Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Pink Room...

 I have been so enjoying my new pink room!

It has been such a blessing in so many ways, such as;
 To have a room that I can keep my sewing machine up all the time!
 It makes it so much easier to keep a project going.

And to keep my ironing board up all the time also,
as you all know by now how much I enjoy ironing!

My family bought me this beautiful old desk for Mother's Day
A few years ago from an antique store that I now use
 for my sewing table. It is perfect as
It has many large and deep drawers in it.
Which is wonderful for storing my material that I just love!
Having a space to inspire yourself and to be able to create is wonderful!

I have been filling it with so many treasures,
See my cute little antique bunny?

See my little rose covered table,
This is just a folding table,
Which I covered with an old vintage rose sheet,
 I found at our Goodwill Store.
I now have my jewelry, making things on this table.

I love these miniature glass slippers!
And Angel watches over me...

I only have a small twin bed in this room,
 Because I wanted the extra space for creating.
 And more room for my Treasures...

Threads of every color!

Found this large picture at Hobby Lobby!

I made a cute little chair cushion for this chair,
I use it for my sewing machine table.

It turned out really cute!
It has a big bow on the back to keep the cushion on!

See my sweet little strawberry pin cushion?

A few more little pink flower pictures!

This one has always been a very favorite of mine!

Well, thanks for the visit; I have enjoyed sharing my creative space with you!
Looking forward to painting this room, and putting in new carpet, one day.
But, I have been taking one room at a time and giving it a makeover.
Have a wonderful and creative season...



  1. I love your pink room Roxy! It looks like the perfect creative and calming space. You have some sweet treasures in your sweet room...thanks for sharing your space with us.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. What a lovely creative space you have, Roxy. You are such a lucky girl, I an so happy that you have a pretty, pink space to work in. You won't be seeing my own space anytime soon! xo Diana

  3. I love your pink room Rox. It is lovely, and so are your decorations. It is very nice to have our own creative space. A place to leave up our tools and projects, so we can come and go at ease. Love your post.
    I have a great delight in seeing peoples work spaces, and even though I have seen yours in person, I still like to look at it.
    Love and blessings,

  4. Hi Roxy, I love your new sewing room! How beautiful, it is very restful and inspiring, just the perfect place to create something lovely. I had a small extra bedroom downstairs that I used as my sewing room/studio. Our upstairs is a big bonus room where my mother-in-law lived. When she moved out last year, my husband suggested that we move my things upstairs, now I have a much bigger space to spread out. There are few things as wonderful as having a little space that is all your own. My room is buttercream yellow. I made one section to look kind of like a little yarn shop with my work table and baskets of yarn. Then the other side is set up like a little tea room, with my tea cup collection and a small table where I can serve a friend or two. I felt like a little girl playing house again as I was putting it all together. :) I hope you have a fun and happy day ahead! With Love, Delisa :

  5. I adore PINK! Our Aunt Lucy had her bedroom walls painted pink and I was so envious. Daddy liked everything "off-white"! Your decorations are so springy. Blessings!

  6. How lovely to have a space all your own. We have a small office where my second oldest daughter and I have claimed a taxable for our sewing machine and serger. We love having a "spot"!

  7. Roxy,
    I love pink, too, but my husband lots it a bit less ;) Love that you have room to keep the sewing machine up all the time. Our home is in more of the country cottage mode with beams on the ceiling which goes well with brown leather sofas and quilts, etc! I think you said your husband was good with it and that is pretty cool! I have to get my dose through roses brought in in the summer! BTW, it IS coming one day!
    Blessings and joy to you!

  8. Roxy, your sewing room is so sweet...and so tidy...something that mine is not. I don't think I will be taking any photos of that room to share :)

  9. Ah! How lovely!
    A few of my girlies and I 'love' this sweet lady-like room. How nice that you can leave it and work on things as you have time.
    Love the bed, did you make the pillow sham & quilt?
    One more thing we have in common.
    Thanks for the lil-peek into your creative room, looks like you have a work in progress going!

  10. As a huge fan of pink, this is just my sort of room. I am all for things girly!!

    When my youngest son moved out of home I ended up with his room as my craft/library/study and I love it. Its cosy and snug and I love spending time in there sewing away, or writing to you and all my blogging friends!!

  11. Even us big girls need a room of our own, enjoy! It's lovely!

  12. Now you are certainly a girl after my own heart....the pink room! LOVE! I totally agree that we all need a little space to enhance our creativity....I wish I could join you!! Now, I am inspired to make one too!

  13. Oh a sewing/craft room is a wonderful thing! I agree. The only thing that is better is that yours is pink. Very nice. That favorite of yours looks like a product from Home Interiors. How I enjoyed their decorative things and have a few myself.

  14. Wonderful pink room Roxy! It is so fun to have your own space to create. I have a little strawberry pincushion also. Love the use of the rosebud sheets! Thanks for sharing you space with SYC.


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