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How Lifting Up Your Husband In Prayer Is A Bit Like The Dew In The Morning...

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Times of Refreshment...

Learning to lean on what's true, when you feel the push back to life...

This morning was filled with early morning fog;
And when you live in these parts its not something we have often.

But I can see that when we are moving almost in a fog;
Mentally or physically it feels heavy.

But as I went outside to take care of my chores, I did
raise my arms and thank the Lord!

The trees and the fields of grass and wild flowers need this!
I always think that if I will just take my thoughts and feelings
captive and hold on to what is really true, I can plod on!

And we are told in His word to do just that

So when I think of how I can readjust my focus and embrace
each day as a perfect gift from my Father!

I had an idea in my head this morning of how us
Women have so many emotions and feelings,
But have you stopped to give much thought to what you're
Husband may be experiencing?

They carry way more than we may realize at times!
Just because they don't express it or share it with us.
Does not mean they are dealing with it all!

Take this day and lift up YOUR Husband...

There is something else that I was thinking
~I want a new purse~
And I need a new purse like I need a hole in the head;
But, it is something I can do that brightens up my new season!
Who wants to carry a black or brown purse in spring and summer?

So who of you also enjoy a new purse?
It's A Girl Thang...


  1. I always enjoy a new purse too. But I need one like I need "another hole in my head", as my mom used to say! I was just thinking of this yesterday. My sweet husband looksed so tired by the time we were done with church services yesterday. He has so many responsibilities on Sunday mornings at our church and then he works 12 hour workdays all week long at his job. I pray for him constantly. We're not getting any younger and I worry about all of the stress that he takes on his shoulders. Thank you for the reminder. Although I do try to pray for him daily, I know I'm not as diligent it as I should be.
    Blessings always,

  2. I love the fog, to me it seems like a gentle blanket over the ground. It is wonderful for the plants, and I breathe so much better in it. We rarely get dew up here in the Yukon, but it's a precious thing! Makes me think of Psalms 5:3 - "My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct [my prayer] unto thee, and will look up." Early is a good time to talk to the Lord and lift up our prayers to Him. How precious it is to pray for our husbands, and I admit I don't do it often enough.

  3. I try and pray for my hubby every morning during my prayer time and then the boys and I pray for him every night at bedtime. But, some days I think I should lift him up to get him through his days. And you're right, they don't express their feelings often.
    Did you say purse?! We could always use a new purse...But, I don't need one! ;)
    I have gotten so much done today! And, I am now very tired. So...up my feet go till I make dinner. :)

    Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. I understand the new purse! Add a little zip to your outings.
    FYI; I always buy a leather purse that stands up on its own. I found a straw, summer purse, leather handles, that fits my goals. And it was at a thrift store! God is good!

  5. Blessings to you Roxy, Love this post and your heart for the Father and for your hubby. Good reminder to all of us.
    May He cover your week with His glory.

  6. Lovely words! Reminding us to lift up our husbands in prayer.
    God bless

  7. Roxy,
    Good morning! Yes, I am also in the market for a new purse....shall I buy one or shall I make one? That is the big question!!! Black is not at all springy and that is the color of my current bag! And you are so right about our husbands so I thank you for this gentle reminder! Have a great day!

  8. I love purses and shoes and too many things I think.. but usually through thrifting after mama passed on three years ago is when I actually really bought myself some bran new things I mean I had over the years here and there.. But went all out later. And recently bought new dishes.. I don't think I bought new dishes since the 1980's when ducks came out and that was at Safeway. Anyhow about lifting your husband up. I don't have a husband haven't in years. I been married a couple of times and tey failed. But I watch Pastor and his wife they are a young couple of 37, but they constantly speak well of each other to the whole church. She lifts him up all the time and he does her the same. Which is a blessings to see. It makes me refocus all the time.. she is very humbled and works at it. She works on lifting everyone.. so yes it is a great idea to impose upon. Thank you for sharing with Love Janice

  9. A new purse does lift the spirits this time of year! I was looking at my old black one the other day and thinking how worn out and tired it was. Just like my poor Mr. lately. He does have a very demanding job and I so wish I could make his life easier. I try.....making sure he has a nice dinner and the house is clean, but sometimes it is so hard to get him to 'open up'. He likes his private thoughts, but once in a while he will give me a little glimpse of what he is thinking about. He just lost his dear Mother in December, so the feelings are too close to the surface right now. Hope that you had a lovely Easter! Sending hugs and blessings to you xo Karen

  10. A much overlooked womanly support her husband in prayer.
    Getting or expecting nothing in return....looking to the Father to keep him close and protect him as he protects us.
    A wonderful reminder!


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