Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sturdy Shoes...

Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days,
So shall thy strength be.
 Deuteronomy 33:25 KJV

We can be sure that the Lord will provide sturdy shoes for our journey...

I am amazed at the strength the Lord gives us each and every day!

Yet, I am in awe in how we can know that we will have all we need in every journey.

If God sends you, He will provide!

Some terrain in life will be gentle and smooth.
Some will become rocky and steep incline or decline!

Some of these terrain's will be physical, some can be emotional.
Financial or spiritual.

Some days I feel like I am wearing a wimpy pair of

Other days my shoes appear to have no arch support,
Which can really hurt your feet.
I think I must be flat footed!

The other day I wore a pair of ankle boots with a summer dress!
It looked rather interesting, I was prepared to take a hike!
Even though I was sitting through a church service!
But actually my feet were tired and I felt the need for the
extra support.

The Terrain
The sidewalks are uneven and cracked and crumbling!
The dirt roads are dusty and  they have rock's you tumble over!
The highways are filled with vehicles racing at high speeds!
The mud puddles are sloppy!

What's  a girl to do?

it's just best to put on a pair of slippers and just stay home"

My Shoes
I remember having a pair of tap dancing shoes as a little girl
I remember having a pair of white Go-Go boots
I remember having snow boots
 with a little elastic hook and button on the side.
I even had to have a pair of moccasins once.
Wore a pair of wedding shoes!
Each foot covering has its purpose

Now days I own a few pairs of sensible shoes I can just slip on!
Some are kinda cute, some are just sturdy!

Maybe I just need to run barefoot!
Dangers of going barefoot- 
Been stung by a bee,
Stepping on a sticker
Getting a splinter in your foot
Finding a sliver of glass
The pavement is hot or freezing
We need protection for our feet...

I'm always amazed to think that as the Jewish people wandered the desert
Their shoes, never wore out!
Two things were provided for these pilgrims journey,
Shoes and Strength

So as a child of God, may I march boldly on!
He will give us strength for each burden and terrain we encounter!

~My only hope is total reliance on His strength~

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sunshine Or Shadows...

Cream Always Rises To The Top, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Goodness is more noticeable as the shadows grow deeper.
I have had the privilege of seeing the goodness in so many people!

I always have this little picture or analogy of when we
had fresh milk and after a little while the cream would
come to the top of the buckets.
It's my most favorite part of the milk.
I like to think that this goodness is like the cream;
It's rising to the top...
So I believe those that persevere in these days and times,
Will be like cream rising to the top.

I think we all have been seeing and hearing and experiencing
so many troubles, it's felt a bit like the shadows 
that are growing longer and darker.

But, We must be like the sunflowers just keep following
The Sunshine...

We all know the darkness will be exposed!
And that the truth will prevail!

Now, this cream has many uses,
We can have ice cream, and then don't forget the butter.

In other words, we have a wonderful future!

"For surely goodness and mercy,
 shall follow you all the days of your life
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever"

Psalm 23:6

Don't allow others to stand in the path of your sunshine!
They are like the long shadows.
Just step around the thing that wants to steal the light.

*You can't stop the cream from rising to the top*

Don't be caught off guard;
You know the shadows are moving closer,
They're getting bolder!
And actually they're telling you what they are doing.
Whatever they accuse you of is what they are doing!
Now, Let that sink in... 

~Hope for the best
Prepare for the worst~

Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

When The Enemy Comes In Like A Flood...

Don't Be Easialy Offended, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

When The Enemy Comes In Like A Flood,
The Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him.

Isaiah 59:19

Sometimes you may feel all alone, But it is not true dear ones!

We can all see a fundamental change that is being implemented!
Many true Americans still believe in one nation under God...
There are many that have been groomed to see a greater good!
But it is a lie!

Everything does seem a bit off!
But none of this is a surprise to God.
We are in a battle daily!
There is a spiritual fight to rob you of your peace!
And we all know the enemy will use other people.
But don't take the bait...

I read a book years ago call the Bait Of Satan
By John Bevere

I do not endorse this author personally, as it was a Bible study
we did many years ago.)

The main point in this book was this;

~Don't Be Easily Offended~

I have seen and heard about more people that have been
just lambasted lately!
Maybe it's the heat!
Maybe they are just not able to regulate their emotions.

I do know even for myself, 
I have been on the receiving end of these assaults.

Just remember when you are falsely accused;
Remember who the accuser is!
The enemy has to use someone to hurt you.

It may take you a little while, but just forgive them!
Because if you don't it will stop you from doing what God
 Has given you to do!

Sometimes it's just easier to limit your time with others.
Stay off social media more.
(There's better things to do with your time)

Be very wise in truly knowing who is a friend!

Keep to yourself more...

Be kind as you can be!

But stop being naive about the dangers in our world!

