Thursday, June 14, 2018

How To Decorate A Miniature Doll House...


A Minature Doll House, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Here is the doll house I worked on all last spring!
It was a doll house already constructed;
My daughter found it on Craig's list for me, now that was such
a nice and easy way to start my project to decorate it for the State Fair!

It was a pretty blue color, but was faded and and some yellowing.
I felt that I was more of a yellow color kinda gal,
especially for a Victorian style home.

A Minature Victorian Doll House, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The cost of this doll house was only thirty dollars,
I truly felt I had found the bargain I was hoping for!
Because, I first went to Hobby Lobby and brought home
a very large box filled with a zillion pieces...
My son told me this;
"Mother this will only take you maybe 300 hours to construct and paint!"

I looked at him and said your kidding right?
Well needless to say I closed that huge box up and
returned it to Hobby Lobby.

Minature Doll House, Living from glory to glory blog...

It took over three coats of paint to cover the faded and dulled blue color.
I primed it inside and out, then painted the outside a pretty yellow.

I also had to paint the inside with primer and still three coats of a beige color.

Decorating the kitchen was so much fun!
Cherry curtains and sweet place mats and a apron I sewed for it!
Minature Country Doll House Kitchen, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...
I also made a little red rug!

I went to Hobby Lobby every few days buying little kitchen things.
Went to a specialty shop and found some darling treasures.
I also ordered a few things on line.
~Everything Miniture~

My Little Itsy Bitsy Apron

The bedroom was really fun!
loved the little Hope Chest filled with goodies
I made little perfume bottles from glass beads!
Also, I sewed the bedding, a wee comforter blanket and shams.
Pillows and the bed skirt...
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This room I used as the office, loved that little Banjo!!!
Everything in the details...
My Granddaughter made me some wee little colored pencils.
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

And of course I had a sewing room in the attic!
I found a little box with spools of thread,
How adorable is that??
It even has a little ironing board and iron.
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Here is the whole layout of the house!
The living room had a fireplace, and of course a kitty and a puppy!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I really enjoyed doing this project!
It was a challenge and took a few months to paint and to decorate!

My grandson said now let me get this straight;
You paid only thirty dollars for it, but what did all the furnishings cost?
"We won't go there"

It was a project I always wanted to do!
I did enter it into the State Fair and I did take 3rd place!
That was really amazing, because you would be surprised at how many
 there were in the minature doll House category!

It was something that brought me great joy;
And taught me that it is in the details;
No matter how small a thing is it can be big...

Now, I am thinking about entering something for this year;
I may or may not, as it all depends if I can get a project started
and completed before next month...
(Me Laughing Hysterically)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my sweet project;
I told my youngest granddaughter she could have it one day!

Sending a hug to each of you out in Blogland...
Love, Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

You Must Focus On What Is Important...

What Are Your Treasures, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

You must focus...

If you spend all your time and energy on things and people;
That will never bring true longevity!

When you our kinder to strangers or people you have just met;
then your own family or spouse!

When you give your best to those that truly do not give a hoot about you!

Some days you may have a ton of energy, others days not so much!
Why we must focus on what is eternal, and within your own household!

Where you lay up your treasures is very important!

Blogging is important to me;
But making sure my hubby has a good meal and a clean home,
Is way above on the priority list!

When we are challenged in any realm; we must focus on the
portion that is from Gods way of perception.

If you run all over town to even get the best deal on an item'
You just may be wasting valuable time.

Everything has a action and will cause a reaction!
I get it, it's not real profound, but we all need reminders.

If you find  yourself just running in circles in any given day;
Stop, and refocus and do the next thing with intent.

Can you just feel time slipping away?
Well. stop and smell the roses, because they even have a small
window to grow and bloom and to fill the air with their fragrance.

When I started this Blog it was never my goal to be famous;
Or to be on my computer all day long!
But to have a place to encourage those that want
"what is best for their marriages and home life"
If I use my gift to encourage others,
But not my own family, that is a problem.

What I am doing on the home front!
I have found that I love to paint with watercolor!

My Painting Of Watercolor Painting, Living From Glory to Glory Blog

Wildflower watercolor, Living From Glory To glory Blog...

I love to read on a hot afternoon!
Or Paint...

I find it much wiser to grow my tomatoes in a pot!

Well as usual, I am finding the higher ground!
Livng from Glory to Glory...

Hope you are having and making a good life!

Hugs, Roxy

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Lovely Table Coverings And A few Things To Make The Home Cozy...

