Sunday, April 30, 2017

Victoria Magazine Inspiration...


Victoria Magazines...

We all need to get inspired once in a while.
I need to flip through a magazine that says
I love my home!
Making all things Beautiful...
Can I encourage you to enjoy your home this week?

Look my home may never make a layout for a magazine;
But it will be warm and cozy and welcoming!

May we all take a little pleasure and get inspired!
Always do something even if its very small everyday...

I may not live in a romantic country stone manor;
It's more like a lovely home that is OURS...

Sending you all a good evening
Tomorrow is a New Month, A New Day!
A New Beginning...

Living From glory To glory


  1. I love making a house a home...and you can do that anywhere from a mobile home, to an apartment. to a condo, to a's all in the heart and love you enclose within the walls. xo Diana

  2. Roxy, I am learning in a new way how to make a home homely and welcoming, even if it's totally different to our idea of what we 'need' in a hone. We sold an amazing home a couple of years back - a home that was always open to relatives, friends, kids' friends etc etc! It always had people in and out, and eating, and staying :) . But Hubby's work moved us away and now we're in a teeny cottage related to his work.'s a million miles from what our old home was like, but God is showing me that *any* size of house can have an open door; *any* age of house can be a welcoming place.
    I do love looking occasionally as magazine pictures of beautiful homes....hopefully they'll give me inspiration when, all being well, we get to build our next home x

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I just hung a hanging basket I received as a gift. I love the look of it.
    I had to do a double take when you said tomorrow is a new month! It's MAY!!

  4. I love how you put it...." a lovely home that is ours". Yes,it is wonderful to get inspired, but to also remember that it is our home and we are to take pleasure in what is ours.
    May you have a blessed day in you home...and it's a lovely magazine to look at to!


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