Friday, March 10, 2023

Aspire To Lead A Quiet Life, But Don't Believe The Lies...

Truth, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We don't have time for everything.
We cannot become entangled with
The world and its folly and chatter.
Yet, we cannot be ignorant of what is being called truth!

But I believe the worst part of
This information or propaganda is this!
So many lies being told by our government and media;
If you do not contend for the truth
You may come to believe the lies.

Satan is working hard to keep us ignorant of the truth!
"But I truly believe we can overcome evil with good"

Firstly Fill up the crevices of your time
With the things that matter most.
This will cost something
But it will be worth it.
Have you ever heard the statement
The Deep State?
Or "Your in Deep Doo-doo?"

I refuse to be ignorant of what the narrative is really trying to do!
Did you see who our officials honored for
Woman's day?
Not Woman!!
Not Mothers Day...
Because they now just want to call us birthing people.
Even the feminism were appalled.
Now, Do you see why it's hard to blog when we are all being censored.
They want to silence us.

These sad state of affairs makes me cringe.
This one of the reasons it's hard to just pretend everything is okay.

It's even more important to dig deep to find the truth!
Don't believe everything they tell you!
This is no different then the false teachers in the Church!
We are warned to contend for the faith and the truth!

So now more than ever we must work hard for the
Biblical womanhood and home!!

Put your apron on!
The Armour Of God...
Gird Yourself

Don't believe the lies!!

Love the sinner, not the sin...

If I was on another social media I would be banned


Choose the life that is hid with God.
Then your heart will be set on
Things which are above!

Abide in Christ

Stay focused on home.

The best reason for a godly wife
and mother too
leave her home responsibilities
is to minister for the Lord
to someone He has
Directed her to minister to. 

God will never lead her on a path
if it compromises her calling as a
helpmeet to her husband and
her work as a mother.

Blessed you will be if you do what you are called to do

I believe every lie will be exposed
I believe what you do in your home can change the world
I believe we must stand strong for the truth!
I believe we must keep the home fires burning!
That's if they don't outlaw our gas stoves and fireplaces!

See what I mean? I could go on for days...

But, I will stop myself for now!
I have cards to write out!
Breakfast to prepare
Laundry to do
Prayers to pray

Thanks for taking the time to read this post...
Hope it inspired you to do what is right!
Don't compromise the truth for the lie...

Hugs, Roxy

Friday, February 10, 2023

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-In-Law, Living From Glory To Glory To Glory Blog...

These Vintage Roosters Make Me Miss My Mother in Law

Country Decor
French Country
Farm Country

These Chickens belong to my mother-in-law!
I believe they belonged to her Mother

These are a sweet treasure to me!

She has been gone for a long time!
She was a very special and dear person to me!

I realized that over the years how blessed I was to have
Such a wonderful Mother-in-law!

So I want to title this post-
Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

I believe when I was first married over 40 years ago;
I had no idea on how she treated me would impact the rest
Of my relationships!

Think of this family dynamics this way;
You both love the same man.
He now needs to cleave to his wife;

She was kind to me and didn't judge me,
She was patient with me,
She was not critical!
She taught me to crochet!
She made me think I was the best cook ever!
(I wasn't) :)

Here are a few things I remember she did that were huge!

She didn't act jealous of me as her son showed me so much attention!
She didn't choose sides when we were having difficulties!
She made a big deal about my Birthday!
She spoke well about my own Mother!
She honored my efforts at being a wife and a mother!
She walked with me in difficult days, Not over me!

~Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law~
Seek to be a Blessing 
Encourage Them
You can impact her life in many ways,
With being kind and loving and helpful!
We can teach someone without any words!

Don't repeat what she might tell you!
Pray for them daily!
If she compliments something she has made for her son;
Ask her if she might like to have the recipe.
Just because she married your son, this is not a competition!!

Realize it takes time to develop housekeeping skills!

Remember how insecure you were
 When you were but a young bride?

