Monday, October 17, 2016

Staying On The Narrow Ancient Path...

Here is proof I did some long term food preparation!

I wonder if we could just realize how much of an impact our little jobs
we do on each and every given day will help us to enjoy our days.

Sometimes we get so busy we do not take in the smaller little gifts of a sweet smelling aroma!
Or we miss the things that really matter!

As I write this blog post this morning, there is a fire burning in the mountains.
They are being evacuated!
What trauma and fear are in their lives today!

But when we are not in the line of fire do we react with thanksgiving?

Can we expect everyone to agree with us and how we have been taught
to live our lives?

Do we think just because we are a Christian we are going to be liked?

Sometimes we must just look straight ahead and stay on the
narrow ancient path!

Beware of the new and improved church and culture!

We now see the world in the church rather than the church in the world!

When I was a child, I thought as a child;
But is my thinking grounded in truth!

Look, beware of practicing all these weird and off the wall extra biblical stuff dear ones,

Prayer Circles
 (from the book called The Circle Maker)
Here is a good link describing this;

Soaking In His Presence

Spiritual Disciplines

New Revelation

Speaking In Tongues

Are you growing in your feelings
Are you growing in the wisdom and knowledge of the truth?

Being prepared for the days to come spiritually and physically!
Be wise, but not afraid!

Examine yourself...