Friday, February 10, 2023

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

Don't Be A Toxic Mother-In-Law, Living From Glory To Glory To Glory Blog...

These Vintage Roosters Make Me Miss My Mother in Law

Country Decor
French Country
Farm Country

These Chickens belong to my mother-in-law!
I believe they belonged to her Mother

These are a sweet treasure to me!

She has been gone for a long time!
She was a very special and dear person to me!

I realized that over the years how blessed I was to have
Such a wonderful Mother-in-law!

So I want to title this post-
Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law...

I believe when I was first married over 40 years ago;
I had no idea on how she treated me would impact the rest
Of my relationships!

Think of this family dynamics this way;
You both love the same man.
He now needs to cleave to his wife;

She was kind to me and didn't judge me,
She was patient with me,
She was not critical!
She taught me to crochet!
She made me think I was the best cook ever!
(I wasn't) :)

Here are a few things I remember she did that were huge!

She didn't act jealous of me as her son showed me so much attention!
She didn't choose sides when we were having difficulties!
She made a big deal about my Birthday!
She spoke well about my own Mother!
She honored my efforts at being a wife and a mother!
She walked with me in difficult days, Not over me!

~Don't Be A Toxic Mother-in-Law~
Seek to be a Blessing 
Encourage Them
You can impact her life in many ways,
With being kind and loving and helpful!
We can teach someone without any words!

Don't repeat what she might tell you!
Pray for them daily!
If she compliments something she has made for her son;
Ask her if she might like to have the recipe.
Just because she married your son, this is not a competition!!

Realize it takes time to develop housekeeping skills!

Remember how insecure you were
 When you were but a young bride?

Respect goes a long way, even if you would do things differently!

Make your daughter-in - law feel like family.
Not an outsider!
Don't force your son to choose between the two of you!!!!
Because he will take his bride's side, as he should!!!

Compliment her good qualities!
Trust me she has some!!!!

Never speak negatively about her!
Learn quickly to not do this, as it will cause great damage!

Try to only give advice if she is asking about something!

Be available!
Remember to call and ask if it's okay to come visit.
And maybe once in awhile bring a small little gift just for her!

It is never too late to become a great Mother-in-Law!!

She is the only reason I learned to be a good mother-in-law!
She was teaching me by her actions and responses.

What a blessing to your son to choose to love
The very one he has chosen to be his wife!

~Blessings To Each Every Every Mother and
Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-laws~


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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Everything Responds To A Sweet Disposition...

Enjoy The Slower Months, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~ Making These Moments Meaningful~

Just Chilling in this time of cold and snow;
When we can learn to embrace each new flip of a calendar month!

Things slow down and we can get back into a slower routine.
I have found that when you just let the day work for you,
By managing a few things on your daily planner.
Or your to do list is meaningful.

Everything in each day will not be a grand affair,
But more like a steady timeline.

I have found great comfort in the little things in making our home
Comfortable and calm and just enjoyable.

I tell myself that there is no coincidence;
Everything is in His purpose and plan!

He just wants us to respond to his leading and be diligent!
It's not about doing everything perfect or in record time,
But rather just doing the next thing.

When you do what needs to be done in a way
that feels smooth and not hurky jerky!

I think our homes respond to a tender movement;
Not aggressive and rushing about.
I believe everything responds to a sweet disposition!

Even as you go about doing all that needs to be done;
You can be at peace and enjoy what you are doing.

The whole world wants it now,
The quicker the better.
Now, I can't even hear myself think!

Bask in this new month, enjoy and look forward to
what lies ahead in each new day.

For when we contemplate our reasons for what we do each day;
We can see the value of making the most of each task.

After all, we will never have everything caught up;
As tomorrow will be a new day with tasks,
That call for our attention.

Also, once again try to do something each day that
Inspires you and brings you joy!

Doing what is required of me;
And doing something that gives me satisfaction is
a wonderful way to accomplish much!

Blessings, Roxy

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