Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello Birdie...

Doves are a symbol of love and peace, and unity!

There are many seasons in a woman's life, 
and each one of these seasons are very special 
and unique.

 Even the seasons of springtime, harvest and winter all hold a
Very powerful purpose.
We really must have each one of these seasons to fulfill the process,
Which is being worked out in each of us!

I have stood in amazement of the power and impact I sense and feel
 In the newness of life.

 A new child born!
New green buds forming on the trees.
Spindly green shoots popping out of the hard dark ground!
The sweet little birds feverishly working to build a nest to lay their eggs.

If we really stopped to think about these things we take for granted,
They would really be called miracles...

May your cup always be full of His love and grace!
Embrace each new season of your life...


  1. Oh- Spring does produce so many miracles, doesn't it? We have our own little miracle that we are smiling about this Spring. xo Diana

  2. Love it Roxy! And...I have that exact same bird...or actually a pair of them. So neat when you see something on another blog that you own too! Love the message in this post...thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. Hi Roxy, I am running late getting to blogs tonight. What a lovely post this evening. We had a ride thru town this afternoon and were amazed at all the color and new growth on trees, shrubs. I welcome each new season. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. I too am thinking about spring and the new season. I am very ready for it this year. It has been cold hasn't it; making spring even more of a longing. I love every blade of grass that turns green, and every bud as it comes up. Say hello to Julie for me.
    Love ya,

  5. Such a lovely post.
    I often think about the miracles here on earth. Spring is the season of re-birth. Everything is new again.
    I always enjoy my visits here.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Many years ago I organized a camp conference for women and 'Seasons in a Woman's Life' was the title I chose. We covered each season from spring and the time of being newlyweds, childbirth and new babies to summer with busy family lives, to autumn when children leave the nest and winters in our lives when periods of when nothing seems to be growing or happening and we are waiting on the Lord for answers. It made a great framework for a conference and we were able to offer something for everyone. There was a lot of sharing and the older ladies who had been through the different seasons of life were able to share practical advice and wisdom on all sorts of topics. First and only time I have heard a Godly woman share on menopause.
    Have just shared a comment at Pam's blog and I also hope that spring bursts forth into bloom for you too. Autumn here but still feels like summer. Cooler days I am looking forward to!

  7. Hi Roxy,
    I so enjoyed your post! I love springtime when the earth wakes from her winter slumber and all the trees begin to bud and the songbirds sing outside our windows. It's my favourite time of year. Your teacup is very pretty and thank you for sharing your lovely post with us at Tea Time. Happy Spring!


  8. Roxy, I posted about this very thing just a few days ago. Spring is a time of new beginnings and starting fresh. We need the winter come along and start the cycle all over again...and sometimes it lasts longer than we would have hoped, right?


  9. Hello and Good Morning, Roxy :)
    I too love the dove. We had several when I was a girl, and I have no idea where they flew off to! You mentioned that you were having dust storms. Where are you living (if you care to tell). I didn't realize these were going on in the US now. I can't imagine how hard that must be. Does it get inside, as I've heard? I am praying for this season of life for you and for me. There are so many hurting hearts...may we be strong in truth and the love of Jesus as we minister to others. Loved this post!

  10. Beautiful thoughts, Roxie!

    And I agree, they are miracles.

    I hope your day has been full of blessings.


  11. The renewal of life is why Spring is my favorite season Roxy. Love your sweet dove! Just like one my mother had when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. So very lovely! Thanks for the reminder not to take all the everyday miracles for granted. :)

    Hope you have a truly extraordinary day!

  13. My mother had a couple little white birds like that. We had a small bird in our back room for a couple days this week. Someone left the door open and it flew in. My husband was able to shoo it out today.


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