Sunday, April 30, 2017

Victoria Magazine Inspiration...


Victoria Magazines...

We all need to get inspired once in a while.
I need to flip through a magazine that says
I love my home!
Making all things Beautiful...
Can I encourage you to enjoy your home this week?

Look my home may never make a layout for a magazine;
But it will be warm and cozy and welcoming!

May we all take a little pleasure and get inspired!
Always do something even if its very small everyday...

I may not live in a romantic country stone manor;
It's more like a lovely home that is OURS...

Sending you all a good evening
Tomorrow is a New Month, A New Day!
A New Beginning...

Living From glory To glory

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Almond Milk Review...

Almond Milk Review, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

So Many Have Become Lactose Intolerant!
Now, as I have said before, this has become an issue for me!

For the last few years I had some pain in my stomach,
Almost every single day!

I have been drinking milk my whole life.
But as I was having these terrible pains, I would tell myself
Just drink a nice warm cup of milk as that will be soothing.
So I truly had no clue it was the milk bothering me.

I had finally decided I was going to have to go see the Dr.
Well, I just prayed and thought about what all I was eating!
And it just popped into my head
"It's the milk"

So I have quit drinking all milks,
Whole milk 2%, Lactose free
It all makes me sick!

So I have tried many different brands of almond milk
I am an almond milk connoisseur...

The one in the middle called Almond Breeze
This has turned out to be the best tasting and not thick or overly sweet!

The Coconut Almond one on the right is delicious!!
But pricey $$

I buy one of these for a nice treat, almost like dessert!

The Soy Creamer is good tasting for your coffee;
But the soy did not like me!

This brand of Almond milk is good, but way too thick for me.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We Need A Few Good Men...

Healthy boys, Country Boys, Living from glory to glory blog

Why Our So Many Young Men Wimpy?

Is it because they no longer can just run and play outside?
Is it because many young boys do not have a Father at home?
Is it because the newest Fathers are addicted to video games?

It seems that the Marines must be hurting terribly for the fact we
seem to be having a shortage of a 
"Few Good Men"

I am confused as to why we cannot realize that boys NEED their Fathers!

And that young boys need to be able to play outside!

Look, I realize we may never get back to our American roots
Family and the Men who love their wives!

But I can see that the children have suffered the most!

The reason so many get into trouble is because no one
is watching them. And back in the day, even a single Mother
had a huge influence on her children.

But what is influencing our children today?

Social Media
Peers, or shall I say peeps.

You don't even see kids outside riding their bikes anymore!

Little boys need bikes to ride!
They need a wagon to pull!
They need a place to build a fort!
They need to hunt rabbits!
They need to catch frogs!
They need to learn to work with their hands!
They need to build things!

God help us!

Raise them up to be "Good Men"

And Not afraid to do right and to love what is important!
They need to learn to love and respect their Mothers!

Our country is drug infested and high as a kite!

Well, so a good dose of truth here!
Sure, we don't want to think this is true, but it is!
So pray for our youth!

First, we tell them just say NO
Now we say its okay its legal and everybody is doing it.

Living From Glory To Glory

Monday, April 17, 2017

How Lifting Up Your Husband In Prayer Is A Bit Like The Dew In The Morning...

Praying For Your Husband, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Times of Refreshment...

Learning to lean on what's true, when you feel the push back to life...

This morning was filled with early morning fog;
And when you live in these parts its not something we have often.

But I can see that when we are moving almost in a fog;
Mentally or physically it feels heavy.

But as I went outside to take care of my chores, I did
raise my arms and thank the Lord!

The trees and the fields of grass and wild flowers need this!
I always think that if I will just take my thoughts and feelings
captive and hold on to what is really true, I can plod on!

And we are told in His word to do just that

So when I think of how I can readjust my focus and embrace
each day as a perfect gift from my Father!

I had an idea in my head this morning of how us
Women have so many emotions and feelings,
But have you stopped to give much thought to what you're
Husband may be experiencing?

They carry way more than we may realize at times!
Just because they don't express it or share it with us.
Does not mean they are dealing with it all!

Take this day and lift up YOUR Husband...

There is something else that I was thinking
~I want a new purse~
And I need a new purse like I need a hole in the head;
But, it is something I can do that brightens up my new season!
Who wants to carry a black or brown purse in spring and summer?

So who of you also enjoy a new purse?
It's A Girl Thang...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Secret Place...

Washing Dish's And Praying!
(Yes, I do have a dishwasher)
But I still rinse everything off before I put them in it.
(Silly Girl)

Looking Out My Kitchen Window 

In these Days We Must Stay In The Secret Place...

While doing the things that bring this Heart and HOME contentment.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how we can,
Have a sense of peace and contentment while doing everyday things!

We have this mentality of the mind and the makeup of a Roadrunner bird!
Beep Beep...
Get out of my way!

I  want to share with you the place where I realized was a spot that has
become my secret place in my home.

