Sunday, April 9, 2017

Learning To Use A Day Planner...

Learning to Use A Day Planner Book, Living from glory to glory blog...


I am very excited about something that I have just started doing;
I am sure many of you have been doing it for a very long time.

But I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought a Day Planner!

It is very feminine in color and style
It came with stickers and a setup of  the months and weeks!
It has To Do List
Important Dates
At A Glance
Daily Chores

But as we all know that being flexible is key!
Staying on task is important, but being available is so important!
I will be working on this to get an idea for each day and week,
For a plan that works for me!
"I will be using a pencil, just in case I need to erase"

Spring has arrived once again in this part of the world!
What I need is a fresh start...

Fresh ideas for meal planning!
Fresh ideas for reorganizing my home.
Fresh ideas for my blog...
(Many women no longer care about being a Titus 2 Woman)
Fresh ideas to not be distracted
Fresh bread instead of the crumbs left behind in the shag carpet!
(Many years ago we all had this type of flooring)

 Many of us do not even have time to stop and read a blog post!

So, Learning to use this Day Planner will be a good fresh start!
Firstly, I will reassess what I have been doing now,
And what truly needs to be done during this season!

I hope to share a few new ideas for this planner soon!
"It's all Greek to me"

On the HOME front...
~My beloved kitty died yesterday, she was 13 years old~
I will miss her very much, the house feels empty without her!

I can hear the Meadow Larks singing each day now!

My Internet has been down, or moving at a snails pace.
You may ask why don't I comment?
Well, it is nearly impossible most days...

I wish you all a very Happy Season!!

Do you use a Day Planner??


  1. I used a day planner for years when I was working at an outside job. It really did help me keep on track and gave me an 'at-a-glance' idea of what I could work into a day when someone called for something. Good luck with yours! I should probably do one again.
    Love your sweet kitty! xo Diana

  2. I love my planner Roxy. I still need to see on paper and pencil all the things I have to do for Mom and me and a list of the things I hope to accomplish. I like being able to check off things. It is a great motivator for me. Some days I get lots done and others not so's called life.

  3. Roxy, Day planners are wonderful. I have never mastered using them. lol! Can you believe that I never write appts. down. I have always been gifted with a great memory and just store them in my head. In all these years I have only forgotten something one time. I notice that the old brain isn't quite what it use to be. :) I have a new calling in my church. I am the secretary in the young women program. We keep a calendar of everything that's going on and I am using it, but I pretty much remember what's on the agenda. Never know when that may change.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. I know how hard that is as I've been in your shoes. I have a little day timer that I use mainly as a calendar that I can carry with me. I love all the other little pockets and places it has to keep things.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad she was so loved and cared for. I have read your blog for years but never comment. I really enjoy it. You could try doing youtube videos or a radio show like lady lydia. It is easier for me to listen then read in this season. It is lovely to have things that are safe for my children to listen to too. May Yahweh bless you.

  6. Roxy, I am so sorry about your kitty. I have had many pets when a child but, it was always sad to lose one. I don't use a day planner. I just always write things on index cards. Weird I know. Have a great week.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your sweet is so hard to lose one of our fur babies, isn't it? I have never used a day planner although I always wanted to and I do like the idea...and some that I have seen are so pretty. My problem is I forget to set aside time to write in them. I do occasionally make a list of things I need to get done (like this week) or for the grocery store. Organization is not my strong suit, unfortunately :( Best wishes getting yours all set up!

  8. Losing a beloved pet hurts, especially when you've had her for so long. Sorry!

    I don't use an official day planner but I do use a note pad and PEN (haha). I'm anxious to see how you use yours and if you like it.

  9. i love my daily planner. It's like my journal and organizer in one. I find it's very helpful to keep me organized and then I also write special things down and then can remember exactly when they happened. I'm not a big writer, so my point form works great in a planner.

    I'm sure you will enjoy learning what works for you with your planner. I just re-read the book of Titus this morning before the household was up. Setting the Lord ever before us helps to bring our days into accordance with what He has for us. I hope you find tons of inspiration over this springtime!

    Oh, and I use the Frixon pens (which are a brand of erasable pens) and they come in lots of fun colours. They aren't very cheep, but they do last a long time.

    Sorry you also lost your precious kitty, hugs!!!

  10. Dear Roxy,
    Thank you for encouraging women to love God and their homes and families.
    I am so sorry about your kitty.
    Aline L.

  11. I use a planner and it is so much easier to have everything in one place, it is so much easier to keep organised and on task. I love your posts. Sending a hug for the loss of your dear little friend. God bless sue

  12. Hi Roxy, using a day planner is a great way to stay organized! Good luck with using it.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Julie xo

  13. I have never used a day planner. Probably need one! :)
    I'm sorry about your kitty. :(

  14. Oh planners and all their glory. I have one, but my calendar is so full most days/weeks/months, that I just don't want any thing extra to fill in. One day...I might use day! Ha!
    Glad you are enjoying yours. And I love the lay out of it too! Plus it's very pretty!

    Jasmine was such a good kitty. It's just not the same without her. She was loved!

    I hope you have a Blessed Easter!

    Hugs, Amy

  15. Praying for peace and comfort regarding the loss of your beautiful ~Jasmine~

  16. I use one and write it in every day...and have for years. It's fun to look back at things that have happened or something we did and wrote about. I know you'll enjoy it! Hugs!

  17. Hi Roxy! I adore planners, I may have a slight problem with them... But as a busy Mom to 3, I really don't know how to function without having everything written down. Mom brain is a real deal! I hope you enjoy using yours and making it pretty, that is always fun to do.

    Sorry to hear about your sweet kitty.



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