Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I see this Snowman just standing along side the road carrying this sign!
So I pull over and he jumps in and say's
  Hello, Thanks for the ride!

I am shocked and I say; Well, I have never picked up a hitchhiker before!
Especially a snowman,
And I ask him
  Have you been standing on the road for very long?

He responses;
All winter long as soon as the first snow storm started!
People just will not stop to pick me up!
I just think so many people are really turned off by the cold...
But you can bet come August there going to be  be beee missing me!

Oh are you cold?
Would you like me to turn my heater up higher?
I will never make it to my Destination if you do that!
So, I ask him (You don't like the cold either)?
He says!!
So I tell him to look buddy, I am on my way to the airport!
I am flying south...
So as far as I can take you is there okay?

Going to visit my daughter !!!
Can you guess where??


  1. Florida?!

    Have a lovely time and I loved your story of the snow man:))

  2. Hi Roxy! Have a wonderful time! Thaw out and relax :)

  3. Well, have fun- I hope it is Florida or somewhere equally as warm. Enjoy every precious moment with your family- I know you will. xo Diana

  4. Hi Roxy! Your whimsical snow man post today reminded me of this little quote I came across:

    "I made myself a snowball,
    as cute as it could be.

    I thought I'd keep it for a pet,
    and let it sleep with me.

    I made it some pajamas,
    and a pillow for its head.

    Then last night it ran away,
    but wet the bed."

    --Janice Knowles

    Have a great time in Florida ! With Love, Delisa :)

  5. Whoever came up with that snowman was brilliant...what a great idea! And you, Ms. Roxy, heading south, huh? I don't know how close you will be getting to NC but holler really loud if you get close...maybe I'll hear you! Have a blast with your family in the sunshine!

  6. You have such a fun way to share with us your travel plans.
    I love the picture.
    Soak up all the warm sunshine and send some my way (Pacific Northwest).

  7. Oh my goodness Rox, this was too cute… love the story (perhaps you should think of writing children's books). I know you are there now, and enjoying every minute. Give everyone my love.

  8. Florida will be gorgeous this time of year; not too hot, and certainly not cold. Have a fun time :)

  9. This photo gave me a smile tonight, enjoy your time with your daughter..and enjoy the weather


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