And I am so sorry for any of you that have been attacked or accused;
Especially when you know in your heart you did nothing wrong.

Many times it is from the accusers own pain and rejection.

You do not need to try and vindicate yourself.
Just ask God for wisdom and repent for anything 
You may have been wrong about.

Check to see if there is any motive that doesn't please the Lord.

Remember do not take the bait from satan; 
He is a liar and he causes division and destroys
Whoever and whatever he can!

Stay strong
Stay focused
Stay close to the Lord Jesus


Forgive others
Forgive yourself
Forget and keep moving ahead...

Blessings, Roxy

Everyday Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Take Time To Refocus...

Blue Flax Flowers in my Garden... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 ~Don't Be Discouraged~

Now is the time to celebrate...
Forget the stuff that has tried to make you in affective
The things that have accused you and left you in a daze;
They are meant to wound you and to  cause suffering.

Take all the stuff to the Lord and push through.

You have a job to do!
A calling to fulfill!

So many are walking around wounded and hurt.
And may never be able to make things right.

So stop being a victim and don't give that thing power over your life!

We are called to be overcomers...

Ask the Lord how you can start celebrating in His goodness!

Do something special to recognize what God has done in your life!

You don't have to be perfect;
And you do not have to be a victim either.
Arrows are flying everywhere!
So raise your shields high dear ones!

You do not have to be a wounded soldier left to die!
I had to remember who the accuser really is;

Firstly, Focus on Jesus, a heavenly focus!
Make time...
Take time to Refocus...
Fill up your vision and focus with heavenly places.

Because when things get confusing, or you get blind-sighted,
When nagging worries or disappointments hurt your heart.

Push aside these lesser thoughts and worldly distractions.
~You must lock your gaze on God's Son~

Read 2 Corinthians 3:18
The more we focus on Jesus, the more we become like Him...

Blessings and Favor
All The Days Of Your Lives

Hugs, Roxy

Monday, April 10, 2023

Doing What Is Right With Patience And Kindness...


Patience is a virtue, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

~Doing What Is Right~

So much foolishness I see in the world.

So many making bad choices.

But, So very thankful that we can do what is right!

We make choices everyday, all day long!

Firstly, I wanted to look at patience in the heart of a woman.

Patience is a virtue that is so very precious anymore.

That is why we are told to be slow to speak;

And quick to hear!

The good and meaningful things in life take time!

As we learn each day to wait for something,

We are learning patience.

Even in sorrow and troubles we mature.

Bringing new life into this world takes a long time.

Having a happy solid marriage takes patience.

Cooking and baking from scratch.

Making a gift for someone.

We have lost the art of enjoying the journey;

"Take back the joy in taking care of someone or something"

Use your voice, Use your hands, Use your gifts

Be mindful of this day and even the moment!!

This is the day and season to choose to do what is right!

Being quick is not the goal!

To be part of the woke majority is not going to help.

Being all inclusive is not godly.

But, Being kind to all is precious!

Taking joy in the process of all that you have to do is a gift

To yourself and to others!

Don't stop now...

The way you run your race is as important

As in finishing it!!

Happy Spring...

It will be so amazing when we all get to heaven;

And we can fellowship together...

~Keep looking up~

~keep growing in Grace and Kindness~

Hugs, Roxy

Friday, March 10, 2023

May You Aspire To Lead A Quiet Life, But Don't Believe The Lies...

Truth, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We don't have time for everything...

So we must not become entangled with
The world's misinformation and its folly and chatter.
Those in the intelligence department are trained
to listen to the destructive chatter, to listen for threats
against us!

 We cannot be ignorant of what is being called truth!
What are they telling us?

But I believe the worst part of
This information or propaganda is this!
So many lies being told by our government and media;
If you do not contend for the truth
You may come to believe the lies.

Satan is working hard to keep us ignorant of the truth!
"But I truly believe we can overcome evil with good"

Firstly Fill up the crevices of your time
With the things that matter most.
This will cost something
But it will be worth it.
Have you ever heard the statement
The Deep State?
Or "You're in Deep Doo-Doo?"

I refuse to be ignorant of what the narrative is really trying to do!
Did you see who our officials honored for Woman's day?
Not A Woman!!
Not Mothers Day...
Because they now just want to call us birthing people.
Even the feminism were appalled.
Now, Do you see why it's hard to blog when we are all being censored.
They want to silence us.

These sad state of affairs makes me cringe.
This one of the reasons it's hard to just pretend everything is okay.

It's even more important to dig deep to find the truth!
Don't believe everything they tell you!
This is no different then the false teachers in the Church!
We are warned to contend for the faith and the truth!

So now more than ever we must work hard for the
Biblical womanhood and home!!

Put your apron on!
The Armour Of God...
Gird Yourself

Don't believe the lies!!

Love the sinner, not the sin...