Respect goes a long way, even if you would do things differently!

Make your daughter-in - law feel like family.
Not an outsider!
Don't force your son to choose between the two of you!!!!
Because he will take his bride's side, as he should!!!

Compliment her good qualities!
Trust me she has some!!!!

Never speak negatively about her!
Learn quickly to not do this, as it will cause great damage!

Try to only give advice if she is asking about something!

Be available!
Remember to call and ask if it's okay to come visit.
And maybe once in awhile bring a small little gift just for her!

It is never too late to become a great Mother-in-Law!!

She is the only reason I learned to be a good mother-in-law!
She was teaching me by her actions and responses.

What a blessing to your son to choose to love
The very one he has chosen to be his wife!

~Blessings To Each Every Every Mother and
Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-laws~


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Rose Fountain Of Blessings

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Everything Responds To A Sweet Disposition...

Enjoy The Slower Months, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~ Making These Moments Meaningful~

Just Chilling in this time of cold and snow;
When we can learn to embrace each new flip of a calendar month!

Things slow down and we can get back into a slower routine.
I have found that when you just let the day work for you,
By managing a few things on your daily planner.
Or your to do list is meaningful.

Everything in each day will not be a grand affair,
But more like a steady timeline.

I have found great comfort in the little things in making our home
Comfortable and calm and just enjoyable.

I tell myself that there is no coincidence;
Everything is in His purpose and plan!

He just wants us to respond to his leading and be diligent!
It's not about doing everything perfect or in record time,
But rather just doing the next thing.

When you do what needs to be done in a way
that feels smooth and not hurky jerky!

I think our homes respond to a tender movement;
Not aggressive and rushing about.
I believe everything responds to a sweet disposition!

Even as you go about doing all that needs to be done;
You can be at peace and enjoy what you are doing.

The whole world wants it now,
The quicker the better.
Now, I can't even hear myself think!

Bask in this new month, enjoy and look forward to
what lies ahead in each new day.

For when we contemplate our reasons for what we do each day;
We can see the value of making the most of each task.

After all, we will never have everything caught up;
As tomorrow will be a new day with tasks,
That call for our attention.

Also, once again try to do something each day that
Inspires you and brings you joy!

Doing what is required of me;
And doing something that gives me satisfaction is
a wonderful way to accomplish much!

Blessings, Roxy

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Words With Life...

Holy Bible, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

God's Word

God's Words are living forces (alive)

Powerful that if you allow them to take up

Residence in you, it will produce fruit in your life.

God,s Word will heal your heart and mind and give you comfort.

Read the Psalms.

If you need wisdom read the book of proverbs

There are 31 of them, you could start with one a day.

Like a vitamin for your spirit man.

There is so much negative talk now a days!
But we can be different!
May our words be like honey;
Sweet and healing!
Honey is medicinal and last forever.
Some words are like butter, they fill that deep down empty void.
We need food for our spirit man.
We are told we can't live on bread alone;
We need the butter and cream and sweet of the living word!

Don't allow yourself to dry up!
Anoint yourself with His Word!
Read the scriptures aloud...

Just a sweet reminder of some post on my other Blog;
It's called Rose Fountain Of Blessings!

Here is the Link to it if you would like to read it!

Your Words Either build up
Or tear down...

Sharing Words that are seeds, which can bring a Harvest;
In any season...

Read the Word like your life depends on it!

Living From Glory To Glory
Hugs, Roxy

Vintage Flower Seeds, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~May Our Words Produce A Sweet Fragrance~

Friday, January 27, 2023

Cooking and Baking And Cleaning For Jesus...

Organic Strawberry Jam, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Strawberry Jam~

Little Things Can Change The Home...

Discouragement is a tool of the devil...

Keeping your kitchen, cozy, clean and smelling delicious;

Is a ministry to yourself and others!

Cooking Is A Blessing To All, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Keep the stove HOT!

I see many women who are not growing in their journey.

Our homes and relationships are not functioning very well!