I Truly Think That Doing This One Thing Makes A Home So Cozy

Using a pretty material of a fabric that accentuates your room's color or style,
Can make a table look very nice!
 or lace can just make a room look elegant!

I have seen a movement in many ways to remove all the fluff in one's home.

I understand that too much clutter is a bit much;
But I have covered many of my end tables and dresser tops;
And I have found it much easier to clean them.
Just take things off it and give the covering a good shake outside.

Also, you do not have to add so many knicknacks as the covering
 Decorates it for you!

Finding the pretty fabrics and lace is all a part of the fun!

Being on the lookout for these at yard sales and second hand stores.
Wash and iron them and maybe a bit of altering, and it will fit each
top perfectly, and you can even find different colors or design and patterns.

I have been working on a plan for keeping my home interesting!
Clean and organized, but useful and allow myself to surround
myself with the things I love and use!

My many different yarns!
A boat load of Washi tape and beautiful stickers!
My piano that takes up a whole wall!
A doggy bed that it blush pink for Natash my Red toy poodle!
Pretties hanging on the wall!
A rocking chair that rocks away my stress...

Small comforts, pay big dividends!

Lace, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

A Little Lace, its in the details...

A Kimball Piano, Living From Glory To glory Blog...

Making melody in my heart...

Rose Pattern Fabrics, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Fabrics I adore...

Books, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~ Books ~

Dried Roses, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Dried Flowers...

Fresh Garlic, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Spices and Flavor...

These are just a few of my favorite things...

As Always, Sending a bit of my home to yours!
Loving And Learning
Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Little Cup Of Tea...

A Beautiful Tea Cup, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Taking Delight...

Sharing a cup of tea and a lovely read!
As we all have a few favorite magazines and this is one I truly enjoy!

Its the details and no matter how small can make a gift so special.

What brings joy to the heart is not so much the gift;
but the love and thoughtfulness!

A Lovely Tea Towel, A gift package! Living From Glory To Glory blog

I truly enjoyed my gift box that I received from the
~Tea Cup Exchange~

Treasures, sent in love to another, that loves tea and fellowship!

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within us.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Tea Cup, Tea Towel, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This tea cup is very unique and I loved the orange flower that just popped!

The tea towel is so pretty, and I have it displayed in my kitchen!

Goodies to eat and chocolate to savor!
A sucker shaped as a spoon.

Earl Grey tea my very favorite, and have enjoyed it daily!

I loved it all!!!
Thank You Karen From OHIO...

Earl Grey Tea, Livng From Glory To Glory Blog...

Please enjoy a cup of tea today or cofee
And think of all the women all over the world enjoying the
ritual of tea and fellowship!!

Take a few moments each day to allow yourself peace and calm!
A cup of tea can change your outlook on your day!

There is a saying that drinking tea will help you live to a ripe old age!

Life can be hard, but joy comes in the morning;
And in each new season...
We can all fall down by ourselves, but it takes a friend to lift us up!

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.
~Thessalonians 5:11~

Growing In Grace...

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, May 11, 2018

How Making Cookies With Almond Flour Helps Blood Sugar...

Almond Flour Cookies, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Cookies made with mostly Almond Flour...

So many of us are looking into Lower Carbohydrates in our diets.
It is so hard because everything we love contains carbs.

We love cookies, pasta and breads!
Yet these very foods cause a sharp insulin jolt to our blood stream.
And after years of it, we now can become insulin resistant.

Why are so many finding themselves in the category of high blood sugar?

Grains, Sugars our typical American cuisine

All foods are either:

In order for your diet to be reduced to a smaller amount of Carbohydrates
Will take work and a new found love for cooking.
And preparing meals and desserts that are better for your blood sugar.

Almond flour is a very good alternative to use in making
All the things you love!

I try to use mostly almond flour with a small amount of a Non GMO
Flour that has some gluten in it!
I do not want a dry, tasteless cookie or quick bread.
What's the point?

There are so many different thoughts on this subject;
That is why you must make a plan that works for you and your family!

I have read three books in the last year that have helped me!
Have I followed everything they have taught?

But as a wise woman I have gleaned a bit of wisdom!

Wheat Belly
By William Davis, M. D.

Grain Brain
By Davis Perlmutter & Kristen Loberg

Trim Healthy Momma
By Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

Find your middle ground...

Again, moderation in all things is best!

Almond flour is sweet and delicious and moist alternative!
Buy yourself a bag and keep in the refrigerator!
Use it and you will be surprised at how well it works!

