Monday, October 4, 2021

Why We Must Pass On The Baton Of Faith...

Passing On The Baton Of Faith, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


It's easy to encourage others when you feel good.

But when you feel worn out, or overwhelmed, it can become

Nearly impossible if we rely on our own strength.

So many times as I read scripture I see the encouragement

Being spoken into the early believers and the church.

By the very ones like Paul, who was suffering;

Sickness and persecution and false teachers from within.

So as I write this post I am telling myself this:

No Matter Your Own Situation;

I must stay positive, confident, hopeful and faithful!

And look for encouragement from the Lord!

I just love it when I awaken with great joy and anticipation!

But some days just seem Blah...

So that's when I propel myself into just doing something.

Remember when you understood the scripture that called it

A Spirit of Heaviness?

Well, so when you feel that thing, just stop and pray;

And begin praising the Lord, It will begin to lift quickly!

Then get yourself moving, get yourself ready for the day!

Feel good about taking care of your appearance.

Sweep the kitchen floor.

Get your dinner menu thought out.

Make an effort to encourage someone today!

It's only through the hard times we learn to be either;


The world hopes to break us and to rely upon them!

But Christ wants us to bring our cares and burdens to Him!

May you choose to be tenderhearted and compassionate.

Especially in a world riddled with fear!

We either walk in 


So we can either have;


Set your mind on Heavenly things;

All this will come to pass just as the Lord sees fit!

Your job is to get busy doing what you know is right!

Having a HOME and a family is a great responsibility;

Let's be good stewards of what we have been given;

And our allotted time here.

There is so much division anymore in the world;

May we not allow division in our hearts or our HOMES...

I am missing all my dear friends in blogging world.

A few sweet friends have already passed on!

May we continue to carry on and pass the baton to our

Next generation, and it's not up to us how well they do.

But it is up to us to encourage them to do their best!

Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Power Of Refreshment...

 Refreshment is a MUST, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Power of Refreshment...

Good morning friends! What a privilege to share with you today. Thank you!

It is quiet here this morning.
 The family is still asleep, and my grandfather clock’s quiet tick is my only company.

I’ve just read from the book of Isaiah; a few short verses but very delicious. In 46:1-4,
 God’s people were carrying idols that were powerless to help them.
 But their God is not powerless.
 He has in fact carried them since before their birth, and He intends to carry them forever.

Our God bears our burdens. He carries us.

Burdens steal joy and the ability to work.
 As the family of God, we share both the work and the burdens.

Have you ever been exhausted, yet unfinished with your work?
 Maybe hard physical outdoor labor.
 A short break and some refreshment can make all the difference.

Spiritual labor can create exhaustion too. The sorrows of ministry can weigh us down.
Our homes can be that place to rest; our welcoming companionship that refreshing drink.

What can we do to use this gift?

We can be humble enough to allow someone in, even when the house is not perfect!

We can be open enough to ask questions

We can flexible enough to consider them

We can be gentle enough to set boundaries and let someone know it's time to go home.
This is gentle on them and us,
Because without this boundary we will not feel kindly toward our visitors!

We can teach our children manners, even on the spot!

How has the Lord refreshed or carried you recently?

May I introduce to you this special Lady, that wrote this Blog Post?

Sometimes we just need to give someone a place to share their wisdom;
Or the encouragement they have to give!
We are all hurting and troubled in so many ways.
But this sweet post was written by a young woman I had the joy of meeting,
And even a chance to speak into her life for many years!
She has the gift of wisdom concerning womanhood and marriage.
And now she is a Mother raising her children.
She is a Joy and I do hope you will encourage her to continue her journey!
Post Written By: Milly

I am always so blessed to share with you what I am learning!
We must always have a willing heart to grow in His grace!
And to encourage others to endure and overcome...
Hugs, Roxy
"Living From Glory To Glory Blog"

Friday, September 10, 2021

The Balance Of Standing, And Keeping Our Homes A Haven...


Finding Beauty And Calmness, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


I will resolve to look for the beauty in my own home!

Keeping my heart steady and not allowing the unrest into my heart!

When you keep yourself busy in doing the things that matter...

Sometimes we might think doing laundry or dusting is not important.

But it allows your mind to not feel cluttered.

We were made to work and keep things in order.

I believe we become stagnant at times;

But each new day and season can provide us with a new thing!

Our homes are the one place we can control a few things!

What is being watched or listened to, and even what's for dinner!

Think about what you might like to do, 

that will impact the atmosphere,

In your home...

My last post was a bit on the heavy side, but we must work for 

The balance of our standing for the truth, and keeping our homes a haven!

We have the tools and the gumption, we just need a push at times.

