Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Home Keepers Wanted...

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We Must Make Our Homes A Place Of Refuge...

There is an assault on the one place that we can grow and create!

We have been called to excel in this area!

I just pray many women will homeschool their children;

May woman start having prayer groups again!

May we resolve to get strong and be ready for what comes!

May we not be robbed of our God given rights!

Make everything you do look loved and cared for!

They want us to feel defeated and out voted, like they're the winners.

We are the ones who will be filled and overjoyed even in drought!

We must push just as when we were in labor!

It was hard, but the joy was so worth the pain!

Just do even one thing today to make life enjoyable!

Do something to make your home beautiful!

Strength and dignity are your clothing;

And your position is strong and secure!

Seeking truth and beauty is powerful!

Hit a HOME run and your family will cheer for you!

Even if they don't, keep doing the right thing...

Something wants to convince you it doesn't matter;

Well, it does!

As Always Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy


  1. Thank you for telling the truth! It does matter!

  2. That painting of the living room is so inspiring. It goes perfectly with your encouraging words.

  3. I love being a homemaker! Thank for this post Roxy. The painting of the sitting room is lovely.

  4. What a beautiful home in your photo. My favorite job I've ever had is the one I have now. A wife and homemaker. Thank you for the encouraging words.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Lovely post, Roxy. Those of us who value our homes must continue encouraging one another, as well as other women, to hold fast to the calling the Lord has placed on us. You do this sooooo well, my friend!!! {{hugs}}

  6. Thank you for the encouragement, Miss Roxy! Lovely post!

  7. Our home is a refuge indeed, Roxy, a great reminder to all of us that we keep boundaries intact around our homes, and refuse to let the world's influences into our homes. Prayer is the key that binds and protects, and keeps us safe from the wiles of the enemy!

  8. Amen! That's a beautiful painting Mrs. Roxy!
    I love being a homemaker. Even with our son being a grown man, I still love being keeper of our home. My husband told me recently he was telling a co-worker how much I'm a help to him in so many ways. Home is where I'm needed more than anything and it has made life much easier (and peaceful) for all of us.

  9. I so Love Your Precious Posts. YOU are so right, ALL of OUR Personal Freedoms & HOMES are so under attack. I so Pray that WE as KEEPERS of OUR HOMES, that GOD has given US, will become MORE PRECIOUS TO US. That WE will RISE UP, AWAKEN & take back Our HOMES, FAMILIES, IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD & HIS GREAT LOVE IN OUR HEARTS. THANK YOU for Posting this MUCH NEEDED MESSAGE.......GOD HELP US ALL.......LOVE , PRAYER & HUGGS.....

  10. You do have a way with words...and strong, fighting words they are. I am encouraged by them.

  11. Amen! Thank you for your continued words of admonishment, encouragement, and truth! Please keep it up as it does not fall on deaf ears, and as the days grow darker, we hear the truth less and less.

  12. Vee sent me your way today! I so agree with you!

    Let’s beautify our homes, let’s cook good food and share a meal with someone, let’s celebrate important days in our families. Let’s stand for truth, and speak it out!

    Thank you for this post Roxy. I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit!

  13. Inspiring. As I regain strength after covid, I'm working on regaining control of the house!

  14. Very lovely. I enjoyed this encouragement.


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