I have been doing this ritual or call it a chore every day of my
life as being a housewife or a homemaker.
(Since I wear both these hats simultaneously)
No, I do not bring home the bacon, but I do fry it up in a pan!

This secret and holy place
 " Standing at my kitchen sink"

Every day when looking out and seeing the seasons change,
I see the hand of God!
Seed time and Harvest!!
Rain Showers
Winter Snows

The children playing in the grass
The dogs romping and playing and sleeping in the afternoon sun.
When my Hubby mows the grass and I smell the freshly mowed grass!
When I look out and see a snow angel made by a grandchild.
When I hear the birds singing sweetly...

I wash my dishes and plates and cups and silverware;
And pot and pans and bowls and I give thanks!!

I find myself feeling the tension leave my heart from,
 The hot sudsy water washing away the cares and worries!

I have learned to not grumble and be irritated by so many
Dishes and such in the sink.

I pray to God for those in this household!
I lift up my many requests!
Head bowed and intently praying for the needs of others!

I also bask in the safety of my own little nook!
Away from all harms way, while I stand in this spot,

~The Secret Place~

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Learning To Use A Day Planner...

Learning to Use A Day Planner Book, Living from glory to glory blog...


I am very excited about something that I have just started doing;
I am sure many of you have been doing it for a very long time.

But I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought a Day Planner!

It is very feminine in color and style
It came with stickers and a setup of  the months and weeks!
It has To Do List
Important Dates
At A Glance
Daily Chores

But as we all know that being flexible is key!
Staying on task is important, but being available is so important!
I will be working on this to get an idea for each day and week,
For a plan that works for me!
"I will be using a pencil, just in case I need to erase"

Spring has arrived once again in this part of the world!
What I need is a fresh start...

Fresh ideas for meal planning!
Fresh ideas for reorganizing my home.
Fresh ideas for my blog...
(Many women no longer care about being a Titus 2 Woman)
Fresh ideas to not be distracted
Fresh bread instead of the crumbs left behind in the shag carpet!
(Many years ago we all had this type of flooring)

 Many of us do not even have time to stop and read a blog post!

So, Learning to use this Day Planner will be a good fresh start!
Firstly, I will reassess what I have been doing now,
And what truly needs to be done during this season!

I hope to share a few new ideas for this planner soon!
"It's all Greek to me"

On the HOME front...
~My beloved kitty died yesterday, she was 13 years old~
I will miss her very much, the house feels empty without her!

I can hear the Meadow Larks singing each day now!

My Internet has been down, or moving at a snails pace.
You may ask why don't I comment?
Well, it is nearly impossible most days...

I wish you all a very Happy Season!!

Do you use a Day Planner??

Monday, April 3, 2017

Get Your Mammogram Ladies...

Health Screening, Living from glory to glory blog...

~Strength For Today~

Are you ever surprised that you made it through a day filled with challenges?

Or maybe it was for a longer period a season or years!

But as the years have come and gone, I can see the hand of God working!

I am not always sure how much we should share on our blogs;
But some things should remain personal!
Being transparent can be a good thing as long as you mix it with
a heavy dash of wisdom!

But if you are a woman and you have gone through the scare of a
Mammogram then this post is for you!

Do you make a point of having a good health screening?
Do you even find the free health screening in your town if,
(You do not have insurance)
They are available, it just takes a bit more effort on your part!

When you have a mammogram and then they give you a call back;
You can be sure they have found something suspicious!
As soon as you hang up the phone;
Fear comes in...
The fear of the unknown
The fear of cancer
The fear of death

Then you need to pull yourself together!
You pray like a woman that is fighting for her very life!
The air feels thick and everything moves in slow motion.

They tell you we have no openings for three weeks for an ultrasound!
That is, when you practice being your own health advocate!
You ask to speak to the supervisor.

For many years I have gone to a place called Sally Jobe Breast Center,
But I thought that our small town now had a 3D mammogram,
So I went to our local hospital instead!
In my case because of many previous problems;
I should of made the extra effort and went to the same facility!

If I had gone to the Sally Jobe Center,
They would of did the mammogram and if they saw anything they would
of done the ultrasound right away on the same day!
Then, if it looked suspicious they would of done a biopsy!

Then you would of had all the scare and worry in a shorter time span!
Not weeks, and if it would of been cancer, then you would
Be able to be informed about the best places in your state for care!
Now that's what I call good health care for women!

Why are so many ladies think that if they ignore their health
(like no news is good news)
They will be fine?

Ignorance is just so silly!!
Many women are still alive today because of good health screening!
I believe it is just fear when someone does not use the very things God
has put in place to keep you healthy and alive!

I had a dear friend who died of breast cancer and it was so sad!
She was brave and she did have the blessings of being
able to experience remission for a couple years.
I believe it gave her time to live her last and to die in peace!

Do you understand the value of good health screening?

I am counting my blessings, and I never take a good health report for granted!
Thank You Lord!

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