I think we all just want someone to validate us at times;

Because being at home can be so fulfilling, but also lonely.

Especially when the whole world is isolating themselves.

I don't believe in isolating myself, but being wise in so many things,

Can help us stay healthy and motivated!

These days call for thinking outside the box!

Don't be bullied, don't be passive!

Hold Down The Fort!!!

 Keepers Of The Home

Keepers Of The Truth

Keepers Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Trust me, your HOME will be a beacon of light as the world grows darker...

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Always Faithful... OR NOT


Look For The Truth... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Always Faithful

For this reason I also suffer these things; nevertheless I am not

ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that

He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.

2 Timothy 1:12

Semper Fi

It means always faithful...

The Marine Corps Emblem, an eagle holds a ribbon in its mouth,

Inscribed with Semper Fidelis.

The words "Always Faithful"

There is never a time when a Marine will not be faithful 

To his or her Duty To America.

So as we all can see a Bad Moon Risising in our world and 

in what I believed was the greatest country in the world.

But we have seen our appointed leaders, leading us astray.

Now, who actually voted for those who have a heart

To destroy America??

Feels very diabolical to me!

I can no longer sit back and just take care of my own home!

When we have leaders that want to tell me that I am no

Longer free to choose what is best for myself or my family.

Wake up sleepy Joe...

You will have to pay the piper one day!

Whoever is pulling the strings have a script that will

make even those that still think everything will go back to normal shudder!

We have those that are faithful to God and His Word;

And we have those that want to destroy the land we love!

There is never a day when we are not expected to be faithful

To God, never a day when we can allow fear of the future!

Because, we will see the Glory of God prevail!

I have good news! All these conspiracy theories will stop;

Because they have all come true...

We are more divided and segregated than ever!

They want us to hate one another, and to be fearful of everyone.

They want us to be suspicious of all!

They do not want us to talk to each other!

Come on people...

This has happened before in other countries;

It's happening now in Australia and New Zealand!

If you do not speak up and stand your ground, it will all disappear!

So may I ask you this??

What are you all so afraid of?

Being afraid to die?

We may be all facing persecution!

And some of us will die for our faith!

Don't act so shocked and surprised, we were warned!

Are time here is short; But if you do not have the heart

Or faith to die and stand for truth, you are standing on the sinking sand!

There are better days ahead right around the corner

"In the Presence Of My Lord And Savior"

Come, Lord Jesus Come

I may have to quit writing Blog post, as the world desires it's

Lust and lies and power and control and then telling me I must tolerate all the junk!

Do I need to look elsewhere to encourage and support the saints,

 That won't back down!?

Does this encourage you or does this upset you?

May I ask you for a comment?

Do not think this is all going to go away; as it's been eighteen months already,

And counting...

It's not about Co-id, its about control and power...

Truly, day by day Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Home Keepers Wanted...

 Making A Home Life... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

We Must Make Our Homes A Place Of Refuge...

There is an assault on the one place that we can grow and create!

We have been called to excel in this area!

I just pray many women will homeschool their children;

May woman start having prayer groups again!

May we resolve to get strong and be ready for what comes!

May we not be robbed of our God given rights!

Make everything you do look loved and cared for!

They want us to feel defeated and out voted, like they're the winners.

We are the ones who will be filled and overjoyed even in drought!

We must push just as when we were in labor!

It was hard, but the joy was so worth the pain!

Just do even one thing today to make life enjoyable!

Do something to make your home beautiful!

Strength and dignity are your clothing;

And your position is strong and secure!

Seeking truth and beauty is powerful!

Hit a HOME run and your family will cheer for you!

Even if they don't, keep doing the right thing...

Something wants to convince you it doesn't matter;

Well, it does!

As Always Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Do We Even Know What We Are Celebrating?

Freedom And Liberty For All... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 What Are We Celebrating?

Our Country is under attack from within...

What would your life and livelihood or walk with Christ look like if, suddenly all your freedoms were taken away. Not just for a year or two, but forever?

We are celebrating things that are not from God!

There is a growing disrespect for the truth;
And so many do not want to hold the Flag's meaning in honor!

We hear this phrase we must be tolerant;
But all the while they are changing and removing many things,
That we have always held dear to our hearts!
Because while we are being tolerant, they are telling us,
We can no longer do this or that or display that!

We are the laughing stock of so many other countries right now!
They want to see us become a fallen and controlled country!

I just wish those that want to be a country controlled,
By a regime would just get on that boat we always hear about!
"The Slow Boat To China"

Do not be silent, when your town council meets,
Do not be absent from your school board meetings!
Do not stop flying the USA Flag
Do not stop being a kind upstanding American citizen
Do not allow lies to replace truth...
Do not allow our History to be removed!
Do not allow your tax dollars be used for ungodly things!

