Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why We Should Support Early Marriage! You Can't Handle This...

I think we have a problem in this country;
We have parented our grown child's  life way past adulthood.
Now, I realize we have a culture where we have grown children who act and
Respond like a mere child;
See the problem?

Now, may I ask a question;
What is it that helps us mature and grow in wisdom?
Why having responsibility you say;
Maybe just having someone other than ourselves to take care of,
Might bring about growth.

I have seen many young couples who have married young,
Have a better rate of staying together.
Because it allows them to bond together and to grow.
They have a tenacity in a way that may look like this;
Everyone and everything is against us, so we will show them!
(Yes, this sounds like rebellion)
Maybe NOT...
I think scripture tells us to
Leave and CLEAVE!
What not to Mommy and Daddy?

We act like entering marriage is some sort of plague.
We always respond when our children reach 18 or 19 like,
They are way too young to marry.

I have heard stories of how Men act like boys, well past the time,
That they should be taking a wife.
They would much rather stay carefree doing what THEY want;
Video Games
Not wanting to work HARD
Using getting an education as a way of NOT growing up!
(I call this Educational Careerism!)

Read the quote below and check out their link...
Why We Should Support Early Marriage
Marriage is good. Marriage is a gift. Marriage makes us grow up, gives us a companion to weather the stuff of life. Announce you’re getting married before the “acceptable” age, and you’ll mostly be met with pleads of “live some life first.” And while the single state has its unique opportunities, marriage certainly doesn’t detract from the joys of life, but rather doubles them


I want to add I very much think we must ask them to get Pre- marriage counselling.
And I think this should help equip them, not scare the daylights out of them.
Marriage was God's idea, and I think we think we know what is best!

I once asked a few people who had gotten divorced one time if they,
Regretted this in hindsight!
I was shocked to hear all of them say they wish they had stayed in their fist marriage.
And that they still think about the younger years and the memories of their
First love!
They said they just gave up to easy; and they had waited too long to marry
And that they were both pretty selfish and had no idea on how to grow together!
Interesting, at least to me!

What are your thoughts about this?


  1. Wonderful, perfect post, Roxy! I absolutely agree. My husband and I got married when we had just turned 20, and had been seriously dating long before that. If more kids would turn away from what the world is telling them is important and face what GOD is telling them is important (family, your spouse, your home) then perhaps our families wouldn't be in jeopardy.

  2. You could not have stated this better Roxy! It is distressing to see how marriage has changed in this country. It is not a culture for the better. My parents generation, as well as, my own, wanted to be independent and earn our way. My husband and I married at 20 and 21....41 years together. We can only keep praying life returns to those higher held standards of treasuring those we love and expecting more of ourselves!

  3. God didn't put my husband and I together until we were in our late 20's. In our case, God's timing was perfect.
    It would of been fine with me if we met sooner.

  4. My hubby and I met at 16. We went steady 3 1/2 years then got engaged for 1. We married just after I turned 21. We would have been better off getting married younger.

  5. Yes, I do agree. Steve and I were 18 and 19. Nathan and Himilce were both 18. You do bond and grow up together.
    Love and Blessings,

  6. My eldest son and his wife are doing so well - working hard, studying to improve their opportunities and saving money so they can one day buy their own home (sadly we live in a very expensive city so this will be a hard struggle). They live frugally and I am very proud of them.

    My youngest is single and doesn't live at home - since he had his break-down I have been helping him financially to get to pay his rent, bills and food. Hopefully in time as he gets back on his feet and working more hours he will be able to take over paying his own way again. I don't mind helping either of my children if necessary however I don't want to see the money I give them wasted.

  7. My husband and I were both 18 when we got married. It was one of the best decisions we ever made! I'm so glad that we didn't wait for "the time to be right."

  8. i didn't meet my hubby until i was 20 ... i would have loved it if we would have meet earlier - time flies. i know a lot of folks who got married earlier & they are still going strong. i also think it would help a lot of ladies who wish to have kids & they would get started earlier on that as well. but i think they are a lot of folks who think down or less on folks who do get married so early. what i mean is - that they need to grown up 1st. i know there are lot of immature. not like our families from back in the day. but like you said maybe it would help in the long run. make this world a better place. ( :

    a thought provoking post. i loved it. glad i found your blog. have a nice evening.

  9. Hi Roxy and others

    Even though it's just 8 years of marriage for me, I am so glad I did it in my early years, when I was 21 to be exact.

    It has helped my husband and I to grow so much, both emotionally and spiritually.To us it's more than a relationship between us but also a covenant relationship with God.

  10. I do think that as kids get older they get more set in their ways and become very picky. I was 19 and my hubby was 21. We grew so much as young newlyweds. We didn't need a lot of money or things to make us happy. Now days newlyweds want way too much! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Jann's right, and I agree with everyone's comments regarding encouraging couples to marry young.

      I was 20 years old when I married my man who lacked 26 days of being 20. We'll celebrate 33 years of marriage in May. We never said or thought the "D" word or even the "S" word.

      Today we teach marriage retreats, and I teach young women to serve their husbands in selflessness and love. Today's generation is ALL about self. Hey, I was too when I first married. I had to dig into God's Word for my SELF because I hadn't a teachable spirit. I was a rotten wife for the first two decades of my marriage. Anyone can CHOOSE to grow up. Oh, thank God that's true!

      I'm following here!!!

      Hugs and happy highways,

  11. I love your post! My husband and I got married when I was 19 and he was 21...we have been married almost 6 years now, and we have 3 sons, ages 5, 3, and 7 months.
    Many people say don't get married before you're 25, because those are the years when you're still figuring out who you want to be, and men are usually not set in their career yet. My husband and I were certainly still growing up and changing during the first few years of our marriage, and we hit rough spots at times, but going through those young years together made our bond stronger...and having children young also brought us closer, and deepened our love for each other. Sometimes young marriages and young parents are ripped apart because one or both of them have the attitude of "If I'm not satisfied, I'll get a divorce."
    But that thinking is just selfish, and NOT godly. If you have the attitude of, "If something is broken, you fix it, you don't throw it away," then your marriage...no matter how young you are, and how many little screaming babies you have...will stand the test of time.

  12. Roxy, thank you very much for posting this! A helpful word of encouragment for those of us young ladies entering the "marrying age." According to many, we are far to young, but according to our Father in Heaven, we are ready when he calls us to be ready. For some that may be 18 and for other, 30.
    God bless you and yours,


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