Saturday, November 11, 2017

Feast Or Famine And Autumn Has Come Again...

Feast Or Famine, Living  from Glory To Glory Blog...


~Falling for Fall~

There is just something so inviting about seasonal wreaths!

Decorating for each season is a very easy way to keep your home
Interesting and homey.

I found some beautiful, rich burgundy and gold swirl placemats to use
for my dinner table. I love to use tablecloths and placemats in my kitchen.
And if you use a formal dining area, it is just so beautiful.

The leaves are changing and falling off!
But they do not seem to be the least worried over the change.

When all your children have grown up and have left home,
To start their own families it is what we hoped they would of achieved.

So when you have those special times when the whole family comes together;
It is always what we call a full house ...

We have full beds and makeshift beds on the floor.
We have large quantities of food and goodies.

We are either feast or famine!

Learning to adapt and to overcome all changes is so important!
I know longer spend my time micro managing others...

I have seen over the years we are in these two modes
The Famine is the most common;
Everyone is busy working or unavailable.
They days of families getting together for a family meal often is
not so common any more.
The nucleus family dynamics have changed!
You may even feel lonely, as you miss the family closeness.

The Feast mode comes during holidays
Seasonal get together's
Times of transitions

There are so many things you can do to enjoy each mode;
Set your heart and mind first of all!
Choose to enjoy each mode!

Enjoy the famine time to rest and to enjoy quiet things

Enjoy the feast mode, with all the business and laughter and messes!

But always allow for yourself and your spouse a bit of space!
We need that, but I can say when everyone leaves:
The house is way too quiet!

As Always...
Living From Glory To Glory

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Keeping A Watchful Eye, Or Shall I Say Eyes...

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


Now is the time to make sure you have your eyes in your head,
And looking in the right direction...

You remember the saying:
"I have eyes in the back of my head"

Well, you better be using them!

Things are ramping up...
The North wind will be blowing!

But we must keep our eyes on the SON

One thing you can be sure of in the days of Apostasy;
They will become more and more apparent!

As a Mother and Grandmother, I take my role to heart!

Making sure I pray for their safety and for them to walk away
From lies and deceptions...

But this world is filled with smoke and mirrors;
We are not seeing what is really there anymore.

It just teaches me, to be watchful!!

Be aware of your surroundings..
Evil purposes lurk in the very places we might have felt safe.

Keep Your Heart With All Diligence

Pray for all your loved ones to be in the TRUTH...

Error and Deception are trying to lead many astray...

One Prayer I have earnestly taken to heart is this...

Lord, Please open my eyes to any lies or deception or false doctrine
That I may be believing or trusting in!

The Great I Am will answer a prayer like that one!

Just sending out a bit of WARNING here Dear Ones

As Always,

Living From Glory To Glory
~By His Grace~

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Pathway Of Right Or Wrong...

Right Or Wrong, Living from glory to glory blog...

The Path Way Of Bliss...

Walking the path less traveled can be a bit freeing yet intimidating.

It's obvious that I do not fit in...
Well, just maybe I am not supposed to!

Just because everyone else is doing it;
Does not make it right...

Discernment is considered old fashion!
Women are being led astray
Men are being led astray

Where are those that are willing to speak truth!
Why are we following the others to the ways of the world?

We have way too many influences that will lead you astray!

Many will do something wrong and then they will do it again!
Why, Because they got away with it!
Why, Because we do not want anyone to tell us what to do!

Well. you should be glad and count your blessings if
Someone in your life or your family sees a character flaw;
Or they see you going down a slippery slope.

We no longer want to be corrected!

Maybe it does feel really bad to be corrected;
But, I would rather be corrected than to be considered a fool!

Look, I no longer want to fit in with the in crowd or the higher echelon!

The great thing is that I can sleep at night knowing I did the right thing;
Or that I spoke the truth in love;
And I let the truth lead me in the right path!

It is not my job to convert anyone or to change their hearts!

I get to mind my own business and lead a quiet life;
Until the lie or the deception creeps up on my front porch.

If you ask for wisdom and the Lord gives it!
Do not try to reason it away with what the whole world is doing!

There are only two ways;
Right or Wrong

Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, October 23, 2017

Do You Have To Initiate Everything...



Elks bugle
Tarzan used to bugle

Can You Hear Me?

My Husband tells me all the time that if you want to fellowship;
or have company or have someone to do something with;
You must be the initiator...

The way I look at it, most the time it's no problem.

But it is becoming so hard for others to do anything outside
Their daily schedules in life to life.

Finding time to fellowship with others is getting harder!

So the priority is God first
(Prayer, Bible Reading, Prayer)

My Dear Hubby
(Making time to cuddle and to chat)
Making good meals
Keeping the Home in good order
These things make his life easier!

So sometimes we just need to keep things to a dull roar...
I no longer want to initiate everything!

Stay close to home and only keep the
Friendships that are worth making time to show them
That they are special to you and worth the time and effort you make!

Using our days wisely is very important!

A friend told me this morning;
Everyone gets on the treadmill every morning;
And some may never get off.

But remember some things are so worth initiating!
Ask for wisdom in this...

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How To Be Polite In Your Home And Society...

Emily Post and Etiquette, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


The code of polite behavior...

Polite Behavior
Attitudes that reside in your heart

These are really all character traits!
The Good and The Bad and The Ugly

There are books written on this subject!
But I tend to think they are not on the Best Sellers List

There was a time when children that had parents and grandparents
That took the time, to not only use good polite behavior;
But taught it to their children and grandchildren.

This does not mean we teach our children to do whatever
 An adult might tell them.
But to choose wisely, between using appropriate words and actions!