These things must be talked about and shared!
They are trying to silence us all, unless you look and act like them!
And it should not be like that!
We can make a difference each and every day!
If you have not noticed EVERYONE is being censored!

It has already started...

I remember the first time I heard the quote;
The Deep State!?
I thought what the heck are they talking about??
I felt it was just a weirdo talking nonsense.
They want to keep us stupid
They want to keep us quiet
They want to keep us conditioned
They want to be in charge of everything
They want to have every school and college
 In their mind controlled thinking propaganda!
What ever happened to teaching critical thinking?
And the media use to speak truth and did not all sound like parrots!

If we do not stop being led astray, we will wake up one day;
And realize we are a country ruled by those that have
THEIR agenda and what we want or need will no longer,
Be allowed or available...

So ask yourself what are we celebrating?

And just think about that old song;
Who's zooming who????

This Blog has been a place I have been able to love and 
Encourage homemakers for a decade.
But believe me when I say the HOME is the HEART of this COUNTRY!

But trust me a good recipe for moist cookies is great;
And to encourage you to be a keeper of the home is powerful.
But to not be aware of the eroding values and protection;
Of the very things we hold dear is a crime!

Maybe I should just stop writing a sweet little post;
And fall asleep in my rocking chair, while
They steal are most precious children's hearts and minds!

So may I ask you, why are we told to fight the good fight of faith?
Maybe because the truth is always under attack!

Look, we can all do something to expose the lies!
Deception comes as an angel of light we are told!

I desire to live a quiet life and work with my hands:
But we must be a voice or a light to our homes,
And our communities and to this great country!

But God will not Bless a country that bans Him from
Its codes and laws and rules and schools and homes!

Sure, we could live without cops if we were all law abiding citizens!
But from the very beginning...
Cain killed Abel

We can not even govern ourselves, so how can a Godless
Society or government saves us?

Well, it can't so wake up and stand for what others fought for;
A free Country and a place for all people...

~Life, Liberty and Justice~

Blessings, Roxy

If this post does not get the most comments I have ever gotten in a decade, well, I guess that just says it all!

I heard a quote from a woman that escaped from a communist country,
It came from her Mother.
She told her daughter,
"Even when you think you're alone,
The birds and mice can hear you whisper."
By Yeonmi Park, In Order to Live

Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Being Practical In A World Of Outlandish Behavior...

There Is Truth, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


What is considered to be practical?

Being practical in a world of outlandish behavior and radical beliefs!

Look, we are wired to know when something is just not right;

Yet we are being programmed to embrace all that is wrong!

It started slowly, but has gained speed!

This warped culture will explode and implode and

Destroy the true core of life, liberty and justice.

I am sick of hearing or being told we are not tolerant!

But, Maybe they are not tolerant of us!??

Look, I mind my own business...

I take care of what is required of me each day,

And each passing season, things seem more disturbing!

We are told to not love this world!

But Christians are expected to love people;

Even those we don't agree with.

So we must love people where they are;

And to pray that God will change their hearts!  (LIFE)

The hippie movement was love the one your with;

Today is murder and hate everyone that doesn't think like you think!

This is all nonsense, because this behavior will not change anyone!

Stop telling me how I am suppose to think and believe!

My Mother use to say mind your own plate!

Which means take care of what you have!

Don't allow someone to take your peace (PIECE))

Equal Rights are only equal if you think so...

Everything offends Everyone...

You can try to convince everyone that you are right;

But one day you just may be sorry you led others astray!!


Being practical means being loving, level headed and responsible!

Not bullheaded, unkind, and cruel...

Just Saying

Blessings, Roxy

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Creating A Place Of Solace...

Creating A Home, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Home Is a Sacred Place

I try to remind myself when I am so busy doing this and that,

Doing the same chores day in and day out.

That I am not JUST doing chores,

But rather creating a home life;

That is filled with security of a safe haven!

I want my home to be filled with warmth and comfort!

A place where we all can feel nurtured!

Summer is a time of being outside more.

What I have been doing is making a place to sit outside

And relax, not always having to water and pull weeds!

I find it's just as important to do the needed chores to

Keep things running smooth.

But taking time to enjoy the birds singing,

The pretty clouds in the sky!

So remember to keep a little space in the great outdoors;

That is what I call my outside living-room!

Great little treasures to place in this area to make it beautiful!

Spray paint some of those wore out items,

 buy some real or fake flowers,

To place in some pretty jars or pots for that summer vibe!

Take delight in your home!

Remember, you're not just doing chores,

But creating a place of solace in the fruits of your labor!

Enjoy and do something that brings life to your heart!

Blessings, Roxy

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