Thursday, October 13, 2016

Being A Woman Of Leisure And They Called Her Lazy, Because She Did Not Work (Outside The Home)...

Do Not Be Lazy, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Being a woman of leisure...

I really do just sit around and eat Bon Bon's all day!
My days are filled with nothing important...

I do not leave the house by 7:00 am
I usually awake when I open my eyes
(But it use to be when the baby cries)

I make myself a cup of tea!
Many mornings start out reading and studying that OLD BOOK!
No Wall Street Journal here to enlighten my old ways of thinking.


While still in my robe I find myself putting a load of
dirty clothes that were worn doing nothing.

I cleaned off the old boring round table
(The same style of King Arthurs Court Room)
Changed out the tablecloth that had splatters of bits and pieces and crumbs.
(From meals that have been the same ones I have used to feed my brood)

Yup, so far, been up for 1 hour and twenty minutes;
Only took off all the stuff from my 10 foot counter top
Washed and rearranged everything on it!
Writing this post so I could get it done before I need to go do
my weeks shopping for fresh veggies and fruits!
Because My Old Man will want a lunch to take to work with him
And Then there is DINNER
Gosh, all he does is work and sleep and eat!

I bet he wished he had my job!!

Washing and cooking and cleaning!!

Wait, what a shame while I was running around doing all these boring chores and my
Bon Bon's melted into a pool of icky gooey yuck!

Really do housewives really eat Bon Bon's?

Well, maybe some housewives might be lazy...

~Work While It Is Yet Day~


  1. When my first child was born, my dad found some ice cream nuggets called
    Bon Bons and brought them to me! They were good, but I've never had them again. I think perhaps Solomon called it eating the bread of idleness!

    Be blessed my friend. I will not covet my friend's 10 foot counter!


  2. Yes, I hear this too. To be honest, I had an in-home daycare when my children were small because I didn't want to leave them and we needed the extra income just to live. When all three of our children were in college at one time, I did go out to work to help with tuition. But they all had to work too and they lived at home. No college dorm bills here. When the youngest graduated with his masters degree and moved away to Japan and I made the last house payment on the house, Hubby told me I could quit my job anytime I wanted to. And I did. And I've been a boring housewife ever since. But wait! I have no bonbons here either. I spend my days driving people to and from doctors appointments, knitting and crocheting for different charities, and just generally keeping busy. I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. LOL- That is my standard answer when MyHero calls and asks what I am doing. I always say- Eating bon-bons and watching soap operas...(neither of which I do).

    Your day is a bit like mine except I usually end up running a grandkid here or there sometime before nightfall. xo Diana

  4. This made me laugh! Just this morning, I was baking and prepping for dinner since company is coming over, I swept the kitchen and dining room, I cleaned the bathroom, straightened up the back rooms, and took out the trash...and I'm sure I'll have more to do during and after dinner. ;)
    No bon-bon's for me...I prefer a bar of chocolate!
    Enjoy your lazy day..Haha!

  5. I'm chuckling and shaking my head because I do the very same things!
    **Woman of leisure? Yes, if that means, the house is organized and ready for company at anytime.
    **Lazy? Yes, if that means, the clothes are clean and freshly, hung out to dry.
    **Eating Bon Bons? Yes, if it means, shopping and cooking home cooked meals for my family.

    I wonder if my husband would like MY job? I'm still in the kitchen, well after dinner and he is reading with his feet up!

  6. I love the satire in your voice Roxy, it was funny! I'd like to find that pile of bon-bons too... lol! Hugs to you today :)

  7. Now, if we got a paycheck for it, THEN it would be considered a real job! lol Till then we work for "free" and get called lazy. *sigh* Loved this, Roxy!

  8. For awhile, my grocery store had Bon Bons. I did indulge in the evenings!

  9. I like your posts so much and enjoy the poetic way you write. This one really speaks tomthe heart. One reason people think we do nothing is because we do not tell everything. Our husbands find us happy and content ehen the house is clean and the laundry done. We feel good about that so we look as though we have not done anything. We do not seem exhausted. But itmis because we pace ourselves and are not tied to a regulated schedule.

  10. I know people ask me what do you do all day, but I don't stop there is always something to do, and I suppose if I was out all day I would have to pay someone to do all the jobs I do! lol I always say I'm in Home management!
    It is good that our men can come home to a quiet refuge.

  11. HaHa!!! Yes, I'm sure we do nothing all day but sit around eating chocolate. Oh, wait. I eat chocolate almost daily but is only boring if you want it to be! I'm listening to the Raptors do their dance over my home! They are loud and proud!!! Go USAF! :-)

    Love you, my friend!!!


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