends and our Church family to come for dinner.

So once you have set a date;
You start planning what you will serve;
And I always get to cleaning the home and getting things tidy and in order.
I get inspired and it is a blessing to make an atmosphere filled with love.
 And find it helps knowing
That I am serving others as Jesus served us!
Jesus was the greatest servant of all!

Take pleasure in it!
Do not stress over it, learn to be a good hostess;
As if you are relaxed it will show by you enjoying the company and the meal!

And if dinner really is to much for you or not in your budget,
Have them over for snacks and dessert

I would think trying to invite company at least every other month,
 Find a good time span that works for your family.
 The more you do this the more you will enjoy it!

And I have always seen the company leave refreshed and blessed!
And if they ask can I bring something tell them yes!

A generous person will prosper;
Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed
Proverbs 11:25

The NKJ version say's watered instead of refreshed;
I love the word picture so much,
 Because we all need to be watered and refreshed...

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