There has been such emotional stress in these last few years.

Many have become weary and tired and a bit bored.

May I say this to you today as I have just experienced this myself.

We must take stock of where we are and why!

We must find our happy place that is filled with purpose and joy.

Self reflection can be very healthy as long as we don't look

at just the negative stuff.

We are always having to push and revamp our hearts and homes.

We can even get discouraged just being on all the social media.


Because we are all different and in different seasons of life.

You must take each day and do something inspiring or creative.

We must show kindness and affection!

I am getting up a little earlier to do my Bible Study and prayer.

And making a plan to do something within my home!

I plan to change out my tablecloth in the kitchen!

I have been in the process of making up a sourdough starter this last week.

It has been interesting watching videos and talking to others about it.

It smells wonderful, I plan on making some pancakes for breakfast today.

Also want to try my hand at some English muffins.

Make an easy meal for dinner tonight!

Make your meals with simple ingredients.

I hope to share a few things I am doing around the Estate.

This is the home God gave me!

May I glorify God in what I set my hand to!

I am tired of allowing the ungodly to dictate my life or joy I feel.

Everything we do has value when we do it with the right attitude and heart!

Lord Of All Pots And Pans

Lord of all pots and pans and things,Since I have no time to be

A Saint by doing lovely things

Or watch late with Thee,

Or dreaming in the dawnlight

Or storming heavens gates,

Make me a saint by getting meals

And washing up the plates.

Thou who didst love to give men food

In room or by the sea,

Accept this service that I do--

I do it unto Thee.

Author Unknown

Cooking and cleaning unto the Lord...

Blessings To Each Of You Sweet Sisters!!

I do hope you feel encouraged and ready to do 

Something that brings you peace and contentment!

Hugs, Roxy

~God is our refuge and strength~

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Be Purposeful In All You Set Your Hand To...

Silver Tea Pot, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Silver Tea Pot And Fake Flowers

Life really is a contrast...

Someone took some sterling silver and crafted it into a beautiful,

Purposeful teapot.

Now, I truly can say that the last time this teapot was actually used

 For a social tea party was YEARS ago!

Some things do seem to not have the same usefulness.

But yet there is still beauty in them!

It takes true craftsmanship and time to produce a silver teapot.

There was a day a Lady of the Home would of

Aspired to owning one of these. 

Maybe it may have been a wedding gift!

When was the last time you saw or heard of a bride 

Asking for a silver teapot as a wedding gift?

My point is this;

As homemakers we don't need a silver tea pot to

Create a beautiful and useful home.

We have so many items in our homes that are not

Either functional or being used.

But we can choose to think outside the box and create

a pretty vocal point with these items.

One little thing we can use in our homes are some

Fake flowers. 

If you keep an eye out you can find some

Very true to life looking ones. 

When they get dusty I just wash them

in some soapy water and they come out looking great.

I enjoy having these artificial flowers for different seasons of the year.

Roses, Sunflowers, Peonies, Lavender.

I keep the ones I am not using stored away, and can freshen up

any room with some pretty flowers.

I believe we are all a bit weary with everything this

Old world had thrown at us ladies.

It has harassed us and caused strife and grief!

But we just keep Plodding On...


Because it's never been easy being a homemaker!

We swim against the grain of society.

We are deemed Old Fashion and Out of touch!

But I believe we have a life long usefulness and purpose!

When times get truly tough, it will be those that learned

To create a sanctuary for the family.

And learned to cook frugal meals out of nothing

 Will be more than able to overcome!

Don't be fooled!

Don't be overcome!

Don't give up!

Don't get rid of anything that still has usefulness!

Don't have and empty pantry!

Concentrate on what is needed in your Home!

Make Lists of everything you need to start doing!

Don't be unprepared...

Sending you all a hug and a word of encouragement!


Monday, December 19, 2022

Celebrate Your Special Days...