If I was on another social media I would be banned


Choose the life that is hid with God.
Then your heart will be set on
Things which are above!

Abide in Christ

Stay focused on home.

The only reason for a godly wife
and mother too
leave her home responsibilities
is to minister for the Lord
to someone He has
Directed her to minister to.
And these situations are very rare. 

God will never lead you on a path
if it compromises your calling as a
helpmeet to your husband and
Your high calling work as a mother to your children.

Blessed you will be if you do what you are called to do!
We can only truly do good with God's strength and direction!

I believe every lie will be exposed
I believe what you do in your home can change the world
I believe we must stand strong for the truth!
I believe we must keep the home fires burning!
That's if they don't outlaw our gas stoves and fireplaces!

See what I mean? I could go on for days...

But, I will stop myself for now!
I have cards to write out!
Breakfast to prepare
Laundry to do
Prayers to pray

Thanks for taking the time to read this post...
Hope it inspired you to do what is right!
Don't compromise the truth for the lie...

Hugs, Roxy

Friday, February 10, 2023

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-In-Law, Living From Glory To Glory To Glory Blog...

These Vintage Roosters Make Me Miss My Mother in Law

Country Decor
French Country
Farm Country

These Chickens belong to my mother-in-law!
I believe they belonged to her Mother

These are a sweet treasure to me!

She has been gone for a long time!
She was a very special and dear person to me!

I realized that over the years how blessed I was to have
Such a wonderful Mother-in-law!

So I want to title this post-
Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

I believe when I was first married over 40 years ago;
I had no idea on how she treated me would impact the rest
Of my relationships!

Think of this family dynamics this way;
You both love the same man.
He now needs to cleave to his wife;

She was kind to me and didn't judge me,
She was patient with me,
She was not critical!
She taught me to crochet!
She made me think I was the best cook ever!
(I wasn't) :)

Here are a few things I remember she did that were huge!

She didn't act jealous of me as her son showed me so much attention!
She didn't choose sides when we were having difficulties!
She made a big deal about my Birthday!
She spoke well about my own Mother!
She honored my efforts at being a wife and a mother!
She walked with me in difficult days, Not over me!

~Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law~
Seek to be a Blessing 
Encourage Them
You can impact her life in many ways,
With being kind and loving and helpful!
We can teach someone without any words!

Don't repeat what she might tell you!
Pray for them daily!
If she compliments something she has made for her son;
Ask her if she might like to have the recipe.
Just because she married your son, this is not a competition!!

Realize it takes time to develop housekeeping skills!

Remember how insecure you were
 When you were but a young bride?

Respect goes a long way, even if you would do things differently!

Make your daughter-in - law feel like family.
Not an outsider!
Don't force your son to choose between the two of you!!!!
Because he will take his bride's side, as he should!!!

Compliment her good qualities!
Trust me she has some!!!!

Never speak negatively about her!
Learn quickly to not do this, as it will cause great damage!

Try to only give advice if she is asking about something!

Be available!
Remember to call and ask if it's okay to come visit.
And maybe once in awhile bring a small little gift just for her!

It is never too late to become a great Mother-in-Law!!

She is the only reason I learned to be a good mother-in-law!
She was teaching me by her actions and responses.

What a blessing to your son to choose to love
The very one he has chosen to be his wife!

~Blessings To Each Every Every Mother and
Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-laws~


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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Everything Responds To A Sweet Disposition...

Enjoy The Slower Months, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~ Making These Moments Meaningful~

Just Chilling in this time of cold and snow;
When we can learn to embrace each new flip of a calendar month!

Things slow down and we can get back into a slower routine.
I have found that when you just let the day work for you,
By managing a few things on your daily planner.
Or your to do list is meaningful.

Everything in each day will not be a grand affair,
But more like a steady timeline.

I have found great comfort in the little things in making our home
Comfortable and calm and just enjoyable.

I tell myself that there is no coincidence;
Everything is in His purpose and plan!

He just wants us to respond to his leading and be diligent!
It's not about doing everything perfect or in record time,
But rather just doing the next thing.

When you do what needs to be done in a way
that feels smooth and not hurky jerky!

I think our homes respond to a tender movement;
Not aggressive and rushing about.
I believe everything responds to a sweet disposition!

Even as you go about doing all that needs to be done;
You can be at peace and enjoy what you are doing.

The whole world wants it now,
The quicker the better.
Now, I can't even hear myself think!

Bask in this new month, enjoy and look forward to
what lies ahead in each new day.

For when we contemplate our reasons for what we do each day;
We can see the value of making the most of each task.

After all, we will never have everything caught up;
As tomorrow will be a new day with tasks,
That call for our attention.

Also, once again try to do something each day that
Inspires you and brings you joy!

Doing what is required of me;
And doing something that gives me satisfaction is
a wonderful way to accomplish much!

Blessings, Roxy

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