Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Secret Place...

Washing Dish's And Praying!
(Yes, I do have a dishwasher)
But I still rinse everything off before I put them in it.
(Silly Girl)

Looking Out My Kitchen Window 

In these Days We Must Stay In The Secret Place...

While doing the things that bring this Heart and HOME contentment.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how we can,
Have a sense of peace and contentment while doing everyday things!

We have this mentality of the mind and the makeup of a Roadrunner bird!
Beep Beep...
Get out of my way!

I  want to share with you the place where I realized was a spot that has
become my secret place in my home.

I have been doing this ritual or call it a chore every day of my
life as being a housewife or a homemaker.
(Since I wear both these hats simultaneously)
No, I do not bring home the bacon, but I do fry it up in a pan!

This secret and holy place
 " Standing at my kitchen sink"

Every day when looking out and seeing the seasons change,
I see the hand of God!
Seed time and Harvest!!
Rain Showers
Winter Snows

The children playing in the grass
The dogs romping and playing and sleeping in the afternoon sun.
When my Hubby mows the grass and I smell the freshly mowed grass!
When I look out and see a snow angel made by a grandchild.
When I hear the birds singing sweetly...

I wash my dishes and plates and cups and silverware;
And pot and pans and bowls and I give thanks!!

I find myself feeling the tension leave my heart from,
 The hot sudsy water washing away the cares and worries!

I have learned to not grumble and be irritated by so many
Dishes and such in the sink.

I pray to God for those in this household!
I lift up my many requests!
Head bowed and intently praying for the needs of others!

I also bask in the safety of my own little nook!
Away from all harms way, while I stand in this spot,

~The Secret Place~


  1. Such a wonderful picture you painted for us today. Peace and contentment at the kitchen sink. I'm always in a hurry to get the dishes done so I can get back to whatever I was doing before. I need to learn contentment in the every day things. Thank you for the reminder.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Good words, Roxy. I love looking out my sink window, but I could use the reminder that it is good we have dishes to wan. That means there was good food cooked and most likely good conversations around the table. I always found my children shared quite a bit on their thoughts sitting around the table. Washing dishes gives us a good chance to pray. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is lovely :) I often think about all the women now, and before me, who stood at their kitchen sinks, looking out the window at their world. A wonderful time to count our blessings! Sending hugs xx Karen

  4. Lovely post. I'm often amazed at how a sink full of suds can become an altar of prayer and praise.


  5. Oh how I love this post. I have also found washing dishes daily to be so comforting, it seems as I slip my hands into the hot soapy water I can feel the tensions of the day melt away. I also like to think about and pray for my family when doing the dishes.

    I had never thought of it as being a secret place, but love that thought.

    Have a Happy Easter!
    Joyfully, Cheryl

  6. Oh, I just love this. My husband has never been able to understand why I don't want my girls helping with the dishes;)
    They dry and put away...but I am the washer. For the same reasons you write about.
    God bless you

  7. At the kitchen sink is the place I have to myself to be alone with God and watch the world in my garden, to sing as I wash up and pray.
    God bless sue x

  8. Dearest Roxy, I love how you look at life! Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for each person in my home as I am washing dishes and going about other household duties. Much love to you!

  9. These days it is a challenge to relax. You almost have to will yourself to slow down and stop feeling tense! And to share that it is and ordinary place we would not have thought of, is extraordinary. Thank you.

  10. I really like this secret place you describe. I have seen many homes that do not have a window above the sink and I say to myself "no, not for me!" I need that window. I am going to turn things around a bit and look at it from another perspective....I remember being a child and even later on as a young woman and being outside the house I grew up in. There was a peace that came over me that I barely can even put into words... looking at that kitchen window and seeing my mom standing there, doing what she did so often. It's a beautiful memory. Thank you for stirring it up! Hugs!

  11. I loved what you wrote! I can just see you. And I could see & smell what you "painted" with words. My favorite places are my old blue wing back chair in the bedroom, the big swing in the backyard, and my kitchen sink, as well, where I look out at the pool and listen to the bubbling of the water. It is good to live in the moment, in a state of gratefulness to God! Love and miss you!

  12. How many hours and hours have we all spent at our kitchen sinks? So it is good to think of it as a special place, where we can look out and enjoy the view, count our blessings and pray. xo Deborah

  13. I'm a great grandmother who is caring for two little ones again. Since taking on the children I run from task to task just trying to get things done before he next cup of spilt milk, or glob of playdough on the floor or quieting the next squabble between the children. It never entered my mind that I might be too old to do this. When the Lord allows challenges like this in your life, you never give it a thought, but out of love and obedience accept the challenge.
    I know the Lord will provide for me, and am encouraged by your quiet spot. Am praying I will find mine also.
    Thank you for sharing Roxy.

  14. I love your secret place! I have two daughters who do much of the washing but I find that I'm in the kitchen a lot, and looking out the window I have above my work counter is a wonderful place to pray and consider my home and all those I love. It is wonderful to have special places in our homes where we serve our families and spend time with the Lord. God is good! Thanks for your encouragement!

  15. How beautiful Roxy! He hears every word! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  16. An altar of sorts not merely for rinsing dishes. What a great way to think about it. I am visiting from Debby's tonight. 🏡

  17. Best post I have EVER READ ! Tears fill my eyes with childhood memories of Mom at our home in front of the sink preparing meals and watching the activity with the neighbors! Ha! ,or me doing dishes as a child for many occasions! I loved to do the dishes! Ha!! Many memories of bathing our grandson in a beautiful cast iron Kohler cornflower blue sink full of bubbles and toys! He would play for hours ! Filling measuring cups and filling pots !Such sweet memories ! He is now 22 and in college! Ha! Where do the years go! And now looking out on our farm over the sink at the farmhouse and treasure all Gods many blessings ! Thank you !


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