Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Are You Being Brainwashed...


Are you being brainwashed?

Brainwashing does not just happen over night.

It happens slowly and methodically.

Ask yourself this question...

Is there anything you once were just appalled or disgusted with?

Or you knew it grieved your spirit man, or the heart of the Father?

And are you now not as shocked or upset over this thing?

Then you have probably been seduced or brainwashed!

We will be accustomed to a culture that breeds excepting,

Anything and everything that they believe is a reality to them.

Years ago this thinking was called delusional.

When we see a wrong behavior in our loved ones,

We can rethink what the real truth may be??!!##

We can then see a change in what we believe...

Remember this, we are all being told we must be tolerant.

The brainwashing influence of modern culture has caused people,

To be confused and discontent...

We have been taught to have an attention span of a flea.

Are minds just become a flighty thing.

Not focused or discerning of truth!

Being discontent and dissatisfied is what opens us up to our

fleshly desire, which will breed an open mind to being

Controlled or conditioned on what you must think!

This is called BRAINWASHING...

This is why we must be very aware of what we are thinking!

We must be careful to hate what God hates

We must speak truth in LOVE

When you are faced with the truth or being told a lie

Can you discern between the lie and truth?

Can you make a difference???

I believe just one truth can make a difference...


Do any of you miss my Blog Post?



  1. Yes! I do! I always check for you to post. I love what you write about, Roxy. I’ve been reading for years. You’re a wholesome, sane voice on the web. I believe you are wise and have keen insights. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Write as a legacy for your loved ones. Leave them a breadcrumb trail to find their way in this increasingly ever darkening world. Anyone who happens on your posts will also see a ray of light. Don’t worry about comments. Share your heart. Who knows what desperate heart they will reach and touch. You be faithful to share and leave the increase to God. It’s His job to use you even to bless just one. He goes after the one, you know. 😉
    May God bless and keep you dear Roxy!
    Rebecca in Kansas

  2. You are not alone in observing the brainwashing (indoctrination) of today that is taking place at alarming paces! It is very encouraging to me to read your blog post and know that we are not alone! Sometimes I can feel like I am in an episode of the old Twilight Zone... like everyone around has gone totally bonkers, believing and supporting the nonsense that is being dished out as "truth." Ugh. Thank the dear Lord that His Word is unchanging and always Truth! (Hebrews 13:8-9a "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines...") Keep up the good fight, Roxy!!

  3. I do miss your posts Roxy - so happy to see you have posted again! I know in this busy world there is so much clamor and things to do. But I always appreciate your heart for the Lord and loving His truth. I agree with your post - so many things bombard us daily until we become numb. May we never lose sight of the fact that His WORD is the truth that stands the test of time - not our emotions or feelings, but His Word. Blessings to you dear friend!

  4. I agree. I believe brainwashing has reached epic proportions all over the world. I think to myself the song, "This world is not my home, I'm just passing through," often. I also believe that the US has become like Sodom and Gomorrah which was told would happen before Jesus returns. We must be discerning and standing for the truth in love.

  5. Yes I miss your posts. This was a good, encouraging one. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  6. Yes, I see the emperors new clothes syndrome every day.
    Insanity rules the day.
    Not only are we to except this behavior,we are to embrace it and encourage it as well.
    We have become numb to the daily
    parade of self absorbed narcissistic
    Love of self gratification.
    Didn't get your ketchup with your happy meal?
    Grab the cashier and beat her to death.
    Someone cut in front of you on the highway?
    Open fire and kill their child in the back seat.
    Hanging out on a Saturday with your friends? See a man drowning?
    Don't help him,stand and film it while laughing. These are all things I have seen on the news.
    I used to be shocked daily.
    But now each day the news brings bigger horror.
    We are all becoming numb.
    If I didn't believe in the Lord I couldn't face another day Roxie.
    And yes I have missed your post .
    I also enjoyed the responses to today's
    Offering. Keep speaking the truth even though people don't want to hear it.

  7. Yes, Roxy, I very much miss your posts.🐦
    God bless you.

  8. Yes, I do! I look forward to every one. Thanks you!

  9. Sure do, Roxy! 💕


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