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Almond Milk Review...

Almond Milk Review, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

So Many Have Become Lactose Intolerant!
Now, as I have said before, this has become an issue for me!

For the last few years I had some pain in my stomach,
Almost every single day!

I have been drinking milk my whole life.
But as I was having these terrible pains, I would tell myself
Just drink a nice warm cup of milk as that will be soothing.
So I truly had no clue it was the milk bothering me.

I had finally decided I was going to have to go see the Dr.
Well, I just prayed and thought about what all I was eating!
And it just popped into my head
"It's the milk"

So I have quit drinking all milks,
Whole milk 2%, Lactose free
It all makes me sick!

So I have tried many different brands of almond milk
I am an almond milk connoisseur...

The one in the middle called Almond Breeze
This has turned out to be the best tasting and not thick or overly sweet!

The Coconut Almond one on the right is delicious!!
But pricey $$

I buy one of these for a nice treat, almost like dessert!

The Soy Creamer is good tasting for your coffee;
But the soy did not like me!

This brand of Almond milk is good, but way too thick for me.


  1. I've tried the Almond Milk too but now we've started drinking the Walmart brand, Great Value Lactose Free whole milk. It's the same consistency of regular milk and tastes great...and doesn't both my stomach. Hope you'll try it! It's a good price too! Hugs, Diane

  2. I like the almond milk in the middle as well. I actually hate milk and only use it to cook with or wet my cereal with it. I actually like almond milk better than regular milk.

  3. I use the almond milk when I bake and hubby uses it for his food intake as the liquid to meld things together. It is really good- xo Diana

  4. I like the Almond Breeze brand, too. I try to get the original unsweetened with 30 calories.
    Be blessed my friend!

  5. Glad you found out the problem, Roxy, and can now still have milk that doesn't hurt your tummy. I don't drink a lot of milk, but do love hot chocolate in the winter.

  6. We have a daughter who is anaphylactic to dairy. I feel like we have tried all milk alternatives!
    I just wanted to add that Aldi (if you have one in your area), has a very, very good almond milk. Half the price of these others, for the same product. They carry plain, vanilla, and chocolate.

  7. We use Almond Breeze also. We started when our youngest granddaughter was born and couldn't have any dairy. We gotten used to it and I've just never gone back to regular milk. I think it taste great in oatmeal. PBlessings, Betsy

  8. I started out with the coconut almond which is only 3o calories and almost 0 carbs...that is my main reason. I liked it OK but did not want the coconut flavor in everything so I started going with the unsweetened almond milk. I can hardly tell I'm not drinking regular milk...good stuff!

  9. Be careful with almond milk! I am from the Central Valley of California, where most of the almonds are grown, and where your Almond Breeze and Califia almond milk was made. Most almonds from these farms are filled with pesticides and are gassed before they are sold to companies, and aren't soaked as they should be before they are turned into almond milk. Also, there are additives in these milks which aren't good for you. I drank Almond Breeze for years before I learned about these things. Try to find a brand with as few ingredients as possible. I really recommend against the Califia, just because of the toxic environment the almonds are grown in- the air, water and soil there are very polluted. I should know, I grew up there and can't go back, for I get sick within a few days of visiting. I haven't yet made my own almond milk, but it's a goal. :)

  10. Hi Roxy, we also only drink Almond milk in our house as my daughter has developed the same thing. I like the ones that are not sweet and buy that for me and hubs while daughter get the sweet. We have tried so many different brands.
    Have a wonderful day. :0)
    Julie xo

  11. I love Almond Milk....especially when making smoothies. My children caution me about the sugar content though....I think it's great in moderation...thank you for sharing this Roxy.

  12. Glad that you have found something that you can drink that your body likes. I would love to try the almond milk, but I am allergic to nuts. :( But from all accounts almond milk is said to be much better then the rice milk I use.

  13. My daughter had to switch to almond milk, too, for the same reasons. She loves the same brands, too. I think I will try some, too, even though I don't have a reaction to milk, it would probably be healthier. Thanks for the reviews! xx Karen

  14. Roxy, I have been drinking almond milk for several years. I like Silk's 60 calorie plain almond milk. I tried their coffee creamer and I didn't like the taste very much. Thanks for sharing dear friend.


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