Celebrations, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the juniper, the box tree, and the cypress together,

To beautify the place of My sanctuary: and I shall make the place of my feet glorious.

Isaiah 60:13

~Celebrate Your Special Days~

Keep the spirit of hope and giving alive!

Did you know that celebrating Christmas was rejected?

When: during the times in early America!

The Puritans deliberately passed a law

 that all must work on December 25.

For a time it literally was illegal to cook plum pudding

Or mincemeat pie!

I have seen a trend of people trying to get away from the commercialism,

Of Christmas and other Holidays.

I can understand a portion of this, but as I see a sadness also.

Because even in the Word we see the special days celebrated!

How we celebrate them can be fitted for each family.

But let us not have each day of the year be just the same.

Look for the little things to celebrate...

A Birthday

A Retirement

A Lunch Date

You don't have to do everything elaborate or costly!

We do not want to lose the joy of accomplishments,

Or to recognize a special day!

This life can become dull and nothing special to look forward to!

We are Blessed To Be A Blessing...

I think of the High Holy Days in the Holy Bible,

They were special and celebrated!

The festival of Lights

Let us make some of our traditions a matter of the heart!

We don't have to do just as the world does;

But do something unique and special...

Let's not become joyless in giving and sharing!

Be mindful and tender hearted!

We all need love and tenderness in our lives!

It's not how much something cost!

It's that you thought enough of someone to give a little something!

Throughout the year, even the Dollar store has cute little things,

That could be given as gifts!

This is just my sediment and way of thinking!

Every day can be a day of celebration...

We know that it is more blessed to give than to receive!

He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord!

Romans 14:6

I have been busy doing little projects that are easy yet keeping me home

Where it's warm and safe.

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I want to encourage each of you to keep looking up!

Because there is Hope and Joy in everything we do unto God!
Don't be robbed of the little enjoyments given to us!

"Even if it's small be a giver and take joy in it"

As always, Living From Glory To Glory
Hugs, Roxy

Be convinced in your own mind!
Ask God what you should do!
But I do take pleasure in celebrating!

The New Covenant does not advocate the observance of any Christian holy days, but neither does it forbid such observance. Romans 14:5 appears to be the guiding principle: “One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.” If a Christian is going to observe a holy day, he/she should be fully convinced that it does not violate God’s Word, that it can be done to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), and that it would be spiritually beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:1210:23).

Friday, November 25, 2022

Publishing My 1000 th Post, And My Name In Lights...

Seeing My Name In Lights...

My sister sent me this picture in a frame many, many years ago
It was a Birthday gift!

Today I am celebrating something special and profound to me.
This little post will be my One Thousand post I have written!
I have taken great joy over these little tidbits of my heart to share.

We all have wisdom to share, and thoughts we must ponder.
I have truly seen so much growth in my own life.
Thinking a lot about these couple words and their meaning.
~Strength and Hope~

I believe God does deposit these things daily.
But we must desire them and press into Him for His direction.

Sometimes we just need to shake off the dullness.
We are called to gird up our loins!

I want to encourage each of you with these words;
You're stronger than you think!

When we get weary, we have things we can do!

Sometimes we just need to rest...
Do not become your own taskmaster...
Choose JOY
Be Prepared...
Spend as if every dollar is precious...
Give when you can...

Realize anything you set your hand to can prosper...
But never compare yourself to anyone else...
Do something small, yet do it well...

I am just so amazed how God showed me to take
what He has put in my hand and use it for His Glory!
I believe He gave me the title of my Blog.
~Living from Glory To Glory~

Many thanks for those that visited my Blog
 over all these years!

I always loved the idea of having a Cafe
Of course I would serve teas and scones!

I have met some lovely ladies through the years.
Some have become dear friends.
And all those heart warming comments!
Blogging is a little corner, I have been given to share my heart!

Inspire yourself!
Inspire Others!

Use your One Talent you have been given!
Just don't bury it!!

Here is the gift my sister gave me years ago!

Blessings, Roxy

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