There was a time that when using good manner,. Was considered
A sign of good standing in a culture of worth.

It seems that because the focus on self worth and how special
We all are to perceive ourselves;
We would be the most kind and polite society in the world!
Self- centered and Selfish come to mind.

Children's first words tend to be such as

But we all know that the magic words are truly;

We should all be using these;
And also the words

Even our tone of voice, has become a bit of a snarky comeback!

Many have become impatient with others!
Many will not even take the time to RSVP to an invitation sent!
Many will not even take the time to return a phone call!

In a world that has technology at ones finger tips;
We can send Emails, Ecards, Photos, RSVP's
A quick Text...

Look, it's not all about you!

It is never too late to educate ones self on good manners!
Being Polite will never go out of style...

Lets help each other!!
Help your children (Old or Young)
Help Your Grandchildren

~Use Your Very Best Manners For Your Family And Home~

When you walk away from someone you have just spoken with,
Try to only say things that are kind and to speak of all the faults!
We all have them!

~If you have nothing nice to say, please say nothing at all~

Being polite is a heart issue!

What might be a good manner that you are working on?

Truly Thankful For Each And Everyone One Of You...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Grand Mothers Blue and White Stoneware...

Blue and White Antique Stoneware, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Vintage Blue And White Stoneware...

I have so many memories from this set of canisters;
They were all in my Grandmother's kitchen!
They were all used everyone of them!
There are 16 of them!
There is smaller ones for the spices and one for rock salt.

I have had this set from the first year I was married!
I once had a friend's sister come out to the house;
And she had an antique store in Kansas.
She told me she has never seen a complete set of this canisters!
Only two of them have a chuck missing on the top.
But I still have the little broken pieces of them!

I think many of us have such fond memories of those special things either from 
Our grandparents or our parents' homes.

I love my things that have sentimental value...
I find comfort in them!

I do not think I would be very good at having to live a lifestyle of
Less is More...
No, not me!

I love my books and my doilies and my tablecloths!
I have more tea cups and tea pots, then you need!

I love having seasonal decor and decorations to display!

Living in a warehouse for many is so popular!
Not me, I prefer a cottage and a home that is filled with love!
And my stuff...

Pretties are important to me!
Not that I couldn't live without them.
But since I can have them, I enjoy them!

As I believe you can make a home lovely with pretty things!
But clutter and just junky stuff is not good for anyone.

I ask myself;
Do You love this?
Does it carry wonderful memories?
Is it worth, the space it takes up?

P.S. Just a thought;
Do you ever go back to a blog and to see if the author has
left a reply to your comment?
I now have a new comment section with a reply response;
So I may be using it to respond!
Tell me what you think!!

Blessings, Roxy
Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, October 9, 2017

Are You Feeling a Bit Like A Dried Out Rose...

Dried Roses, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Dried Roses...

I am having my Blog updated this week on a few new things!
My designer has just added a few more Roses to my header!
Do You Like It?
Really can you ever have to many Roses
(Don't even answer that one)

When I have been given a bouquet of Roses;
I take super good care of them, change the water every other day!
I add a little bit of sugar to the water!
But when I first get them, I give them a little bit of a snip off the bottom.

I think you can always do a little bit of dried rose decorating around your home!

Sometimes I like just placing a dried rose in front of a photo;
Especially our wedding photo and our two grown child's wedding photos!

I have a few in my china hutch that are extra special that I have saved!

But sometimes they just start to look dusty and faded;
So then I have to throw them away.

Do you ever just buy yourself flowers?
I do once in awhile.
I find that arranging flowers in a pretty vase inspires me!
Sometimes they are fresh and other times they are wild ones.
And I so enjoy dried Roses, but I enjoy the ones you purchase Fake
Plastic ones at its best, they look so real now days.

I wanted to mention if you're ever interested in a great Web designer;
Look at this  Shabby Creations Shop!

Are you weary and feeling a bit dried out yourself?

Well, write a list for yourself!
Write down all the things to help you have a better routine:

Here is mine, I just wrote out this morning.

Ride My Exercise Bike

Practice Piano

Take A Walk

Work On Crochet Projects

Eat Very Few Carbs

Drink Enough Water

Check Blood Pressure

No Salt

No Dairy

Sounds boring, but having a list to remind one's self is wise!

I didn't list my Bible reading because that and other things I do
with no problems. These are established routines!
 It is these are pesky things I must do to stop myself
From Drying Out...

Friday, October 6, 2017

What Is Your Life Reflecting...

Fall Reflections, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Your Life Is A Mirror...

I have been thinking about my reflection, not only my past, but the future!

Reflection can be a powerful tool for the future!
You have all heard the saying "Love is blind"
But what it really means is that we can see the good in others,
Even when they might not see any worth in themselves!
Or just the opposite; they are puffed up and self righteous.

I have the opportunity to reflect something of value.
What you see and hear and do in this life will have a reflection!

What you look like will eventually reflect more of the heart then your appearance!

I am hoping for the softness of my character;
Hues of bronze and golds...
Shimmering hopes of tears of happiness;
Joys that bring light to my eyes;
Not a darkness, but open to the fragments of truth I glean!

Why is the world drawn to dark and dreary?

Throw open the curtains and pull up the blinds;
Refuse to live in the dark!

Even a very small beam of light can and will make a difference!

All the different arrays of spectacular colors show us that
Each of us is given off a reflection!

Don't think of the dark!
Rather, think of the Heros who live each day to be a help;
And a blessing to others.

I might just be a little Aspen leaf turned golden yellow on a 
Very tall tree, but I matter...

I will be the very best at what and who I am!

Shine and be the quiet tinkling of words of love and encouragement!

~Shine On~