Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Kitchen Maid...

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 Hello Ladies meet the new girl on the block..
She is my new maid!!
She is my KitchenAid...

The days we live in just amaze me!

  Now I can do two things at once,
While I am mixing up my batters for the cakes and cookies.
 I can get the other ingredients ready and not have to watch the bowl and hold the mixer!
I can let this sweet little thing do all the hard work for me!
(And if you make carrot cake like I do, it is a heavy batter)

I was so surprised when my sweet Hubby came home with this new wonderful mixer!
I have never had one before, so I guess you just figure,
Heck, I have stirred it myself for years, do I really need one?
Maybe not need it, but it is wonderful now that I have one!

I also have gotten all my flours  put into large glass jars.
It has inspired me to bake and to use all the wonderful, healthy things I have!

I have always felt that to do a job it is easier to have the right tools.
Or equipment

So I just wanted to share my new maid with you!
She is lovely and well built..
May she serve me well and may I be inspired to make some wonderful,
And healthy breads and cookies for my sweet Hubby!

I think there is just something about having all these glass jars out and on the counter,
It is pleasing and encourages me, and inspires me!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Thank you Lord for my new maid :o)


  1. I'm so happy for you. I've had mine for many years and have used it often.

  2. Roxy- You will love it. It is a real workhorse and I use my own all the time. It makes baking such a joy and mixes even the heaviest of cookie batters. xo Diana

  3. My maid is fire engine red and such a lovely and kind helper (never complains). You might have seen her in my kitchen blog. Yesterday she whipped up the best banana bread ever!! She has a friend - the Kitchen Aid food processor, also fire engine red which does a brilliant job in the kitchen. I leave both of mine of the bench as they are heavy and wouldn't be used as much if they were hidden away.

  4. Congrats on your new toy, I know you will use it and enjoy it! Happy baking!

  5. Roxy, you are going to LOVE your Kitchen Aid mixer! I received mine on my 50th birthday and had wanted one for years! The hard part is choosing from all the beautiful colors! It will last you a lifetime! Enjoy!!

  6. Oh Roxy...what a blessing and what a dear, sweet hubby you have! A Kitchen Aid has been on my wish list forever...someday I will slpurge and buy one. Enjoy yours...:) Have a blessed week my friend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  7. I love your Kitchen Aid Rox; she is a beautiful helper.
    It is nice to have those handy tools. My hubby is all for using good tools, he understands his need of good tools in his work, and loves for me to have good tools in mine. So glad your sweet hubby bought you good tools as well. Love the glass jars full of flours and baking supplies…definitely something I love doing.
    Love and Blessings,

  8. You are too cute, Roxy :) Have fun with your new "Maid" and I look forward to seeing what you make with her.

    Love and hugs

  9. I know you will enjoy your time with "her". I have had mine for many years and still smile very time I use it.

  10. I think having the right equipment makes cooking so much more fun. Enjoy your new "maid" can't wait to see what she helps you make

  11. I'm expecting to see some more yummy goodies!
    Did you say Carrot Cake? My stomach is asking for it!


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