Eating a meal that is higher in protein is much better then 
Being really high in the carbohydrate form.

We must do what we can to stop the swing in blood sugar;
But we can help our bodies to stay within a safe zone.

You will find many sites and books on this very subject!

Eat And Drink For His Glory;

Tell me what you are doing to lower your amount of carbohydrates!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lilacs And The Love Of Peace And Quiet...

Lilacs are Lovely, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Finding Peace...

I will be the first one to tell you this about myself;
I love having a peaceful and quiet home!

And as you all well know,
Life has a way of becoming loud and busy!

The other night we were all siting down and watching a movie;
And snap, crackle and pop
It started to hail!

Our daughter and her family have come for a visit,
And she has six children, two dogs, and a cat!
Now it is so busy here!
I love seeing the grandchildren and talking with them!

But I feel like my bed is calling me at 8:30 pm
I have written about this very thing of
feast or famine in my days!

It all may just be a part of getting older!

 I always have so many ideas and plans rolling around in my head.
 But implementing them has become a challenge.

I am learning to enjoy the busy moments!
It's just that my body does not always go along with this mode of thinking!

I find myself thinking more and more about hiring some help;
Someone I could be a blessing to, and yet have some help!!
It takes me way longer to clean as when I was a younger women.

Maybe this might be a season to declutter and rethink as to how,
I may keep my house clean!

I cleaned homes for others as a young mother,
It was a blessing to receive payment for doing housework!

Even after a day in town shopping, I find myself tired!

Yet, when it is to quiet!
I feel a sense of loneliness...

Finding peace can seem allusive;
But it is always there,
~ just quiet your heart and close your eyes even but for a moment~

Much Love...

Monday, April 30, 2018

Clean Thinking And Living...

Pretty Tableware, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Why we are told to think on everything lovely...

The human mind has become the dumping grounds;
Just think of all the trash you have heard or seen in the last month!
Scary and unnerving if you dwell upon it!

But, we must learn to sort out the clean from the filthy;
We were given a conscience to help guide us and keep us on track.

Do I have to listen to all the bad stuff?
Must I be exposed to all the darkness?

Heard any bad, rude or crude jokes lately?
Did you see a commercial that made you blush?

The world talks about clean eating;
Ha, what about clean thinking and living!!

People care more about eating the right foods
 then what their spiritual hearts are being exposed to!

If there is one thing I am truly praying to overcome is saying
To the airwaves of garbage and to what the world calls
eye candy.

Lovely is kind and morally pure.

Many think that it is okay to share every private detail with you!

A wise woman learns to be discrete, but also practices it daily!

Going to the library use to be fairly safe;
But now days the books are laced with infidelity and sin!

I always dread summer, and the fact of all the immodestly dressed women.
I enjoy seeing ladies dress pretty and summery;
But without seeing all the flesh, the three B's

Do All Things With Love
They way you think!
The way you dress!
The way you share your private matters!

Are you sure your house is built upon the Rock;
And not the sinking sand!

Do not become seared to what is unclean;
Be watchful, guard your hearts and eyes!

As Always...
Because He Lives,
I can face tomorrow...

Love, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do You Have The Right To Say What You Think...

I Say What I Think, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I Say What I Think

There are many people that think and boast that this a fine quality!
They call this being honest, and feel they have the right to fling words,
around like they were spreading fertilizer on their spring grass.
With no thought of whom they might wound or harm...
Did you know that even fertilizer can kill a wild grass or a tender new shoot?

Saying what you think can be downright cruel!
Our thoughts and words are not to be used as a reckless means of communications!
Be mindful of the words you speak;
Be not like the lion seeking to whom he may devour!

There are ways to say and speak our minds, with tack!
And also will bring a sweet balm...

We have no right to leave a trail of;
Bad Humor
Critical Words
Miserable with oneself

Speaking our evil thoughts and hurtful words!

I have heard it said, I have earned my right to speak my mind!

We are told to grow in wisdom and grace.

I grieve when I remember a few times when a women spewed her mind,
(And they said; "what's her problem")

Her problem is this;
She is mad, has not learned self control, is abusive with her words!

Learning to take every thought captive is what I desire to accomplish!
Even if it requires biting my tongue!

Because bitter words, never produce good!

Words lovingly and softly spoken will bring a better outcome!

Sometimes, this is just not always easy;
This is why it is important to be well rested and eating well,
So you do not become a grumpy person!

As always sharing with you what I am learning or have learned the hard way!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog

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