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Get Your Mammogram Ladies...

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~Strength For Today~

Are you ever surprised that you made it through a day filled with challenges?

Or maybe it was for a longer period a season or years!

But as the years have come and gone, I can see the hand of God working!

I am not always sure how much we should share on our blogs;
But some things should remain personal!
Being transparent can be a good thing as long as you mix it with
a heavy dash of wisdom!

But if you are a woman and you have gone through the scare of a
Mammogram then this post is for you!

Do you make a point of having a good health screening?
Do you even find the free health screening in your town if,
(You do not have insurance)
They are available, it just takes a bit more effort on your part!

When you have a mammogram and then they give you a call back;
You can be sure they have found something suspicious!
As soon as you hang up the phone;
Fear comes in...
The fear of the unknown
The fear of cancer
The fear of death

Then you need to pull yourself together!
You pray like a woman that is fighting for her very life!
The air feels thick and everything moves in slow motion.

They tell you we have no openings for three weeks for an ultrasound!
That is, when you practice being your own health advocate!
You ask to speak to the supervisor.

For many years I have gone to a place called Sally Jobe Breast Center,
But I thought that our small town now had a 3D mammogram,
So I went to our local hospital instead!
In my case because of many previous problems;
I should of made the extra effort and went to the same facility!

If I had gone to the Sally Jobe Center,
They would of did the mammogram and if they saw anything they would
of done the ultrasound right away on the same day!
Then, if it looked suspicious they would of done a biopsy!

Then you would of had all the scare and worry in a shorter time span!
Not weeks, and if it would of been cancer, then you would
Be able to be informed about the best places in your state for care!
Now that's what I call good health care for women!

Why are so many ladies think that if they ignore their health
(like no news is good news)
They will be fine?

Ignorance is just so silly!!
Many women are still alive today because of good health screening!
I believe it is just fear when someone does not use the very things God
has put in place to keep you healthy and alive!

I had a dear friend who died of breast cancer and it was so sad!
She was brave and she did have the blessings of being
able to experience remission for a couple years.
I believe it gave her time to live her last and to die in peace!

Do you understand the value of good health screening?

I am counting my blessings, and I never take a good health report for granted!
Thank You Lord!


  1. Thanks for your post Roxy. I am going back Wednesday for the ultrasound. I got the call last week and it makes you sick to your stomach, because we have all lost someone to this disease. I am taking care of myself and get mine yearly, but it is still an unsettling feeling.

  2. personally, I find mammograms invasive. Imagine deliberately crushing any other tissue in the human body in order to find out if there is cancer in it? why are we crushing our body parts? No test is without risk but they don't tell you that part. I am not saying that ladies who have cancer in their family should not have checks if that is what they want to do. But I do not think we should trust the medical community that tries to make everyone do the same tests at certain times (seemingly) without any choice in the matter, as though we are lemmings. Also some women have become very militant about this issue, and try to browbeat other women into having the test done. I think we need to respect someone else's choice not to have the screening. That is their choice, and their health.

  3. I agree with you. I had a mammogram scare many years ago and now I never miss a yearly screening even though it's painful, especially now that I have a pacemaker. That makes the squeezing even more painful than before, but it's too important to miss. Thank you for the wise words today.

  4. Very thankful you are okay Roxy. And I'm sorry you had to go through the worry of several weeks. xo

  5. Dear Anonymous, I can understand your thoughts on this issue! It is your right to have a mammogram or not! But being your own health advocate is the most important point! Finding it early has saved lives!
    Watching for changes and knowing your family history is very important!

  6. So glad that all is well with you and thank-you for your kind reminder to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we get so busy and forget. We've all lost loved ones to cancer and it is so important to catch it early. xo Karen

  7. yes.. it is always better to take care..

    I agree with you...

    Please visit:


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